A bit of warning, this story does contain some very weird anatomical changes. It's probably not for everyone ;>


Doll Factory

By Anawyn

Fay woke up, shaking her head blearily. Ugh, what was that? She looked around, seeing a dimly lit warehouse. The vixen carefully picked herself up, one paw at a time. She felt a bit woozy, but surprisingly good overall. She just had no idea where she'd ended up. A quick look around revealed the bars of a large cage. She growled, then began to walk around and get a better look.

Fay was a large fox, as large as any anthro one despite being four-legged herself. She otherwise looked much like most red foxes, her body a reddish brown. White fur ran along her belly and chin, while black coated her paws and ears. One slightly unusual feature for her kind was that the tip of her tail was also black. Though she'd been riding fox in earlier days, she was free now and currently intended to keep it that way.

The fox padded slowly around the inside of the circular cage, taking in the layout. A large portion of the warehouse seemed to be taken up by a large, boxy thing that stretched from floor to ceiling. On the other side was what appeared to be the usual assortment of large crates and other junk that one found in a warehouse. Fay's cage was in an area between these two things. She could spot a few exits pretty easily as well, but they were all fairly useless until she got passed the bars.

"Hello there."

Fay turned quickly at the voice, whirling around and automatically baring her teeth. She saw an anthro bird, an osprey, standing there and looking a bit sheepish. He was dressed in an open, sleeveless lab coat designed for a creature with wings for arms. He wore no shirt, just a pair of light slacks that went down to his scaly ankles. The young bird was covered in soft brown and white feathers, and had thick white talons at the ends of his wings and legs.

Fay blinked a bit, but still glared, "Who are you? What am I doing in here? What is this place?" she demanded, lashing her thick tail.

The bird smiled a little, "Oh, I'm Anawyn, and I kind of brought you here. I'm going to. . ." he trailed off, looking over at the boxy object that took up much of the room. Fay glanced over again as well, giving it a better look. It looked like some sort of large, complicated machine, with lots of gears and pistons visible. The side was all acrylic glass so you could see inside, where vats bubbled and robotic claws dangled from the ceiling. Fay whimpered softly, not liking the look of it.

"I need to try out the factory. I've been really wanting to for a while, but they closed it down and I didn't have anyone to try it on." He tried smiling again, cooing as he spoke.

Fay peered at the osprey, "Factory? You're not making much sense, Anawyn. What kind of factory needs someone to be used on?"

He scratched the back of his crest, looking as if there was something he didn't really want to say, "Well, it's kind of a special one. It's a. . . custom pleasure doll factory," he said with am apologetic grin.

Fay's ears folded at that. She could guess that it didn't just make dolls from plastic, "And you're going to put me in it? You're crazy," she snarled.

Anawyn winced at the snarl, looking guilty, "Well, it's safe. It's supposed to take foxes even. At least, that's what was going to be tested first. It's really not that bad, I think. You'll be pretty!" He spoke insistently, clearly trying to make it sound more desirable. He looked away and walked around the cage, heading towards a console that sat closer to the looming machine.

Fay was having none of it. She had no interest in being a. . . a doll? What did that even mean? Regardless, she wasn't going to be some weird bird's experiment! "You let me out right now, or I'll get really angry. Just open the cage and I'll walk outside quietly. I won't call anyone to arrest you or anything, all right?" she offered, biting back her anger a bit to try and reason with him.

The osprey looked down at the console, then back at her, "I can't. I'm sorry. I. . . well, I've wanted to do this for a very long time. When I heard about this project, I dreamed of what it would be like to watch someone go through. They never told me the details of course, but you can imagine!" he cooed happily, then tapped a few buttons. There was a faint hum from the factory.

Fay could sort of imagine. None of it was very good, or particularly tempting, "That's it? You just want to see what happens?" she asked, a bit at a loss. She'd expected a bit more of a reason. There was a clanking sound, followed by several lights turning on. She could see a metal claw at the end of a metallic tentacle swinging ominously above the machine.

Anawyn pulled a lever. The claw began to move along a track in the ceiling. It had four moving "fingers", all padded with rubber. The bird looked over, "It's more than just that. I need to. I've been working on a new project, a new sort of sexual stimulant. I. . ." He chirps a bit and lowered his beak, "I've been exposed. And I haven't been able to stop thinking about this, I need it! I'm sorry, but I can't wait any longer!" he looked back at her, eyes pleading her to understand.

She didn't, and she was barely giving the crazy avian any attention. Her eyes followed the claw. It stopped over the cage now, and Anawyn tugged another lever. The claw started to descend. He was really going to do it, she had to get out!

He turned around, leaning on the console, "It's not going to be that bad, it shouldn't hurt. It's just going to alter you into a mermaid bride doll," he tried again, both of them now watching as the claw came down.

"A what? Mermaid bride? Where are you getting this weird stuff from?" she snarled, growling up at the claw. It spread open like strange metal jaws. Fay tried to move away, but it tracked her movement. Even a quick leap to the side was no good, as it just shifted with her and snatched her from the air. She yelped as it closed down around her flanks.

Anawyn winced a bit, watching, "Sorry! I hope that didn't hurt." It began to lift her up, and the fox struggled, paws shaking in the air. Anawyn continued, going back to her question, "It was part of the planned test. It's sort of a random, extreme setting, meant to test most of its features. Fox mermaid bride doll," he explained, "I don't really know exactly what it's going to be like, but I don't want to play too much with the controls."

The arm moved along the ceiling track with Fay in its grip. She thrashed about, but it had her too tightly, her paws and teeth not even really able to reach there, not enough to do any damage. She sighed, and slumped, "And so you wanted a fox. I don't want to be any of those other things though, don't you realize that? I don't want to be your doll!"

The osprey walked over to the machine itself. There was a large power switch there, and he put his hand on the thick handle. He looked up, "Mmm, but I want you to be. I wish you could see things my way. I'd rather we both enjoy this, but I've already waited too long." With that, he threw the switch and the factory roared to life.

The area below Fay lit up, showing her what was in store. There was a strange sort of conveyor belt down below, basically two small tracks with a round metal plate that stretched between them. The plate had four metal restraints on it, and Fay looked at them worriedly. There were also several heavy, mechanical arms mounted to either side of the track, currently out of the way but able to move over or along it. Each had a different device attached to it, most with holes of some sort and several blinking lights. It all looked unsettling to her as she was lowered towards the metal plate. She whimpered, "Let me out, please!" without too much hope.

As Fay's paws touched the plate, she tried to keep them away from the obvious restraints. The flexible metal snaked out though and grabbed each of her paws, causing a surprised yelp from her as she was forced to lock her legs into a standing position. Her ears flattened as the claw released her and the plate began to move forward.

Anawyn leaned his beak against the acrylic glass to watch, "Mmm, so pretty. Think about how pretty you're going to be once we're done, a sexy mermaid," he cooed to her, eyes a bit dreamy.

Fay sighed, and tried to think on the bright side, "I guess a mermaid's not so bad. . . they are pretty, and it might be fun to be able to swim underwater." She tried to convince herself, but still felt unhappy. She liked the land too, and a fish tail wasn't much good there. Her thoughts were disrupted as a panel opened up in the plate below her.

A pair of clear plastic cups pushed up from the opening, attached to thick metal poles and rubber pipes. They pushed up against her chest firmly, adjusting on a flexible joint so that the round lips were snug against her flesh. She yelped, and then again as they started to vibrate against her, "Eeep, what are these?"

"Rrrr, I don't really know. They must be the first stage of the process," Anawyn answered, watching raptly. He reached down, cooing a bit and adjusting the bulge in the front of his pants, "This is the first time I've actually seen this."

The vibrating began to get stronger, and fay started to feel like her chest was getting sucked down. She shivered, trying to pull away, but the restraints held her fast. Slowly, her furred chest was being pulled into the cups, swelling, growing, shaping into rounded mounds. Her eyes widened, "What. . . I don't need breasts!" she yipped as she realized what they were.

Anawyn grinned watched them developing, "Oh, rrrr, I don't even like breasts that much, but that's looking lovely. Maybe you're going to be an anthro mermaid?" he offered, glancing back over at the controls as something began to beep at him.

Fay growled, then whimpered again, "You should've gotten an anthro fox then, you didn't even need me!" It was feeling surprisingly good, though she tried to hold back a moan. The fuzzy mounds grew to fill the smooth cups, squeezed inside them tightly. She whined and let out a low moan.

"Hmm, that's interesting."

Fay pried her gaze away from the aching, swollen breasts forced onto her chest, and peered over as Anawyn spoke, "What? What's interesting?" she demanded, not liking the sound of that.

The bird had walked back over to the console, "It's giving me more options here. They're. . . interesting." He looked a little embarrassed, and Fay immediately grew more suspicious.

"Don't pick any of them!" she yelled, but he was already pressing a button. Her ears and tail went down as she looked about worriedly.

Strangely, the next arm actually swung down outside the factory, over to the console. Both fox and bird watched in surprise as a mechanical arm with a hollow tube on the end came down right in front of Anawyn, lowered right next to his crotch. Little manipulator arms swung out from the sides, and pulled open his pants. He squawked, startled, as his hard avian cock was exposed to the air.

Fay laughed at him, "Oh, guess it does things to birds as well as foxes, hmm?" She was amused, happy to watch him take the next bit of weird abuse.

The tube angled down, then pushed right over Anawyn's shaft. He arched up on his toes, shuddering in pleasure, "Oh, rrrr, that feels so nice. . ." he cooed, eyes lidding a bit. Fay could see it filling with something, tightening around his cock. It seemed to be getting more and more pleasurable as his breath came harder.

Fay giggled softly, still a bit amused, and wondered if it was going to do anything more to him. Her breasts felt a little more settled at least, still in the cups. She wondered what he'd chosen exactly, that decided to do this to him.

There was a little sucking sound, and the tube pulled off. Anawyn feel limply against the console, eyes blissful and pants down around his ankles. He seemed to be taking some time to recover, catching his breath.

The cups finally pulled off right after, letting the fox's new orbs bulge out. She wobbled a bit at the sudden weight, "Ack, these are going to be annoying. Though, less trouble in the water I suppose." She wasn't quite sure if that fact made her happier or not. She also noticed suddenly that there were no nipples.

There was an odd little hiss, and her attention came back to the cups. Something was coming up the tubes, two bulges moving up along them. As she watched, two pink, latex cock tips pushed out, followed by the full length of two tapered dildos. They looked just like Anawyn's. Fay yelped, and tried again to pull back, but couldn't budge.

The real Anawyn was slowly recovering, and he looked up at this new development. He looked guilty, but made no move to try and stop it as the cups pressed towards Fay's chest.

"Eee, Anawyn, stop this thing, it's coming, ooh. . ." The dildos pushed up against the smooth surface of her new tits, and then actually began to push into them. She gasped as the breasts began to split, allowing the fake cocks to wriggle their way inside, "Oh my, rrrr. What are they doing?" she moaned. It felt bizarre, but very good, pleasure building up in her spread mounds.

"Mmm, there was an option for added sexual orifices," Anawyn answered, cooing and reaching down to rub his cock.

Fay gave him a withering look and he lowered his beak in shame, though not enough to fully look away. The dildos were starting to thrust in and out now and she had to close her eyes, arching and letting out another moan, "This is so, rrrr, wrong. . ." she whimpered.

The openings spread around the thrusting shafts, softening and starting to grow wet. Fay could actually feel the pleasure spreading there, the soft lips growing more sensitive. They were becoming new labias, and deeper, tight new sexual passages. She whined and thrashed her tail, feeling them tighten down, just before the dildos suddenly pulled wetly free.

Fay slumped, panting hard. She looked down, seeing the tight little slits in each large breast, perfectly sized for Anawyn's avian shaft. They looked much simpler than the real thing, just warm, tight openings made for nothing but pleasure. And it did feel pleasurable, she watched the dildos go back down under the plate with a bit of regret. . .

The fox shook her head, growling, and glared at the bird. He was drooling a little and let out a startled cheep as her focus turned to him. He giggled nervously, "Don't you like them? It looked like you did."

She took a moment to make sure she fully had her breath before answering, "No, I do not like them! They're breast-sexes! I'm a freak now, thanks to you," she snarled, but it was starting to lose bite. As the plate began to move again, she was reminded just how helpless she was here. She sighed, and turned away from him, trying not to think about the tingling need dangling from her chest.

She heard something swing in over her head and glanced up. One of the arms had moved in with a sort of metal skull-cap dangling from it. She frowned at it as her plate came to a halt, "Okay, fine, what's this one for?"

"It's, hmm. Oh, a few things it looks like. It can add hair or. . . ooh. . ." She heard him playing with the controls and looked over.

"Or? Or what? What are you doing now?" she demanded as the cap settled over her head. She discovered that it had little ear pockets to fit her large, fuzzy ears, fitting rather comfortably actually. Her breasts and breast-slits were still throbbing from the last thing she'd gone through; she wasn't looking forward to this one.

"Mmm, this one should be fun," Anawyn said. Not exactly what Fay wanted to hear. There was a hiss of steam and then the cap began folding her ears, tightening and squeezing them down. They started to feel warm and a bit sticky, sticking against themselves.

Fay tried to pull her head out, "My ears feel strange, it's like they're melting. Ugh, that's so weird." There was a little tickling along the surface, and she realized the fur was beginning to fall out. The ears were being reshaped, rounded out. . . and then they began to throb. She yipped at that, feeling woozy as her ears started to pulse with need. The tops were rounding out in their little compartments, the bases growing stiff and tube-like.

"You're giving me, ooh. . ." Fay shook and rubbed her head, shivering and making the transformed ears shake inside the cap, rubbing nicely, "Rrrr, cock-ears," she finished just as the cap lifted off. Cool air brushed across the new ears, a gentle, tingling pleasure that made her multiple sexes grow moist. She could feel wetness on the tips of the new ears too, and shuddered at the thought. Fay spotted a bit of reflective metal and took a hesitant look.

Just as she'd suspected, her ears were both pink cocks. They looked like vulpine ones to her, complete with knots, though also flared glans. They even had sheaths that pooled around their bases. She had no idea how she was hearing now or, come to think of it, where the fluid for them was coming from, but it seemed to work just fine. They looked bizarre, even more-so than the breastsexes, but also felt so nice as they drooled and ached with pleasure.

"Mmm, I didn't realize it could do things like that. You're going to be a lot more than just a mermaid," Anawyn cooed as the machine began to move her again. He was grinning and leaning as close as he could over the console.

Fay wasn't even sure she had the energy to snap at him again. Her mind was growing confused, these new pleasures distracting her. It looked so wrong, but felt so good. She felt helpless, scared, and needy. She whined, and finally managed a snarl, "I didn't want to be one in the first place, I just want to be a fox. Not some weird sex toy." The new cocks experienced a surge of pleasure at that thought, one she didn't share, but that still got a moan from her.

The plate spun around, turning her about so that her tail faced the way it was moving, "You're going to be so pretty when we're done though. So drippy, and throbby, and lovely," the bird crooned, golden eyes a bit wild. Fay went back to ignoring him, tempted to just try to ignore everything. He seemed to be losing it more and more. She'd feel sorry for him in other circumstances. There was a new hissing sound behind her though, and she couldn't help looking back.

Another arm had lowered down, and this one was actually blocking the track. It was larger than the last one, having a somewhat cone-like, open shape. It was lined with soft, rubbery padding on the inside, and there was a small tube leading off from the far end. Her tail was quickly approaching it.

Fay curled her tail, keeping it as far away as she could. Her body was still distressingly aroused, the new genitalia feeling far more sensitive than what she had before, constantly dripping, "I don't. . . I don't want to go in there. I can't. . ." she gasped, pulling away as much as possible. Slowly though, her tail slid into the open device.

The machine grabbed her tail, and it felt like it was sucking it in. It was pulled all the way to the back of the tapered opening, and the rest of her was moved in after. Her rear paws were finally released, but she was too distracted to take the momentary window she had before they were stuffed in with the rest of her body. She scratched inside, yelping and trying to pull free.

"You still need a new tail to be a mermaid," Anawyn said, his voice sounding husky, "Mmm, I think it might be a special one though, I played with a few more of the settings." He smiled and lidded his eyes, wing cupped over his cock.

Fay barely glanced at him, his words confirming her fears. He did plan to keep making things weirder, it was just going to get worse. She looked back in fear as the machine started to turn, then closed itself off, sealing the back half of her body in with a clear rubber covering that stuck against her fur.

The rotating device started to fill up with thick blue liquid. The fluid was spun about by the rotation so it splashed over her rather than simply raising. Where it touched her fur, the fur loosened, sloughing off in wet clumps that were cycled back out through the tube, "My fur! Oh, beautiful fur. . ." she cried, watching more and more of it go.

The device began to spin faster as more and more liquid filled it. Her bare flesh started to tingle, a pleasant feeling that spread along its surface. Fay bit her lip, trying to keep the feeling down, but it was growing stronger by the moment.

The fur was gone now, but her skin looked strange. It was smoother than she expected, and the wrong shade of pink. She had little time to wonder about that though, as her body began to warp.

Fay shuddered, the sensation horribly sensual as her tail began to thicken out and her legs pushed in against her body. She whined, feeling and watching her toes meld together, her tail go stiff and begin to spread at the tip. She panted, "Oh no, what are you doing. . . what kind of monster are you. . . rrrr!" A throb jolted through her whole body and she could only gasp. It was so hard to still think, pleasure growing. Incredible, wonderful pleasure all, running all through her.

She could hear the bird cooing and looked at him. He looked back needfully, and part of her actually understood. She tore her gaze away, fixing it back on the changes flowing over her.

Fay's whole lower body was melding together. She tried to move her legs, but they were sinking into her sides, smoothing out. Her tail looked like just an extension of her body, thick and fleshy. She groaned as it all throbbed again, and the tip started to spread out more. Veins began to pulse along the length, and she moaned deeply. A cock, she was going to be half cock. And it felt so good, even as the spreading change sealed up her female slit, closing it off and leaving it to ache helplessly inside her.

Anawyn crooned, "You look so nice like that, such a sexy mercock. Mmm, I can't wait until you're done, I had no idea what a wonderful sex doll you'd be." He spoke in an eager, high voice that her cock-ears could barely follow. She just felt so good, twitching her new tail as it finished forming.

The device began to wind down as the tip finished forming male glans, and a knot bulged out just beyond where her fur met the shaft. Half of her body was now a pink, throbbing male fox shaft, and she could feel the inside changing, allowing blood to flow into it and other things to flow through. As the spinning stopped and the liquid drained, pre was already visible drooling from the tip. She loved it, but hated it too, wanting to go back, wanting to be able to think again. She moaned once more as the device slid off and let her phallic tail fall wetly onto the plate again, still oozing over it. The jolt of the machine moving again gave her a new shudder of pleasure.

"I. . . rrrr." She tried to speak, but it was becoming so hard to do more than just yip, moan, and croon, "Please. . ." she attempted, but couldn't manage much more, "No!" she gasped, panting, then subsided into yipping moans again. Her whole body felt like it was drowning in pleasure, she couldn't take much more. . .

"Just a little more, dear, then you'll be ready. You're a nice mercock doll now, but, mmm, I want one more thing before we dress you. To make you complete." Her ears twitched and drooled at his words. No, not more, she couldn't handle more. It was almost too much already!

Another arm swung around, this one with what looked like a muzzle. She could see it coming, but could only wriggle slightly, her body not cooperating with her attempts to turn away. As it approached, she could see that inside the muzzle there was a shining pink dildo, another bird-shaped one. She gasped out a "no" just before it slide over her face and the rubber cock slid past her lips.

Fay pulled back at first, then slowly began to suck on the soft shaft in her mouth. Her tail drooled and stiffened up more. She could feel her lips beginning to soften, growing more sensitive. She knew it was wrong, but it was getting harder to care. Her tongue slid along the length as it pushes in and began to pump. A muffled moan shivered through her muzzle.

Fay's lips felt like they were sealing together along the side. She wanted to resist, but the feeling was turning her on more. She could hear Anawyn saying something, crooning, but she didn't care right now. She wanted this. Yes, mmm, her muzzle sealed along the sides as her front lips started to pout out. It were feeling better and better, each new thrust bringing a harder, needier yip from her.

The fox's cock-tail hardened fully, veins throbbing as her muzzle shifted. Her nose split open to make a wide, puffy slit along the front, perfect for the dildo sliding in and out. Her tongue remained, but her teeth were feeling soft, softening down so nice and sensitive. A bulge grew under her tongue, a small, button-shaped clit. She bobbed her head back against the dildo as her gums became feminine folds. Her saliva felt thicker, muskier, and began to drool from her softening lips.

Fay's eyes glazed as she sunk deeper into bliss. It didn't seem worth it to think any more. She felt good, sexy, needy. She rubbed all she could, falling into her role as a sex doll. Worries were dripping away as she mated her new sex snout with the dildo, squeezing down and thrusting back. More, she needed more, oooh, her tongue lengthened and wrapped around it slickly. The shaft pressed in, rubbing across her aching clit. Just a bit more, her cocks were all throbbing, her breasts drooling and clenching. So close. ..

The orgasm hit and washed away most of what was left of Fay. It blew through her head, a wave of pleasure so strong, so powerful, that rational though was swept aside. The mercock fox spurted from all three cocks, thick, heavy streams of seed splattering the machinery, the window, everything. It rocked her heavily altered body, mind lost in bliss, body spurting, pumping, wriggling as she oozed from every opening.

The release seemed to last for minutes, during which the dildo was removed and her head allowed to slump. Her muzzle looked like a wet vulva on the front of a sealed snout, still otherwise furry and soft. Her long tongue drooled as she came down from the warmth of orgasm, her body nice and sticky now, but still feeling wonderfully horny. The fox doll let out a gurgling moan as the machine carried her further along.

A noise made the sex toy look over. Anawyn was pressed up against the glass, crooning with wide eyes. She noticed he'd made a bit of a mess on it himself, spurted on the glass, and she gurgled happily at him, waving her cock tail. She longed to pleasure him, to feel him press up against all of her sexes! She drooled eagerly.

"You're more beautiful than I imagined, my dear doll. I want to feel you close, but you need to be dressed first." He sounded almost reluctant, but still reached over to pull a lever. He stripped off his coat after that and walked over towards the end of the factory to wait.

The fox flicked her cock-ears, unsure what else the bird could want. She was ready, she wanted to rub all over his feathers, smear him with her juices! She gurgled and moaned, not wanting to wait any longer. A little muffled yelp then escaped her pussy lips as metal arms wrapped around her and lifted her up. The plate had stopped, the restraints finally releasing her as she was lifted up like she had been at the beginning.

The cock tail swayed stiffly below her, dripping as she waited and wriggled. She heard a whirring up above, so she looked up. Coming down, held by delicate hands, was a beautiful white bride's dress, accented with pink. It was thick and fluffy, the skirt massive with stiff, layered petticoats. The whole thing was shiny, made from something like vinyl. The skirt was covered in pink sequins that circled around it, and bows that ringed the hem. There was a small hole in the front of the skirt, where her sex would have once been. The chest was tight, with a deep neckline and sequins that twinkled as it moved, ringing the waist. It also had two holes, right where her breast-sexes would be. It had only small loops for sleeves, though these had large pink bows on them. The whole thing was very elaborate, showy, and the mercock fox loved it immediately, straining with need.

Behind her, she head the osprey speak again, "You're going to be my mercock bride doll, dressed up and ready for me. You must love your dress," he said, sounding happy, loving. And she did, she really did.

The dress was opened in back by the metal hands and her dangling cock was lifted over it. Slowly, she was lowered in, shivering as her sensitive body brushed against the interior of the skirts. It fit her snuggly, perfectly, She wriggled in happily as her forelegs were slid into place, dangling uselessly from the ribboned sleeves. She gazed at herself in the reflective metal and moaned.

"There's more, my darling bride. I hope you like the pretty bows," he crooned. His breath was coming so hard, raspy. She longed to feel him against her, but wanted to see what was next even more.

Seven slender limbs lowered now, each with a large bow on it. The two smallest ones were slipped over her cock-ears, making her shiver as they were pulled past the knots to rest at the bases. A large one was lowered down under her skirt and tied just under the glans of her tail-shaft, tugged nice and tight. Two other small ones were placed over her chest holes and a larger one was tied to the front of her dripping muzzle. The last, largest one was placed right over her groin, a giant bow that took up a large portion of her skirt. Three of the bows had holes in their middles, fitted tightly around her open orifices, almost like a second skin. The largest one was a bit different, as it seemed to have something like a small, latex pouch attached, so that it hung inside the skirt, a smaller hole in the back of the pouch. It was all so pretty, she tried to paw at them but her legs were held up. Her cocks twitched with need.

The next addition to come down was a wispy veil that draped across her muzzle, wrapped on a little pink wreath that fit snuggly beneath her ears. It covered the bow at the end and hid her face. It also tingled distractingly against her sensitive muzzle, causing her to drip and drool even more. She loved being dressed, but it was teasing her so! She needed to rub and press into something again, she needed to cum!

She hadn't even noticed more was happening, but she could feel the next step now. A pair of tight, white, high-heeled shoes were being placed over her forepaws now. They were shiny, and had very high heels, matching her new outfit nicely. They were a bit uncomfortably tight, but she stared at them dreamily, whimpering happily and waving them softly in the air.

Finally, one last hand swung down, bearing a sparkling white bridal collar with a large pink bow on the back. It had a tag, though the tag didn't mention her name. It simply said "Bride Doll", and had Anawyn's name below as her owner. She couldn't really think of herself as anything else now, and sighed happily as it was placed around her neck.

"There you are, my lovely doll, dressed and ready. Now, to simply make it all permanent, to make you my forever doll." Anawyn's words had gotten slowly more lustful, stranger and stranger, but right now she simply loved them, loved to hear such encouraging talk from the osprey. Yes, she wanted to be like this forever.

Small hose nozzles began to spray from all sides around her, unleashing a sticky, clear coating. She was slowly turned about, and could feel the glossy spray hitting every part of her. It made her dress and shoes shimmer even more and gave a faint sparkle to her fur. She wriggles happily at this, at the feeling of the spray all over her, then realized it was doing even more.

The dress was melding to her. All of the fabric was becoming an actual part of her, her fur dissolving under those parts as the vinyl became her true skin. She gasped, letting out a splurt of fluid across her veil as bows and shoes melted onto her, becoming living vinyl. Her paws molded perfectly into the heeled shoes, now becoming her actual feet. Her chest was no longer fur, it was sequins and vinyl! Her lovely collar melded with her flesh, forever marking who she belonged to. The bows, mmmm, the bows with the holes in them were becoming the lips to her slits, smooth, shiny and sensitive, wonderful. The giant skirt bow she could feel too, its little pouch a sort of mobile, movable vagina attached to her skirt, one she could feel just as well as any other, and even clench. She shuddered in pleasure, pleasure which only heightened as she realized she was finally being lowered outside, the sprayers shutting down.

The newly readied and dressed mercock fox bride doll looked out at the naked osprey as he stood there waiting for her. The factory opened up between them, "Come now, I want to finally feel you!" he chirped, and she knew just how he felt. Just before she was released, golden wedding bands were placed onto each of her cocks by helpful robotic arms. Cock rings, slid tightly onto both ears, and one large one wriggling wonderfully up onto her stiff tail. She noticed writing etched on them, and and struggled to look. Around the rings the words "Anawyn's forever doll" were engraved, and she shivered happily.

She felt complete, a fox sex toy dressed in a long, shiny dress. Her face was covered demurely by the white veil, though the ear-cocks still poked up kinkily. Each one had a pink bow wrapped around its base, and a wedding band pushed down against the knot. The dress covered most of the rest of her body, aside from paws that had become white, high-heeled shoes, and the large bows that opened into her various sexes. The tip of her dripping tail was just visible hanging beneath her skirt, the cock head flared and the bow drooping slightly. The ring was just barely visible against the bow.

The machine finally lowered her down as Anawyn spread his wings to receive her. Nearby she could see a stand being built by more arms, designed to hold her up and pose her to be used and played with. She crooned at that, but knew it would wait. Everything could wait until after she was joined with her new owner.

Soft, warm wings wrapped tightly around the fox's body, just as soft and heavenly as she'd known they would be. Anawyn pulled her down as she was released, her body completely helpless in his arms. His beak pushed up her veil, revealing her sex-snout with its lovely new bow. She shivered in anticipation, staring at him and drooling all over.

"Mine forever," he said, and then squeezed her sensitive, throbbing body. He pressed his beak right into the front of her bow-slit, and gave a deep kiss, tongue thrusting in hard. His shaft pushed up against the new bow-sex in her dress, hard and eager, and she immediately, awkwardly, put her heeled paws around him. He stumbled a bit and fell back beneath the large fox doll, his feathers soon soaked with her juices and fluids. Her shivered along with her, then arched his body against her, exploring all her features as she groaned and wriggled all over him. She fell into happy bliss, rubbing and squeezing at her feathery owner. She hoped he went on forever! Her simple, pleasure-filled mind couldn't imagine anything being better then this.