Fox Toys

Fay was woken up by the magician. She didn't know his name, but she knew she was his pet, ever since he had claimed her with a spell. Not that she minded, he often came up with fun and interesting ways to play with her.

"What is it, master?" Fay asked, nosing at his black robes.

He smiled down at her, "I have a new treat for you."

He reached under her, with the assurance of someone absolutely confident in his ownership, and rubbed at her sex. Fay murred, but soon stopped and opened her eyes wide. As he withdrew his hand, she nosed back between her legs, verifying what she felt close up and go missing. "Master!"

He didn't reply, but rubbed at her mouth now. While she stood there wide-eyed, her jaws locked together and fused. Her mouth sealed shut and then grew over, disappearing. After taking away both her sex and her mouth, the magician touched the tip of her muzzle, and a cavity formed. Her jawbone opened before it, and the channel soon lengthened, an opening to where her mouth once was, but the tissues of a sex, though one smaller that that which he had taken from her, and without covering lips. Mute and realizing her exposure, Fay blushed deeply.

"Let me bring in a new friend for you." The magician was already turning away as Fay nodded, wondering what that was going to be. She knew that her new sex was going to see use, and remembering how she'd been toyed with in the past she started to get aroused, her sex drooling onto her chin.

The magician brought in a new fox, this one slightly bigger than Fay. But easily his most conspicious attribute was that his mouth had been
replaced by a male sex extending from his muzzle. It was erect and covered in bumps, like some dildos. As the magician brought him closer, she saw that the sex had no opening on its tip. "How is he going to come?" she thought, but not for long because his nose-sex was penetrating her!

The male fox pushed his member into Fay's slick wet opening, stretching her virgin tissues. She squeezed tight around him, her sex small so that she couldn't do otherwise, the feel of his sex in her, stretching her, his bumbs running against her sensitive walls arousing her further, making her wetter and causing her to push her snout forward, to push his sex deeper into hers. Their noses were almost touching when the magician put his hand between them, "Aht ah!" He took an enchanted nose-ring, and slided it into place between them, it passed through their noses and then became solid, joining the two foxes nostril-to-nostril, yet keeping them just separated.

Fay looked at the magician, as she found herself unable to push forward or to pull back from the other fox, but he broke her gaze by fitting blinders on her and on the other fox. She found she had nothing to look at but meeting the gaze of the fox before her, intimately connected to her and going to remain that way. Held by her sex-snout and nostrils, she couldn't even tilt her head!

She pawed at the fur of her partner, and she sent a milking squeeze along the length of her sex, and found by some magic this gave her greater pleasure than when the fox's sex pushed into her. Judging by the look of the fox who her gaze was held to, the sensation affected him as well. She stroked and stroked him with her sex muscles, bringing them both to the peak of arousal, her juices running down her chin. She came, shuddering with the sensation, but that wasn't enough for her, and she stroked him faster, until she came again, and stroked desperately fast until she came a third time, her body collapsing in a spasm, her fur soaked with sweat and her sex juices.

The gaze just across the ring was someone at the summit of arousal, but unable to reach release. Being stopped up, her partner had never come, though he remained rock hard in her sex. Exhausted, she closed her eyes and drifted off, wondering what the male fox had done for the magician to do that to him. Having the living dildo in her, her dreams were especially erotic and intense that night, and the male fox felt each of her wet dreams, keeping his member from relaxing.