You MUST be 18 and older to be here. These stories are graphic and contain adult language and or situations.


'Changing Ways' Written by Xerxes

A story of a pet and her mistress, and how she's made into a beautiful toy for and by her mistress. Written in 1st person from Fay's point of view. This is a very special story, and very private.. but so well done that I thought I should share it.


'Fox Toys' Written by Ronin

The magician plays with his pet and has a little fun with her. Cute, strange and a very nice story!


'Bondage Perils Of Supergrrl'


'Doll Factory' Written by Awawyn

This is a very odd, erotic, kinky story! Not for the faint of heart! Features extreme transformation. Hyperphallic, dollification and more! A beautiful, well done story!