It all started in the middle of January of 2003. I talked to Thrash on AR about a quadrupedal themed Merfox fursuit. I had seen his work and that of his partner and was very impressed. His partner, Dogz, creates the coolest paws around and I wanted some of my own. Who wouldn't?


So we talked. Thrash is a pretty cool fur. We chatted about the merfox.. about quadrupedal.. Decided it to be difficult for both options. They weren't willing to do the mertail just yet, so we decided on the bipedal red fox; though mostly non-morphic as possible. Carousel themed, of course!


Thrash and I discussed options, decided on the general idea of the suit and at that point I started talking to Dogz. Dogz is pretty sweet! He and I fleshed out the idea a bit more, discussed the carousel theme idea along with keeping the whole look as animalistic as possible while being on two legs. Here you can see a concept sketch.

 Click Here!

Dogz is a really good artist and is able to visualize the ideas very nicely. Pet the fox!

Thrash has been busy working the head and the hind paws. Oh my, those hind paws are sexy! And the claws, murr!


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Whew, the first version is done, as you can see. A lot of work went into it and my thanks for Dogz and Thrash for making it happen! Check out the Anthrocon2003 gallery for more pictures.