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-- Dildo Doll (Aug 2002)

Zorelle looked over at the wretched doll form that was
Hana. The anonymously rubberized girl had been stretched
and suspended vertically down the centre of an otherwise
empty cylindrical mould. Hana had been given a jet-black
plastiskin sheath from head to toe that permanently fused
her arms in a tiny back prayer. A 'D' ring built into
her single merged rubber toe and another at the top of
her smooth head kept her tautly in position, ready for
the next stage. A wide tube connected her fat,
vulcanized lips to an opening in the top of the mould,
presumably for food and air, which was unusual because
many of Zorelle's toys did not need these things to
survive. The Queen could also take away the requirement
for her creatures to produce waste if she desired.

Her Majesty closed the transparent door and watched with
relish as the chamber rapidly filled with hot liquid
vlatex from the melting vats. The gooey substance being
poured into the mould around Hana's shoulders was living
rubber that still contained many sentient beings. In no
time the liquid had covered her weakly struggling head,
and soon the transparent lid showed that the die cast was

Ten minutes later an enormous, freshly minted erect
vlatex cock was prised from the mould to stand rigidly to
attention in the centre of the floor, resting comfortably
erect on its flat, round base.

Hana had been turned into a huge living rubber penis,
with an 'eye' opening at the very tip, presumably
connected inside to her lips. Beneath the circumcized
hood at the front of the erection there was the remnant
of a pretty rubber face moulded as if smoothed into the
hard rubber of the underside of the cock, two fat ripples
for lips and a ripple for a her nose, plus eyes. Hana's
wide, frightened brown eyes had been retained by the
magic process and were the only part of the face that was
real human.

Large fake cock vein trails were moulded to criss-cross
the surface of the woman-sized sex toy, with the
exception of two massively overstated glossy tits that
hung nipple free and at chest height from the otherwise
featureless rubber organ.

Without saying a word, Zorelle walked over to the living
dildo from behind and wrapped her arms around it, cupping
the huge breasts in her gloved hands. She began to
stroke the smooth orbs gently.

Hana shuddered instantly and her eyes rolled back into
her bulleted head. Her body emitted a mass of heavy
white glutinous gel, which cascaded slowly down over her
stiff body, a torrential flow of fresh, pungent semen.

Zorelle quickly removed her hands to avoid the emission
but the living Dildo did not stop trembling, nor did her
flow cease, the viscous liquid sliding down to cover her

"You have not been able to hear since I took your ears
many months ago, Hana, and most definitely no sound will
ever penetrate that thick rubber penis body of yours.
But I can explain directly to your mind while you
continue your perpetual orgasms. I have turned you into
one of my rubber Dildo Dolls."

Two Rubbermaids pushed the spasming creature over into a
flaccid transport bag, sealing it closed.

"You now exist only to produce a substance I call Sperm
Gel, which is terribly addictive if you eat it and can be
made to react in a number of different sticky and
rubberising ways when it touches uncovered human skin in
any quantity. Your body produces its own weight of this
substance every hour, and you will be able to feel it
spurting slowly from your sex eye for the rest of time.
The more you ejaculate, the more aroused and erect your
shaft-body will become and the more you will produce. It
must be quite a horrible thing to have to become, but
none of my other Dildo Dolls in the milking plant have
complained. Enjoy your new world!"

The slowly filling bag and its occupant were buckled to a
vertical, two-wheeled trolley and whisked away.

-- Clown AsSisters (Aug 2002)

The first two clown sisters that ClownSlut made were from
her white porcelain rubber assistants, Ying and Yang.
She sealed them tightly into designer plastiskin clown
suits and strapped the twins down until they set. They
became identical clownettes, again in pure white but in a
material called plastex (a plastic latex compound) with
brightly colored clown trims and frills to match her own,
although the frills were slightly less full than hers.
They were, after all, already owned by her, and below her
status as ClownSlut, to be used in any way she wished.
Symbols of harmony were embossed on each facial cheek,
and their names curved in a half circle over each nipple.
The rest of their white faces were painted with fake
features, because they were left with none of their
original openings. Ying's markings were in royal blue,
with a rigid smile, and Yang's were in red with a fixed
frown. They were the first clown sisters to share
ClownSlut's perfect form.

Zorelle visited ClownSlut regularly; deciding on the
first visit that her rubber clown dolly was not being
punished enough. ClownSlut's fat red lips soon became
non functional when her mistress installed a hissing
valve between them, connected to a flaccid rebreather bag
that was stretched by its corners wide over her upper
chest, and ringed in place through her nipples. Each
breath caused a disturbingly erotic tug on her glossy
rubber tits, making her humiliated just from the act of
getting her own air. Zorelle closed the controlling
valve to half way, amused at the struggles of the
pathetic scientist. Perhaps this toy could also become
an AirSlut, doing anything to get her dose of the life
giving gas, her entire body turned into a layer upon
layer of living rebreather.

In her clown head, Tala felt very distant from the
world...cut off from it, unable to stop ClownSlut
controlling every thought and action. She loved being

-- Dildo Dolls (Aug 2002)

The Rubbermaids wheeled the newest prisoner of the Sperm
Gel Production Facility past dozens of upright rows of
identical semen covered cocks, each jerking away
silently. The life-sized living dildos spewed white
fluid down their bodies, which then flowed into the
basin-like concave bodies of the Collection Dolls on
which they stood. The Porcelex rubber collection dolls
had been through an auto-do cubicle to fuse them into
their inhuman white shapes, and had been built into the
floor of the complex, tubed to the Sperm Gel storage

Dildo Doll Hana was pushed to an empty collection doll
and fixed to where she would remain for the rest of her
life. She could do nothing as the staff breached her
bulging oversac at the bottom so that her product was
spewed in a constant mass down the widely stretched
Porcelex mouth of the Collector. It flowed for a very
long time, before they finally cut away the oversac and
left her. Hana was an anonymous, silent, ejaculate-
producing rubber cock like all the others in the room.

-- ClownSlut is punished (Aug 2002)

ClownSlut was sure she had done absolutely nothing wrong
to displease her mistress but the Queen ordered her to
submit herself for discipline. Zorelle did not need a

The rubberized scientist spent four hours that afternoon
having her body polished to perfection and had all her
holes lubricated before presenting herself to Her
Majesty. She wanted to be perfect.

First Zorelle deflated all of the air from ClownSlut's
puffy body and bound her into a tight little shimmering
bundle using the buckles and D rings embedded in her
skin. The air was then replaced twofold with heavy Sperm
Gel, a natural, long lasting gelatinous fluid produced by
the factory of living dildo women Zorelle had created.
The sorceress paused to admire the bulging toy on the
floor beneath her, and then added half as much gel again.

ClownSlut was unable to speak in the presence of her evil
Mistress, but thought to herself:

{Oh heavens! I can't stop new rubber body
is so perfect and so much more sensitive than my old
skin.......ooooh, If only I could tell my Mistress how
aroused I am! I need to orgasm so badly! I wish
Mistress would let me show her how much I need my

The Sorceress buckled her tighter.

{More! Please touch me more!}

Poor ClownSlut had no way to communicate with her
Mistress other than through drool or conversions of
prisoners. She lay there, swollen rigidly from the
helplessly contained internal pressure, and realized she
had never felt such intense pleasure. As a glistening
pretty clown doll she was perfection. Delicious rubber

Zorelle let her rock on the floor in a neat little
drooling package for an hour before returning to release
her. Once ClownSlut Tala was standing, unsteadily due to
the heavy Sperm Gel, she slid her gloved hands over the
fetish toy's clown teats and grasped the turgid dayglo
nipples in her fingers.

The brightly colored vlatex doll tried to arch her back
but her body refused to respond. She was awash with
rubber bliss.

Zorelle flicked her fingers and a new layer of corset
appeared around ClownSlut's tiny waist, in red yellow and
blue frills to match the rest of her outfit. It was
already laced, and compressed the waist down to a
miniature thirteen inches.

The living clown doll simply drooled happily..... trying
to convey her ecstasy, before Zorelle pulled her close.

"That's better.... here...let me close your breathing
valve to half to match your waistline". She pulled
Tala's rebreather smothered clown head down into her
cleavage and closed the last air tap half way. The
rebreather connection disappeared from the Toy's mouth
and reappeared jutting directly from the base of her
throat. She remembered the original scientist who had
been so noisy.

"My my.... you're much quieter in this ClownSlut form,
TalaToy.... you were such a bitch before, now look at
you. You are my living doll."

Even with the reduction in air supply slowing her actions
to deliberately minimised actions only, ClownSlut tried
to show how pleased she was with her total
transformation, by kissing the Queen's sheathed breasts
with her wonderfully fat lips.

Zorelle lifted her heavy rubber skirt, pushed the adult
circus toy down between her legs and unsealed the zipper
on the vlatex panties that ClownSlut had made for her
only one week before out of a visiting foreign minister.

She released her huge stolen penis from the underwear and
draped it over ClownSlut's polished head so the toygrrl
could reach further back to the massive folds of her
clean-shaven pussy. The evil woman pushed the girl's
face deep into her crotch.

"Eat me well, Slut, or I will make your face look just
like what you are smothered in!"

ClownSlut used her elongated vlatex tongue that her
Mistress had so thoughtfully given her so she might
please her better. The bright fetish slave pushed
herself to the limit.

{I must not fail Mistress Zorelle!}

Zorelle's heavy black skirt grew around the adoringly
slurping creature until ClownSlut was hidden completely
from view. The inner layer of folds shrank until she was
sheathed to her mistress. " pretty your
fetish clown suit is in the light, glistening all over.
Such a pity it will be covered up for the rest of today
while I greet dignitaries! See how you belong to me
utterly? I own you. I shall never let you free."

ClownSlut stopped only to slide the Vixen shaft down her
airless throat for fellatio.

{Oh Mistress, my rubber pussies are constantly wet for
you........ I can't believe I ever wanted to stop you! I
now live only to serve. I wish only to increase your
vision of rubber perfection}

She came herself as Zorelle filled her with another load
of sperm. She slid off the shaft and concentrated her
efforts on the turgid pussy, mashing her own fat lips
into them.

{Mmmmmmm! I am so lucky to have such a beautiful, sexy
Mistress to worship!}

She doubled her labours to assure Mistress Zorelle that
that the bitch Tala was no more. She was ClownSlut.

-- ClownSlut shows her devotion (Aug 2002)

"ClownSlut! You stupid toy. How dare you fall asleep
while I was resting? For the next week, to punish your
lack of devotion, you shall wear a second compressing
clown oversuit I have made from your last ever boyfriend.
You are going to be very heavy, and very tight until I
decide you have learned that particular lesson."

ClownSlut cringed at the reprimand. She would do

"The oversuit is quite loose now, but over the next day
_he_ will get smaller and smaller around your squeaking
body. I assure you he is still quite alive in that form,
but has to live his life stretched over your stiffened

Tala mused dreamily to herself and stood dutifully while
Ying and Yang struggled her into the gleaming oversuit.

{Well, he always complained we weren't close

In the far recesses of her mind the former Tala cried out
indignantly as she was tightly sealed in yet another
layer of punishment suit.

Zorelle mused at what she could do to ClownSlut when she
ultimately failed her...disconnect her motor skills
perhaps. She had always wanted a buxom Raggedy Ann clown
doll for her royal bed. Yes, it would happen when she
chose it.

"No matter what I turn you into, you shall always suffer
the return to this form afterwards...this is your life
now, my Rubber Clown. I shall make you prettier day by
day, until you are one with you clown-ness"

ClownSlut bowed her head in subservience as Zorelle
smiled and called for "the first course".

"'Slut, if you are good I shall allow you to be my toilet
slave for this evening. If the next toy you create is
the best ever, I will also allow you to drink from my

To the rubber doll that sounded like the best prize in
the world.
{I will try my hardest!}

-- Sarah slims down (Aug 2002)

A Rubbermaid led in one from Tala's original rebel cell,
Sarah. The captured dissident was wearing a golden
rubber catsuit, but with straightjacket sleeves wrapping
her arms around her middle. An odd feeling (was it
regret?) grew in ClownSlut's heart that she did not
understand any more - Sarah had tried to save her. She
shrugged the feeling off and a dozen conversion options
for Sarah flipped through her mind. Zorelle was
listening to the rubberized scientist's thoughts, so in a
way the garish slave was able communicate telepathically
with her Mistress. Telepathy was the only option, of
course, for the doll had an airless mouth, filled with
only pussy juice and shiny drool, no voice. All those
years of singing lessons at school were wasted.

{Mmmmm.......whatever shall I do with her?}

Zorelle was a little annoyed at having to help her
minion, but the creature was still developing her skill.

"ClownSlut may choose between clothing, a fetish doll,
furniture, or any non-human creature. My only
requirement is that she must not be able to escape of her
own free will. Her outfit is very important.... she must
be humiliated at the sight of herself...if she can see,
that is."

{Understood, Mistress}

ClownSlut squeaked over to Sarah and placed mitt paws on
her shoulders, drinking in her human beauty one last time
before she made changes to her.
Sarah was very glamorous, with shoulder length blonde
hair, a nice figure and big breasts that squashed against
the front of the straightjacket catsuit. Sarah did not
recognize her, and that made ClownSlut smile inwardly -
outwardly her face never changed. ClownSlut realized she
suddenly had the power of speech to communicate with her

Sarah looked up at the so awfully pretty fetish clown....
it scared her, but the creature was oddly familiar. If
fact, she decided that what had been done to the clown
lady was very attractive. As an added distraction, her
catsuit was so tight it was digging into her crotch and
was so narrow at the waist she found it hard to breathe.
Sarah, however, was much more worried about what was
going to transpire.

"W..who are you? P..please d..don't hurt me. I didn't
do anything.. "

ClownSlut gently placed her hand on the girl's cheek and
stoked it softly.

"Hi there Sarah! Remember me? No? Silly girl, it's me!

She paused and took a step back, watching Sarah's face as
recognition and horror dawned on it.

"Oh my god! What have they done to you? Oh no...
Please Tala...let me free.... I'm your friend!"

ClownSlut ignored the plea.

"Done to me? My Mistress has made me perfect in every
way......" she trailed off huskily, once again
approaching, this time to massage Sarah's pussy mounds
that were outlined by the suctioned catsuit.

Sarah noticed for the first time that ClownSlut's fingers
were all fused into glossy red mittens, with just a
thumb. The changes made to the fetish clown, combined
with her scent, the bondage and the playing with her
pussy caused an involuntary reaction from the pretty
blonde's body. Sarah felt wetness trickle down the
inside of her suit, but fought to ignore it.

"Oh's not you speaking.... break out of it....
please don't change me. I'm your friend!"

ClownSlut smiled at her lovingly.

"Of course you are my friend! That is why you are here
right now."

Still playing with one mitt paw, she gestured at Ying and
Yang with the other, and they approached either side of
the sobbing captive to await their signal. Sarah felt
her clit harden against the latex membrane.

"Please...I'm not bi.... don't touch my thingy like that.
I can't do any of those horrid things."

ClownSlut continued her caresses, moving one mitt to
Sarah's nipples that were pressed up against the bust of
the catsuit.

"Dear Sarah, You don't understand...... I am completely
rubberized..... a perfect rubber clown. I only want to
make you better......even more attractive."

"Look at yourself Tala!'re a rubber circus freak
for heaven's sake... P..please stop... look at your
breasts even, those huge red's not you!
Don't change me... anything but that. I'll do anything!"

The plastiskinned scientist nodded her head and Ying
placed an obedience collar around Sarah's throat. It
felt so snug and tight - she knew she had to do whatever
the glossy rubber clown woman told her to do, and nothing
she wanted to do. The clown doll began to toy with her
charge like a cat and a mouse.

"Oh, but it *is* me, Sarah. Fear not, you will understand
soon enough. Tell me, Sarah, what do you think of my new
appearance, and what would you like me to do to you?"

"I hate scares me....but it does something to
me....I feel strange."

ClownSlut smiled sweetly and told Ying and Yang to remove
the young woman's rubber bondage catsuit while Sarah
tried to cover her nudity as best she could with her
hands. It was easy to hide her breasts with her arm, but
she would have had no hope with ClownSlut's massive
juddering polished and frilled tits.

"Keep your hands at your sides!"

Confused, Sarah found her arms stiff at her sides. She
felt her pussy was soaked, but did not know that it was
from the pheromones the rubber creature was giving off in
her lubricant drool and also from the stimulants rubbed
into the straight jacket suit before it was put on her.
She realized that although Tala was a clown, it was one
of the most gorgeous vlatex creatures she had ever seen,
taken to fetish extremes by her plastiskin coating.

"Please don't change me, Tala! It's me, Sarah! Your
feet....what did Zorelle do to you? How can you even
walk? I am your friend...I tried to help you out of your
prison - before you this, remember? Please
Tala! I can help you get rid of that awful tight skin."

Yang stepped forward with a silver tray. ClownSlut
picked up a syringe filled with a sparkling blue liquid.
Sarah looked at the needle in fear.

"Now why would I want to get out of this beautiful shape,
silly girl? You ask many questions.......and I could
give you many answers. However, I think it would be most
effective to just show you. I suppose I should explain
how this injection will work. I recently completed a
very special project for my Mistress based upon my former
research but now, as you must have guessed, my goals are
quite different. This injection you are about to receive
is not so much scientific in nature as much as it is
magical. The result is that it will utterly transform you
into a submissive rubber doll....but that is just the
beginning..... I can see that you like the way I look."

Sarah began to cry. "I don't want to become a

"And why not? Aren't you at least a small bit curious
about what it would feel like?"

Sarah remembered the days Tala and she had been
cheerleaders together. Why was she doing this? "No! I
shall not be a doll. I'll fight it."

"We shall see... if you would not have me turn you into a
doll, and believe me, you have no choice in the
matter......What would you have me do to you?

"P..please Lady....remember all the good
times we had at the prom...I want to be able to go to
dances again, live my life. Can't you set me free?"
Sarah used her cutest little voice and blinked her wide,
tearful blue eyes at her captor.

"Very well. I shall set you of your
present form! Now, be quiet while I finish your
injection!". ClownSlut paused for dramatic effect,
relishing the girl's confusion.

"B...but.." Sarah stared in horror at the red rubber mitt
and the syringe. "Please Tala....I'll do
you out your slave...please don't make me a
brainless doll!....sob!"

Sarah tried to run, but the two fetish clown dolls
holding her arms, gripped her fact their
glossy red hands had fused completely over the
prisoner's, to hold them in place.

"The initial transformation will render you an anonymous,
sexless rubber plaything.....Please don't cry,
Sarah....You won't be brainless. You will be beautiful!".
She whispered under her breath. "..eventually...".

"Sob! please keep me beautiful, Tala."

"If you please our Mistress adequately, you will be given
your womanly charms back, albeit modified to suit
whatever your designation may be. Who knows? Maybe
eventually you can be my very special clown sister!
Would you like that?"

Sarah imagined what it would be like to be deep inside
the countless layers of rubber like the doll in front of
her and gasped. She would go crazy being anonymous and
sexless like that.

"I don't want to be a would be so
humiliating....oop...not like you, of course,
Tala....I...I'm sorry.."

"Well, I believe this is going nowhere......Ladies, would
you mind turning our beautiful acquisition here to face
that mirror over there." She pointed at a full-length
mirror on the far wall. Squeaking as they moved along on
their toes, the ClownMaids escorted a weakly struggling
Sarah to her correct position.

The evil clown watched patiently then walked up behind
her charge. She embraced the victim and cupped the firm,
naked breasts in her mitten hands, taking care not to
drop the syringe. It was Sarah's first caress by a

"I will miss these perfect tits of yours" said ClownSlut
as she gave each breast a gentle squeeze, enjoying how
the nipples stood out proudly at the touch of the teflon
sheen mitts skating over their surface. "Oh well, enjoy
the show!" She injected the contents of the syringe into
the underside of Sarah's left breast, just below the

Sarah felt a painful filling of her mammary for an
instant, an invasion of her body, then nothing, followed
by a warm tingle that spread through her teat.

"Oh seven suns! Please take that stuff out of

The tingle spread rapidly into her chest...through her
body, to the tips of her fingers and toes. It filled her
head with a dizzy, softening feeling.

"W...what's happening to me?"

Pretty Sarah stared in horror as she noticed her skin
visibly tightening and becoming very shiny. As soon as
she formed her plea she felt something odd about her
mouth and looked only to find that her lips were
squeaking as she talked. They were becoming visibly and
steadily darker until finally they appeared to be made
from shiny black latex! She stared in terror at her

"Please Tala....helwp mwe.....{squeak} I don't want to
be a rwubber doll!

She stuck her tongue out and it was glossy red rubber
between her black vlatexed lips. The highly reflective
vlatex transformation spread rapidly over the rest of her
body until she was completely black. Her new rubber skin
felt so tight all over it was difficult to breathe.

"Oh heavenss {squeak} Whapf hapf myou dome?".
Tala/ClownSlut remained silent, watching with keen

Next her scalp tingled and she could only stare
speechless as all her beautiful blonde hair rapidly fell
out to land at her feet.

As the process began to speed up, her rubber lips
stretched into an awful smile that became broader. She
felt a strange sensation in her chest and squeaked in
horror as her breasts deflated swiftly into nothingness,
a flat torso with no evidence of even nipples. She was
given little time to reflect on this as she noticed
similar sensations in her hips and ass. Likewise, they
too melted away into nothingness...

" hair! My bwreasts {squeak} my body. Youb
monster! Gobs! you're defeminizing mwe....please make
ib sthop!"

The ex-blonde wondered how she could live without her
gorgeous tits, or any of her curves. The fetish Tala was
turning her into a rubber freak.

The tightening of her skin reached a fever pitch as the
blackened Sarah took on a uniform gloss all over. She
watched tearfully as her skin set as lustrous vlatex,
squeaking loudly at every small movement.

Staring at her increasingly bizarre reflection, she felt
the dreaded tingling sensation in her head. She gasped
in shock as her ears were absorbed into her rubber flesh
as if they were never there and all sounds abruptly
ceased. She could not hear. Sarah stared at the flat
part of her chest - how perfectly her femininity was
being erased.

Her next plea for salvation remained unformed as the
shiny black lips of her mouth formed a perfect circle and
inflated, adding an obscene touch to her alien look.
Sliding her tongue in her mouth she noticed she no longer
had any teeth, just folds of soft velvety rubber. Her
dating days were over. She had become a rubber freak,
but it was not the end.

Her eyes grew wide as her pert nose began to flatten,
slowly at first, then quickly reabsorbed into her blank
rubber face.

She tried to speak, but her vocal chords had been
absorbed into solid rubber so that they would never make
a sound again. The air whistled pathetically through the
tiny opening in her oral donut, however.


Sarah's red vlatex tongue expanded in her mouth, an
enormous fat red piece of rubberflesh, filling the
stretchy cavity and pushing her glossy black cheeks wide
until no air passed through the aperture any more.

She realised Tala was erasing her entire humanity, not
just her womanhood, making her into a "thing" for her.

There was feeling of a slight phase shift in her mind,
and a non-existent click. Sarah began to like what was
being done to her. She found it hard to concentrate on
anything other than the ripples and tightness of the
rubber she had become. ClownSlut spoke up in her head.

{Well dolly, you are almost done! You're really going to
like this next part!}

Sarah shook her head...but only half unwillingly. She
was starting to like the rubber - it made her dribblingly
wet - but still she fought it. Her oral donut drooled
lubricant down her super flat chest in a torrent. She
could not lift her glistening rubber arms to stop it.

As if to punctuate the sexy clown's statement, Sarah felt
arousal building in her belly, unlike anything she had
ever felt before. It was uncontrollable. It grew until
she was shuddering with helpless anticipation of the rare
orgasm. Just as she was about to climax however, she
felt something happening to her crotch. She watched in a
mixture of shock and arousal as the folds of her sex
flowed together and erased her pussy completely. She
also felt the same thing happening to her rectum.

Her orgasm was trapped inside her sexless body with no
way to release it - utter torture to have it bouncing
around inside her. The old Sarah was beside herself with
horror, but the new emerging Sarah doll found it
incredibly interesting.

Simultaneously she felt both her fingers and toes meld
together, watching in rubbery excitement as her useless
hands balled themselves into fists, then inflated with a
loud squeak into rubber spheres incapable of being used
for anything. Her rubber feet quickly transformed into
stiff ballet-boot extensions for her rigid legs, almost
causing her to topple over. She wondered what it would
be like to never orgasm properly again, and begged with
her eyes for ClownSlut to let her come. She rubbed her
sealed crotch frantically with her ball hands and felt
nothing at all, not even a tingle, yet she was so aroused
and sensitive.

Sarah felt utterly humiliated by her changes, but her
mind and body betrayed her. Sarah Doll found herself
eagerly awaiting her next change.

ClownSlut was growing extremely wet as she waited for the
final alteration to happen to her patient. She licked
her glossy vlatex lips and watched as Sarah's eyes grew
unnaturally wide, her eyelids ceasing to exist. The new
doll's sparkling blue eyes became large twin pools of
deep jet blue, so glossy that they resembled rubber
lenses. She could not even blink. Sarah Doll was very
excited, but there was no pussy to touch, to feel. Her
oral, fat lipped vlatex hole drooled a stream of new

Finally, Sarah felt a great pressure in her head and she
raised her spherical hands to her cheeks as her face
became slightly puffy, then with a loud creaking of
straining rubber, inflated into a complete ovoid. The
only evidence that she was ever human was the position of
her restructured donut mouth. Sarah realized that the
donut and tongue were left there for the sole purpose of
pleasuring her Mistress

She had been turned into a stiff rubber doll! Her
flawless beauty had been taken from her and she had been
given the form of an awful, slick black latex thing.
Shrugging off those thoughts, Sarah Doll felt the need to
use her oral hole and her super extended if
it would somehow release her contained climax. Deep down
she knew it would not, but she was so aroused she had to

As Sarah's transformation completed, ClownSlut embraced
her warmly and licked her rubber lips against hers.

{Remember Sarah Doll, if you ever want to have the
ability to feel orgasm again you have to use that tongue
of yours. If not, I am sure our Mistress could give you
to a latex brothel as a warm up toy.}

Sarah squeaked her huge head down behind ClownSlut's rear
and nestled her tongue up against the fat lipped anal
pussy. She could still see, but because of her new
rubber eyes and their sealed wide lenses, everything was
out of focus. The fetish clown grabbed the sides of her
head behind and guided her, gripping her tightly and
smashing her vlatex anal pussy lips against the freshly
created virgin mouth.

Sarah Doll's fattened, squeaking tongue was crushed into
the matching fat red rubber lips of her Mistress's pussy.
The recent convert was surprised and excited to discover
that her rubber tongue tip was large and fattened like a
cock head, but because of initial resistance it took some
effort to get it nestled through the opening. In no time
however her tongue was nestled in its new home. She
could not hear any noise but her blank rubber face was
being polished by the flow of ClownSlut's lubricant
juices. Her vlatex tongue began to expand inside her
owner, flicking quickly in and out as it did so. She
felt the glistening body above her stretching around the
invader, distending in unison with her tongue expansion,
but restricted by ClownSlut's heavy internal boning.

Somewhere helpless inside Sarah Doll, the old Sarah felt
utterly humiliated that she had been turned into a
lesbian rubber doll, but she could not stop herself
revelling in the new role. Her role in life was to
please her creator. She licked harder in total ecstasy.

ClownSlut's moan of pleasure was abruptly cut off as
Zorelle transformed her mouth back to its speechless
form. Instead, an eruption of viscous drool ran
uncontrollably down her chin. She looked fearfully at
her Queen Mistress, awaiting a reaction to the
transformation, but was unable to stop shuddering in
pleasure at the sensations the new toy was giving her
down below.

Zorelle smiled and ignored the sloppy noises Sarah Doll
was making beneath.

"That thing you made her into will do fine in the Palace,
my dear Clown. It was opportune to remove its sexual
attributes so it will not be distracted"

The brightly colored vlatex servant bowed her head in
acceptance as Zorelle went on.

"Perhaps I shall do the same to you one day. It would be
amusing to own a second sexless rubber toy, but in the
form of a clown. I would even make you wear a padded
catsuit over the top of your string bean body to give you
a fake set of the buxom curves I like to see.
Mmmm...yes, backwards, for you would be identical front
and back. Scribe, make a note of it!"

The dollified scientist felt her knees grow weak at the
thought of being similarly transformed into a mate for
the Sarah doll.

-- ClownSlut slims down (Sept 2002)

Zorelle did an about turn as she thought about it some
more. "In fact, yes, let me do that to you now.

The pretty rubber circus freak looked up in surprise.
Zorelle gestured and her flaccid clownsuit tightened
subtly, but suddenly she had the ability to speak again.

"But Mistress Zorelle! Does ClownSlut not please you
well enough as a clown? ClownSlut loves being your
special shiny doll!"

Her vibrantly colored outer skin shrank and hugged her
body until she was a mildly human shape again, in her
full rubber glory but without any hanging folds of latex
other than her laced pussy bag, which hung between her
thighs. The original colors were still in place, but
all the frills were flattened and compressed to her skin
as one. ClownSlut gasped in shock at the restriction and
hardness of her thick vlatex membrane. Rather than crush
her massive tits however, the embrace of her skin made
her bust seem even larger as her waist narrowed to an
impossible girth. She trembled, secretly relishing what
was to happen, as Zorelle chuckled.

"I do as I please. Right now it pleases me to alter

As ClownSlut watched in the mirror, zippers appeared
around the circle of her huge tits where they joined her
chest. She was mesmerized as she watched her reflection.
Zorelle reached over.

"Here...let me take that heavy load from you, dear."

The sorceress caressed the weighty, glistening
tits...slowly unzipping them from the glossy scientist's
body...spelling away the left behind half zippers from
her flattened chest. ClownSlut felt incredibly horny as
she watched her very own breasts carried away in
Zorelle's hands. She wanted to touch herself but she
could do was stare at herself. She tried to murmur
something huskily and her eyes grew wide as she realized
she could barely speak!

"These tits will make excellent hoods for my other
slaves...I shall enjoy watching them struggle when I tell
them what they are wearing!"

Zorelle pulled out a long, flared rubber skirt, unusually
not a hobble, but yellow with red and blue trim.

"Put this on dear."

ClownSlut took the skirt obediently and lovingly put it
on making sure it hugged her waist perfectly. As she
zipped it up her butt, a difficult task with slippery
mitt hands, it clung to her inner thighs and began to
shrink. A confused Sarah Doll pulled her dildo tongue
from the rear of her creator as the hole got smaller then
began to squeeze her out. Sarah cowered on the floor in
a puddle of lubricant, waiting a new instruction. The
others ignored her.

"Spread your legs...there, good Toy"

Before the long, heavy skirt could shrink further,
Zorelle lifted the hem high so that ClownSlut could watch
changes to her dangling pussy bag. As the poor
transformee watched, new sets of eyelets appeared down
each side of her distended labial lips and were laced
closed. Her pussy had become a completely corseted mound
of latex folds. She moaned loudly, enraptured. She felt
her anal pussy being laced shut too. Next, a long
zippered flap reaching from coccyx to clit closed over
the top of both orifices, sealing them completely. She
whimpered softly, scared but enthralled as the zips
disappeared. Her two lower openings were gone.

She had no way of telling Zorelle that she still had a
large "perpetual ball vibrator" sealed inside her
pussybag permanently with her.

Zorelle let the skirt fall as the attractive clown
desperately squeezed her thighs together, trying to feel
anything at all. The skirt constricted her hips and
between her legs separately, adding another layer over
her lost openings, sealing to itself and to her as it
continued to shrink.

"Ha ha, will never orgasm again unless I
allow it!
You have no pussy, and the skirt is becoming part of
you...but the best is yet to come!"

ClownSlut whimpered again in frustration. Her glossy
rubber lips forming a pout. She watched helplessly as
her hips narrowed, her buttocks compressing until she was
the same front and back from the neck down. The only
thing to break the perfect vertical line to her toes was
her tiny waist. Zorelle saw this but was unconcerned.

"Yes, your waist will be 'normalized' too....I do not
want any curves left on you I am afraid, my not-so-
gorgeous Toy"

ClownSlut quivered and pleaded at her mistress with her
eyes, but soon her waist had expanded out to make her the
same width from the neck to her knees. Next Zorelle
smoothed over her knees and elbows so that she could no
longer bend her arms or legs. She lost her wrists so she
could not bend her mittened hands, her fingers and thumbs
blending to a single tapered point at the end of each
stiff rubber arm. The de-feminized clown felt an
overwhelming compulsion to worship her mistress's pussy
but could not pull her gaze from the mirror nor ignore
the intense sensation of her rubberized body being
changed. Her glossy fat mouth elongated
vertically...becoming a fat lipped vertical pussy, which
grew more puffy red vlatex until it covered the lower
half of her canary yellow rubber face.

"Ha! How does it feel to have no joints, no wrists

The poor disabled and narrowed woman tried to reply to
the question but her eyes rolled back in her head as the
bizarre feelings continued to wash over her. She began
to lubricate immensely from her oral fissure and make
slurping noises, shuddering with every internal
contraction. Her nose was absorbed rapidly into her
face, leaving behind a glistening vlatex nubbin, which
was her only remaining the middle of her face.
Her eyes hardened and become baby blue jewels. She could
still see but only in facets. Zorelle's sadistic
tendencies came to the fore.

"Feeling horny my featureless clown? Here...let me build
up your sexual tension that has no place to go"

She pulled the fat red vlatex facial clit-nubbin into her
mouth....sliding it between her teeth...rolling it. Poor
ClownSlut shook and trembled weakly - she would have
fallen to the ground if not for her missing joints, as
she was rocked by wave after wave of intense pleasure.

"Right about now you will feel an emptiness in your
belly...that is your reproductive organs being replaced
by seamless, solid clown Vlatex, toy"

Zorelle stopped kissing the clit, drawing her mouth away
and stretching it long.....the length of a hand, with
terrible pleasure.

"Here, let me put a ring through the tip of it for you".
She magiced a gold ring through the end of the fat clit
and stretched it long so it could be buckled to her
collar beneath her chin as ClownSlut stood obediently.
She was a rubber pleasure unit waiting for a command.
But Zorelle continued to humiliate her.

"My poor clitfaced doll. All you need to do is reach up
and unhook it from your collar and you will be able to
come." She feigned surprise. "Oh, but you cannot bend
your arms without elbows, can you?". She laughed as the
poor rigid doll struggled uselessly to lift her arm
tapers more than an inch in either direction, and she
bent forward licked the length of the doll's elongated
and helplessly presented clit with her tongue. ClownSlut
tried to squeeze her cock tongue out past her clit, but
could not unclasp it or massage herself with it. The
glossy clown convulsed with intense pleasure as she felt
every little creak and squeak her rubber skin made.

Ying and Yang brought in her new Clown Catsuit.

"Put this fakesuit on, you sexless thing...oh, I forgot
again, you cannot."

Chuckled Zorelle as the creature struggled in an attempt
to obey a command she could not possibly complete.
ClownSlut's feeble attempts at donning her new suit made
her start to tip over flat on her featureless pussy face
but Ying and Yang caught her. Zorelle laid the suit open
on the living rubber rug and lay her stiff squeaking
mannequin form on top, strangely face down. It was like
her original clownsuit, only much tighter, perhaps two
sizes too small for her, and with padded sections to
recreate her lost curves.

Ying and Yang struggled the fakesuit up her flat, sexless
body. It had hip pads, fake knee joints, fake elbows,
huge fake tit implants, but they were on the wrong side
of her body. It also had built-in fake glossy red mitt
hands. She was going to be the ultimate sex object, with
nothing real, impossible to damage. Rather than be
terrified, deep in her head, all Tala could do was focus
on how utterly bizarre and alien she felt.

Her waist was crushed down through a terrible corset
built into the suit and the "rear zipper" zipper slid up
her front. The plastiskin set in a short time, and
Zorelle was ecstatic about the result.

"There, my girl, you look normal again! But underneath
you shall remain anything but normal! Even your fat red
nipples look the same as before - but they are not yours
to use, are they, my little sexless clown dolly?"

ClownSlut felt no sensations from her skin at all, and
wished more than anything that she could come. She
replayed Sarah's rubberization over and over again in her
mind as well as her own but it was useless. She would
never be allowed to orgasm.

Ying and Yang held open a duplicate of her original puffy
vlatex clown jumpsuit and slid her into it, backwards of
course. Finally, she appeared exactly the same as
before, but inside the suit she was reversed. A small
slit at the back of the head ensured access to her oral
pussy, which slurped even more noisily than before. She
could still see somewhat, but that was all. The rest of
her body was super smooth. She had no sexual organs at
all below the neck.

With much effort the new ClownSlut turned her head to
gaze adoringly at her wonderful Mistress who took the
hand of her restructured clown and led her to the royal
bedchamber, watching carefully as she teetered along
behind her, confused, helpless and utterly humiliated.

I the massive bedroom, Zorelle sealed a fake rubber face
hood over the featureless head of the doll so that
ClownSlut looked like a pretty clown again - Tala's
tongue and faceted eyes the only 'real' things anyone
would ever see from the outside. The sorceress slid her
living toy between the vlatex sheets.

Zorelle did not take her dress off, instead climbed into
the sheets with the cumbersome, living gown still on.
ClownSlut was shoved beneath her skirt, deep down in the
cloying folds of shiny linen at the base of the bed. The
heavy vlatex gown folds rustled around the toy yet she
could not hear it without ears. The Mistress spoke in
her head.

"I know you can hear only my voice if I choose it, my
nullified Clown-Slut. How does it feel to be cocooned in
so much rubber, I wonder? The process of changing you
was quite exhilarating, turning you into a nullo doll,
taking away all that made you a woman then putting a
mockery of your original form back over the top. You
know I could leave you like this forever. So please me."

ClownSlut eagerly thrust out her tongue, paying close
attention to every inch of the velvety flesh presented to
her, probing ever deeper trying desperately to project
her own arousal.

{My Mistress, I miss being able to move and speak! I
even miss the black rubber form you originally gave
me.....but this.....this new form excites me greatly too!
Oh Mistress! I am so confused and aroused! Please say
you will change me back soon!}

Zorelle felt the tongue deep inside her body. "Deeper,
Slut. No, I shall keep you like this FOREVER, Clown toy.
Remember who owns you. You shall come to know my pussy
like no are my automated bed unit now."

ClownSlut realized she could no longer form words in her
mind. In fact she did not even consider herself a woman
anymore. She had become just a rubber pleasure unit and
her whole world, all her desire, rested between Zorelle's

As Zorelle began to climax, everything around Zorelle
seemed to liquefy from her powerful magic. The entire
bed, from her long sleeved high collared metallic blue
vlatex gown, to the sheets and ClownSlut, all turned to
liquid and fused into one unyielding block of anonymous
rubber around her. Suddenly Zorelle was wearing a solid
mass of vlatex from the breasts down, actually wearing
ClownSlut. The bed and ClownSlut hardened around her
body the climax crashed back to earth, and the Queen
slept in her solid bedblock. Her arms and throat were
free, still in the front upper of the gown, but the rest
of her body was sealed snugly inside, very tight against
her skin.

The next morning, Zorelle simply created an exit zipper
and slid free, leaving ClownSlut embedded inside her
custom, fitted rubber bedblock.

Every evening, Zorelle slid her nude body back into her
self-lubricating and perfectly warm bedblock, zipping the
seal up to the hight collar at her throat. She slept
like that, wearing her ClownSlut for months.

-- Zorelle's second living bed (Aug 2002)

Acting on impulse, Zorelle took one of poor ClownSlut's
clown sisters, Delilah, and fused her into a second
living bed, but this time with her royal arms beneath the
surface. She had to use her Rubbermaids to open and
close the sealing zipper every morning and evening but
they were easily thought controlled. The bedblock was
used only for oral sex and as a toilet facility - Her
Majesty usually spelling away her huge vixen cock to
ensure her heavy, rubberised pussy received all the
attention for a change.

Unlike ClownSlut, who had duties in the lab she must
return to, Delilah was to be left in her rubber
cunnilingus prison forever. Zorelle soon tired of the
Delilah bedblock however, and sold her off, yet the poor
girl inside had no idea she was not even in the castle

A female office executive bought the inexpensive sleeping
unit, for a nefarious purpose. She happened to know that
Zorelle was just slightly smaller in stature than her
sister Pollyanna whom she wanted revenge on.

One night she drugged the unsuspecting Polly, sealed her
in a plastiskin catsuit until her features were erased,
then slid her into the empty cavity - with difficulty
because she was larger in stature than the hollow sized
for Zorelle. At the time, inside the block, Delilah did
not know it was somebody else to feed her, even when she
tasted the slightly different musk fragrance of the
nether lips presented to her mouth, her only link to the
outside world. Polly was (of course) also clean-shaven
like the Her Majesty, although Bedblock Delilah wondered
why Zorelle did not get out of bed anymore.

When Polly was embedded properly in the bedblock, her
sister sealed the zipper up to her paralysed chin and
made her watch as she pulled the release tab to convert
the entire unit to Plastiskin. In no time, Polly and
Delilah were fused together forever as one in solid
plastiskin. The poor Clown Sister inside still thought
she was lapping at Mistress Zorelle's pussy.

The evil sister then strapped a heavy plastiskin
oversheet across the surface of the bedblock, with just a
hole for Polly's head and letting it seal until her
former sibling was completely fused from the neck down in
what looked like a mattress. Four anonymous plastiskin
hoods were suctioned horribly over Polly's head, designed
to individually shrink as they set. The plastiskin
oversheet sealed over the top of Pollyanna had a bright
clown pattern on the surface of the frictionless rubber,
leaving just the poor woman's head poking from the
mattress. A fifth hood left her with the face of a
pretty clown, awfully humiliating coloring so that nobody
would ever recognize her. She had fat, beestung circus
lips yet remained perfectly silent in her effulgent

Polly and Delilah lived the rest of eternity in the Bed
Unit, while Polly's sister slept in the world above,
entertaining boyfriends and girlfriends, most notably
Polly's grieving ex-girlfriend. Delilah Clown remained
oblivious to the switchover and was left snuggled between
Polly's rubber thighs forever.


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