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-- Lara gets costumed for life (August 2001)

Former adventurer Lara also suffered the indignity of
being converted into a ponygirl on national TV. She had
been forced into a full plastiskin suit that hugged her
naked skin as it set, complete with hooves on her hands
and feet. A soft white plumed mane made from fine latex
strands adorned the top of her hooded head and left just
the pretty oval of her face free. She was paraded on the
show in that condition for a number of episodes of Real
Rubber TV while viewers voted her teeth be replaced by
faux rubber cocksucking pads and her mouth stretched
forever open. Her lips were injected with collagen and
coated heavily in bright red vlatex to ensure they always
sprung back to their widely stretched position. The
layer on her lips felt almost more alien than having a
rubberised body because the rest of her face remained

As she thrashed about and begged incoherently to the
viewers through her widely stretched oral cavity, Zorelle
fitted her face with the full plastiskin muzzle and fused
it permanently in place, sealing the girl's mouth with an
internal expanding gag. After and hour of struggling, a
complete vlatex rubber ponygirl had been created in her
sleek black and white skin. She was harnessed,
programmed and sold.

-- Ponygirls arrive at the palace

Galloping expertly and sweating heavily in her ponygirl
costume, Catwoman remembered the hitching process of the
morning. The pony in front of her had shivered with
pleasure as a thin steel rod was passed through both
pierced, rubberised nipples and linked to the long reins
that controlled the entire group. Catwoman smiled
inwardly when she was linked up - her own nipple
piercings were expert fakes and did not hurt in the

The ponygirls were all harnessed with a blinker bridle of
pink straps and each had a cute little pink saddle
buckled tightly to her curvy body. The nose rings that
normally allowed them to be chained to a hitching post in
the stable were utilized to lock the headgear in place.

Although her original intelligence, thoughts and memories
could be left in tact, the intelligence a ponygirl could
use to her advantage, over and above being a ponygirl,
was severely limited through rigid reprogramming.
Consequently, the attractive pets sometimes panicked or
shied when something unexpected happened. To counter
this problem, another slack cord was tied to the rings
dangling from the rubberized pussy lips and clit. The
cord could be tightened suddenly at a moments' notice,
guaranteed to bring poor behaviour to a halt.

High-heeled thigh boots with hoof toes clicked on the
cobblestones as they entered the castle courtyard, their
blinders keeping their view limited to straight ahead.
The tight harness of cris-crossing pink straps was their
only covering over their dappled plastiskins. The
heroine's fake ponysuits were slick with sweat from the
hour-long march, and made soft squelching noises that the
other ponies did not - alarming if they became louder.
The two women had not been able to converse during their
trek due to bits in their mouths, now dripping with
salvia. Their arms were stuck in the costume's back
prayer and had gone numb during the journey thanks to an
extra cuff of thick rubber that had been secured around
them. The plan had been to pull a secret release catch
with their fingers once things were quiet that evening,
but they soon realized that it was impossible to escape
the suits with totally numb arms. They hoped that the
cuffs would be removed upon arrival at the castle.

Welcoming the rest and water provided at their
destination, the two ladies panted heavily with the rest
of the team.

They had infiltrated and become part of the entourage of
a visiting Duchess to Zorelle's castle, hoping to enter
Zorelle's domain undetected. Their ultimate plan was to
free Supergrrl and Wonda Woman from their humiliating
latex bondage and then find a way to attack Zorelle
whilst she slept. Admittedly not possessing the super or
enhanced powers of Wonda Woman or Supergrrl, they decided
on the covert start to their plan as ponygirls.

After the horns sounded their arrival, Zorelle received
the Duchess. The servants and maids of the entourage
were virtually invisible as they blended with the bizarre
menagerie of Zorelle's domain. The free spirits of the
two sleek ponies was not detected as the livery help came
to lead the pony-girls to their stables for feeding and
grooming. Batgrrl was tired and anxious to get free of
the restraining ponysuit. She wiggled and struggled as
they were led to stand in the stable and wait their turn
for service.

Catwoman turned to her stiffly in her harness, trying to
signal for her to calm down.

The Stable master had entered the room moments before and
was admiring the group, expertly assessing the fillies.
Their firm and toned bodies were slick and shiny with
rubber polish, for rubber ponies did not sweat. Their
chests still heaved from the fast gait the Duchess had
demanded, but their skins were unmarked by dust thanks to
the new stone roads Zorelle had built between her cities.
The master noticed one in the group was wiggling and
stepping quickly, seemingly excited. He knew that some
of the ponies enjoyed a good run, and many were quite
excited after a ride. He smiled and moved towards the
spirited filly.

"Well now, we've still got some energy after all that
exercise eh?" The Stable master exclaimed, grasping
Batgrrl by her harness. The livery staff smiled knowing
what would happen next. He felt between her legs.

"My, you're all hot and wet down there - only one way to
calm you down"

Batgrrl eyes widened at the comment, but it was too late
to do anything with all eyes on her. Catwoman shrunk
away demurely trying not to attract attention or their
cover would be blown.

Batgrrl legs were aching, even though her heroine
activities demanded her to be in perfect physical shape.
The high-stepping gait for the long distance had worn her
out. She could not even put up a good struggle as the
Stable master pulled her aside.

He sat against a hitching post, and turned the cinched
and harnessed Batgrrl around, her back to him, her facing
the other pony girls now watching them.

The Stable Master openly examined the shape of the figure
before him. Her ass was firm and tight and she had
slender but muscled thighs. He smacked her rump. She
whelped and stiffened.

"Ah Ha, a spirited filly, Lets see how you ride" With
that he slid his hand between Batgrrl's slick thighs and
unbuckled the thong strap of her harness.

Ponygirl Batgrrl tried to pull away, but the experienced
master pulled her back and kicked her feet out to spread
her legs wide. She could barely find balance enough to
stand much less pull away. With a firm had on her
harness the master pushed her torso forward, tipping her
forward. She almost fell head first, but the Stable
masters' firm hold on the back of her arm binder straps
kept her in a precarious balance - bent over, with her
rump jutting out shamelessly.

He chuckled as he unbuckled his pants, allowing his cock
to unfold. Batgrrl looked down between her legs and
issued a muffled whinny at the realization of what was
going to happen to her in the helpless state.

Catwoman looked on quietly at the predicament Batgrrl had
gotten herself into. She hoped Barbara would take it as
best she could and not blow their cover.

Batgrrl was grateful for the bit in her mouth, chomping
down hard and groaning as the Stable Master mounted her.
He was huge, the pain of his entry made easier by the
lubrication of her sweat. He began slowly by pulling on
her harness, rocking her on her locked legs onto him.
She moaned as he increased speed, within a short while
the smacking sound of her rubberized rump on his pelvis
was heard throughout the stable.

Batgrrl finally surrendered to the intense pounding she
was getting and fatigue washed over her as she came,
chomping down harder on her bit a ragged groan pulsing
from her throat. Her body tightened then relaxed with
each spasm.

The experienced Stable Master noted her surrender, but
was intent on breaking the filly in. His pace did not
slow as he felt the sex of his mount clutching
rhythmically. Batgrrl groaned wearily as she noted that
his cock was still pumping her. She moaned weakly as the
heat in her crotch began to grow again. It took less
time than the first and Batgrrl cried out again raggedly,
her bit dripping as she again surrendered to the

He smiled as again his mount surrendered, once more he
thought taking her measure. He continued on, pummelling
away at his helpless shiny colt. Batgrrl was barely able
to stand and growing dizzy, unable to catch her breath as
the stable master relentlessly pounded. She lost herself,
and he could feel her move with him. Her entire body was
slick with sweat, her legs dripping in a spectacle of
heat as the other pony girls watched the young filly
getting a harsh ride.

If not for her excellent physical condition, she would
have succumbed earlier. But after the exertion of harness
gait, and her third orgasm coming on, her head swarmed as
blackness closed in. She came for the final time, foam
oozing from her bit, crumbling unconscious to the straw
covered floor in a heap, her chest heaving.

Catwoman's shock subsided when she realized that Batgrrl
had merely fainted. She even smirked slightly. She had
never seen a woman have her brains fucked out before, but
had come close herself. Cat's crotch grew slightly warm,
wondering if it would not be a bad thing to switch places
with Batgrrl. She wondered how much sexual experience
her college age young cohort had had - probably not much.

The Stable Master, rose slowly and fixing his pants,
looking down at the slick shapely form on the floor not

"Clean her up. She'll be calmer now but let me know if
she gets ornery again and I will schedule her to spend
time at the induction farm again." He smiled and walked
off, leaving Catwoman wondering what he was talking

Two of the staff moved towards the unconscious form and
began to remove her saddle and binding strap, returning
circulation to her arms sealed in the back prayer.

After a few hours, when darkness had fallen, Batgrrl
awoke to find she was laying in the same stall as
Catwoman. Free of her arm bindings and with feeling
returned to her fingers she was finally able to peel off
her sweat-filled ponysuit, then help Catwoman remove
hers. They slipped over the stable door and out into the
night, disposing of the incriminating ponyskins in a
latex recycle bin.

They noted with surprise that a live rubber doll had also
been pushed right through the one-way entry chute of the
transparent plexiglass bin. The female-looking doll sat
disconsolately in the pile of garments waiting to be
melted down - they could not open the impervious cube and
she did not seem to care that they were trying to help
her. They reluctantly left her behind lest they be

-- Charlotte at the ponygirl induction farm

Charlotte's arrival at the ponygirl ranch might have been
delayed by one week if Batgrrl had played up and caught
the Stable master's eye again.

Her huge new tits were dipped in red wetlook vlatex, a
stark contrast to the peroxide white hue that the rest of
her body glowed in. The massive red orbs had been
smoothed free of the sensitive nipples she had once been
so proud of, the rounding of her breasts were a
deliberate attempt to change her status from female
rubberslave to dehumanized toy, blurring her sexual
senses and identity until she swam in a never ending sea
of unquenchable sexual frustration.

Large white gold rings almost as big as the breasts
themselves pierced deeply through the sides, middle and
inner core of her polished orbs. She could feel their
pull, the weight of the smooth, solid metal in her body.

She was almost ready for parading in public, but first
her right rubber butt cheek was painted with red vlatex
lettering, followed by her left. Soon her buttocks read
"(SL}{UT)". Her bight red and white body could not
possibly avoid attention.

That evening, while being led back to her stall, she saw
the pet who had been bad, hanging limp from her ordeal by
newly installed O rings that were anchored in the neat
rubber stumps of her wrists and ankles. Sometime during
that day she had had her hands and feet spelled away and
then the poor girl had been sealed from head to toe in
red vlatex only, which marked her for life to be punished
forever. The crawling Punishment Pet was totally
airtight with her face sealed over, as it covered her
mouth, nose, ears and eyes completely. Her stasis collar
kept her alive, and her new skin kept her perfectly
waterproof, a good thing because she would be required to
do the dirtiest of chores in the sewers. She would be
progressively pierced in every possible place in her body
until she was a jingling mass of red rubber and silver

Rumour had it that she had bitten or kicked the Stable
master - something she could never do again without a
mouth or feet.

-- Batgrrl and Catwoman infiltrate the castle

That night, during the after dinner festivities in the
castle, naked Batgrrl and Catwoman climbed through a
window, finding themselves in an empty room. They were
desperate to find a disguise, for no one was ever naked
within the castle walls. The infiltrators wandered the
corridors for hours with no success, until finally they
stumbled on the rubber-maid wing.

They quickly found the wardrobe room, its walls covered
with rack after rack of bizarre costumes and harnesses,
thick and heavy with the scent of rubber.

Catwoman held up one of the black Rubbermaid catsuits, a
sleek garment with fetching white trim in places.

"At least our modesty will be respected in these" she

Batgrrl gave a rueful smile. They were still embarrassed
after days of being topless and dressed as sex objects to
infiltrate the duchess's court. Catwoman seemed less
reserved than the younger Batgrrl. Luckily their physical
training endowed them both with lean tight bodies, easily
blending into the realm of the handpicked courtiers.

Catwoman frowned, the catsuit she held was not unlike her
own, except this one seemed to have no zipper or opening
to climb through except for the facial opening of the
attached hood.
She put her hand through the opening and just as she was
about to comment on the problem, the rubber suit
responded by sliding easily up her arm. Her eyes

"Umm...I think this what we are supposed to do with them"
Catwoman laughed, pulling her arm free. She held the
suit down and stepped into it with ease. Batgrrl
followed. The magically endowed latex suits responded by
sliding up along the contours of their bodies. They
barely had to wriggle as the suits slid over their hips.
Within moments the enveloping hoods slid into place,
leaving only their eyes, mouths and chins exposed.

They gasped in chorus as the suits, tightened in place
around their bodies and probed their orifices. Catwoman
could do nothing to stop the folds of the suit entering
her vagina, anus, and mouth, sealing tight against her
real flesh.

She looked down and saw that her lips and clitoris were
clearly defined in the rubber-encased folds of her sex.
Probing apart the fat rubber outer labial lips with her
fingers, she found the real flesh of her vagina, hidden,
yet unprotected. Her feet arched instinctively as she
felt pressure on her soles. When she was on tiptoes,
glossy black stiletto heels grew down from the feet of
her suit. A tingling sensation rippled across every inch
of her skin as the suit sealed itself to her body.

Gazing at Batgrrl, Catwoman could see that the suit
melted to become one with her skin. Her sex, breasts and
nipples were still clearly defined, leaving them no
covering other than the ebony color of the rubber itself.
Her hair was miraculously contoured into the smooth cap
of her hood.

Batgrrl wondered if Catwoman had seen how much she had
flushed during the intrusion of the suit, but luckily
only her chin was uncovered to show colour.

Hesitantly, Catwoman gathered herself.

"Let's get on with it. Remember, no matter what happens,
our task is to rescue Wonda Woman and Supergrrl"

Trying to walk quietly in their six-inch heels, Catwoman
and Batgrrl left the chamber, heading towards the main
reception hall where it was no secret the prized captives
were being held. Supergrrl was in a crib, dressed in her
enveloping rubber romper and sucking a pacifier. Wonda
Woman was standing erect, fastened to a column, within
plain view of the main reception hall, to the left of
Zorelle's throne.

The two disguised heroines were able to mingle briefly
with the guests who were engaged in eating, dancing and
sex. Catwoman and Batgrrl retreated into the darkened
area of a passageway. Grasping her closely, Catwoman

"We'll have to wait till later tonight when the guests
have gone to their rooms. I'm sure there is a spell on
our friends, but we must find a way to free them."

"Okay" Batgrrl could manage to nod, this it was all a bit
overwhelming for her.

"Stay in the background - try not to get noticed"

As Batgrrl turned to move away she bumped into the chest
of the man.

"Ah, another slippery Minx?"

Batgrrl stared up into his drunken eyes, trying to act
like the other court maidens. She smiled coolly. She
was proud of her quick response but lost her composure
when she saw the man's exposed erection.

"Come, lets have some fun" He grabbed Batgrrl by the arms
an led the rubber clad maiden to the center of the
throng. Batgrrl followed submissively, as he led her to
one of the dining tables, amass with food and guests
engaged in various acts. Clearing away a portion of the
clutter, the man pushed Batgrrl's torso over the table,

"I will spear me this Minx!"

The crowd responded in general with a laugh, but Zorelle
looked directly at Batgrrl, slumped over the table, just
a long bench between them. Batgrrl's blood turned to
ice. She froze and whimpered as the man pinned her body
against the table and thrust into her. She whimpered
again as she felt his erect shaft pressing between the
cheeks of her prone rump. The man thinking it was an act
of unusual passivity for of Zorelle's oversexed maidens-
in-continual-heat, and was turned on even more by
Batgrrl's missiveness.

A sharp and somewhat painful smack across Batgrrl's rump
broke her gaze from Zorelle. She stifled the end of a
moan when the man thrust his erection fully inside her.
Batgrrl was no virgin but she was not accustomed to such
rough sex. Fighting him in plain sight of Zorelle was
out of the question, leaving Batgrrl whimpering in rhythm
with his thrusts. Soon a mouth covered hers, tongue
probing. She groaned and lost herself to the throng of
strokes, pinches and hands across her body. A woman
straddled her face and sank her sex onto Batgrrl's mouth
and rode her to near suffocation before passing the
plaything on to the next guest. Her reprieve from the
breathlessness was short lived as she was slid towards
the end of the table, her open mouth positioned to
receive the stiff hot shaft of another male guest.

Batgrrl came several times during the ordeal in a mixture
of carnal shame at the open display of her mounting.

Zorelle's scanned the room again, appraising the
enjoyment of her guests, but her eyes again returned to
Lord Throm mounting one of her rubber-maidens, joined by
a few other male and female guests. The Maiden's first
cry and continued whimpering had seemed genuine.
Suspicion was a continual element in Zorelle's thoughts,
so dipping her finger in her water glass, she tossed a
drop of water in the air where it hung suspended before
her. The refractive properties of the water enhanced by
magic allowed her to see the girl more clearly. Zorelle
blew on the bubble, adding the magic to see through the
rubber catsuit the maiden. A turn of the maiden's head
allowed Zorelle to see that it did not have an
identifying brand. A Spy? She smiled.

A flick of her finger and the drop, pitched towards the
girl, descending upon her chest - a drop of sweat or
water that would not evaporate, allowing Zorelle to track

"If she was a virgin, she's not one now" Catwoman mumbled
to herself.

During Batgrrl's ordeal she'd been groped and rump
smacked several times. Her pact with Batgrrl was the
only rock in a wild sea. Zorelle's empire spread daily
and Catwoman and Batgrrl knew that it would bring trouble
to them sooner or later. Other than her reputation, she
did not know Batgrrl that well or even her true identity.

After two hours, Batgrrl was still pinned down on a table
now covered exclusively with other rubber-maidens. The
rubber dolls were attracted like moths to a flame of the
sexual spectacle as their programming required. Batgrrl
was lapping softly at the rubber-lined vagina of a
similarly clad maiden, not realizing the maidens were
impregnated and permeated with sexual magic to an
infectious level. Each swallow of maiden fluid enchanted
Batgrrl's body, heightening her sex drive. Eventually sex
would be her most compelling thought, every waking

Catwoman caught herself watching Batgrrl getting
flounced, and pulled her hand from her own crotch, her
fingers embarrassingly wet with lubricant. Sexual energy
was radiating throughout the room, infecting everyone
within it walls.

Zorelle and Guests left one by one until finally Batgrrl
was the last one left in the room. She rose unsteadily
from the table, feeling the cramps in her muscles from
her encounter, especially her sore jaw. She never
suspected that she could tire out her tongue. Hers was
so sore she wondered if she could talk properly. Even
after sustained copulation for hours, she was still
buzzing sexually. She was horny.

Catwoman, a shiny rubber-clad figure moved from behind a
column, a smirk crossed her face.

"So much for being inconspicuous" She laughed and strode
over to the column where Wonda Woman was bound.

Batgrrl followed, blushing at the comment. She blushed
further when she realized that the sight of Catwoman's
sleek glossy form in front of her stoked the fire
building in her crotch.

They were astonished at the fetish spectacle Wonda Woman
was. Her prodigious breasts were crowned with finger-
sized teats, her glossy latex skin given hues of red,
white and blue, with stripes accentuating her hourglass
torso. A white star encircled each of her massive
breasts to the teats, the latex part of her very flesh.
A single matching star was centered on the mouth of her
sex and Zorelle had marked the Amazon's vaginal lips so
that they formed a perfect white star when she spread her

Catwoman touched Wonda Woman's shoulder unsure if she was sleep or
under some spell, they were unaware that the Wonda Woman they knew
was locked deep inside the mind of a fetish wet nurse of epic
proportions. Wonda Woman did not respond, but Catwoman felt a twinge
as soon as she made contact with the rubber Amazon, she felt her
crotch heat and nipples itch almost immediately. She dismissed it as
coincidence, not realizing the potent sexual spell Wondertits had
become. They spent moments in silence examining Wonda Woman, to see
what method of bondage held her. During the whole time Catwoman's
hands did not break contact with Wonda Woman's exaggerated form, her
probing soon turned into to stroking and petting. Batgrrl was heady,
the aura of Wondertits extended several feet from her, and physical
contact heightened the level of excitation. But Batgrrl in her
already heated condition was breathing in the seeming intoxicating
vapors emanating from the bound super-fetish Woman. Catwoman's
attention was focused now towards examining the modifications to her
Heroine friend's body, forgetting about probing for her method of
constraint. Licking her lips she touched one of Wonder's teats, in
delicious awe of it's amplified size.

"Looks like a mouthful" she commented without realizing it. Batgrrl
looked sheepishly at the subject of the comment, unconsciously
teasing her fingertip with her tongue.

A sound, snapped them back to alertness. They stepped quickly away
from Wonda Woman into the shadows, clinging to the column for cover.

After a moment of frozen silence, Catwoman whispered close to
Batgrrl's ear.

"We've got to get her free and us out of here" She led Batgrrl down
back towards the maiden's chamber for the night. Batgrrl followed
quietly, titillated by the lingering sensation of Catwoman's hand on
her breast.

They bedded in a far end of the maidens chamber, thinking it safer
than being found in the corridors alone. Maidens were considered
playthings and it was not uncommon for a guest to have liberties with
them, often found afterwards bound, gagged and dildo plugged in
playful ways.

When they awoke they found themselves embracing, their legs entwined.
Batgrrl even recalled a few wet dreams invading her sleep that night.

After three days they had made no progress in releasing Wonda Woman
or Supergrrl - known in the castle as "Wondertits" and Superbaby
respectively. Catwoman was worried about Batgrrl, who seemed
permanently changed from her orgy ordeal the first night. Her
posture was more seductive and less body conscious whilst her eyes
lingered more on the bodies of the castle staff. Catwoman even
caught Barbara looking at her figure in a longing way - not that she
blamed her, for the place was sexually intoxicating. She blushed to
herself, recalling taking an opportunity pleasure herself with one of
the numerous dildos in the maid's quarters, when alone. Her
frustration was that they had made no progress at all in determining
a way to get their friends out.

-- Catwoman's Capture

The two women made another attempt to look into Wonda Woman's
physical and mental bondage. Catwoman shuddered as she found herself
unashamedly tasting her fingers after probing Wonder Tit's wet vagina
during the examination. It was almost like examining a human shaped
rubber cow, and nothing they tried released the captive.

During the entire time they had kept their magic rubber catsuits on,
finding they could perform bodily functions without removing them at
all. The nipples of the heroines were constantly erect, due to the
heady spells that Zorelle had applied to her slaves and those they
came in contact with. Thoughts of sex made assassins stupid and easy
to find.

Zorelle and her guards walked past the open doorway just a few feet
away. A mouth covered hers as Batgrrl pulled her close and straddled
her thigh, cutting off Catwoman's gasp. She caressed Catwoman's
buttocks and body while passionately kissing her cohort in an act
that would have won an award. Zorelle briefly registered the
completely normal behaviour of the two rubber maidens who had been
left to their own devices, but she knew the true identity of the two
intertwined forms. With her major enemies dealt with, she savoured
the plans for these two as she continued to walk down the corridor
without breaking stride, smiling to herself.

Catwoman lost track of time and found herself kissing and caressing
her rubber-clad cohort back with gusto. She felt the warmth of
Batgrrl's body pressed against hers, and the heat of Batgrrl's sex on
her leg. The smell and noises of the slippery rubber added fuel to
her desire. After a few moments awash with the unbridled feelings
from her contact with Batgrrl she managed to reluctantly push her
away. Their gaze locked for a moment and then Catwoman looked
silently at the doorway where Zorelle had been.

Confused at admitting her feelings, Catwoman quickly walked out of
the room, away from Batgrrl. As she walked she glanced down upon her
rubber-clad body, noticing a patch of wetness gleaming in the light
upon her thigh. She wondered if she had left a similar spot on

When Zorelle reached her inner chamber, she motioned to one of the
head rubber-maidens, pausing to make her instructions clear. The
maiden left, smiling happily at being given orders.

Batgrrl wandered the corridors too, confused and in an even more
heightened state of passion from her encounter with Catwoman. Her
shame was ever diminishing at her carnal thoughts about her friend.
She soon found herself back in the maidens' quarters, where several
of the rubber women were waiting for her.

Catwoman wandered down the corridor as confused as Batgrrl, her black
rubber skinsuit rippling in the half light. She was seriously
considering abandoning the plan because the palace was affecting them
so badly, but they had not been detected at all so far and perhaps
their luck would hold out. Cats were always lucky. Without
thinking, she found herself stepping into the main chamber. Her head
snapped up, to see Zorelle and several of her maidens standing there.

"Ah, excellent! You, come here!" Commanded Zorelle, her gaze locked
on the disguised Catwoman.

With no other option Catwoman approached to dais of the throne.
Catwoman noticed that Wonda Woman, now `Wondertits' was standing
before the throne demurely, unbound.

When Catwoman stopped before her, Zorelle spoke. "My little
Rubbermaid, I need you to see if my spell to further enhance Tits'
influence has worked. Anyone in the same room as her should be horny
as you are feeling now, but when in physical contact they will be on
fire. When ingesting any of Wonder Tit's precious lactations or
other fluids, they will be in a permanent state of be orgasmic heat."
Catwoman froze. Standing next to Wondertits she had noticed that
even with the fear of Zorelle before her, she was wet. She wondered
what was in store for her.

"Wondertits, I want you to nurse this delicious pussy here." Before
Catwoman could respond, the transformed Wonda Woman grasped her arm.
The Rubbermaid felt a shock that caused her to gasp. Her body was
not her own, and she was unsure if she was moving of her own accord
or if Wonda Woman was pulling her upon her knee.

"Yes pussy, let our wet nurse feed you." Zorelle smiled as
Wondertits sat down and Catwoman slid effortlessly into her vlatex
arms. The feline lady moved into position before one of Wonda
Woman's prodigious Tits. The power of the spell would be
irresistible shortly after drinking Wondertits' enchanted milk.
Catwoman would become a pliant sex toy, thinking and desiring nothing
else than carnal pleasures.

Catwoman looked up into her wet nurse's eyes, her resistance fading
fast, hoping to see some sign of resistance in the woman's placid
vlatex face. Wondertits only beamed in genuine pleasure as she
cradled Catwoman's body with one arm and lifted her face to her teat
with the other.

Catwoman groaned as the teat approached her mouth. Her lips parted
wantonly as it touched them, forced under the aura of the spell.
Knowing it would probably spell her doom, Catwoman could do nothing
but slide the finger sized nipple into her throat and suckle with
gusto. She groaned as she felt it swell magically in her mouth,
expanding to fill and extending down her throat.

The last vestiges of Catwoman's resistance were flooded as the milk
entered her system. She adored the swelling sensation of the tit
filling her mouth and the warm surge of fluid she was gulping
urgently from Wonda Tits' breast. She wriggled her legs up into a
foetal ball, grasping and mashing the epic glossy breast to her face.

Zorelle watched, smiling, as Catwoman's cheeks puffed in and out in
tempo, nursing the precious milk from Wondertits. A wave of her hand
transformed Catwoman's rubber maiden outfit into a more erotic
version of her original cat suit.

Wondertits held up her free hand and the rubber mitten, ringed with a
frilly white rubber at the wrist, transformed before her eyes into a
huge pacifier shaped dildo. Wondertits smiled and slid her
transformed hand into Catwoman's sex, already drenched and dripping.
Catwoman groaned with delight and moved her hips to nestle herself
more firmly on the shaft plunged inside her.

Zorelle stood and laughed, leaving the captive Catwoman to receive
her treatment.

-- In the city, Mandy makes some sex toys

With the help of her girlfriends pulling on both sides of the tiny
vlatex suit, Mandy slid the zipper on the second black rubber fem
doll up the back of its neck to the top of its head. She was glad
she had drugged them both first. Now the matching shiny pair laying
face down on the bed and were ready to be given their everlasting
forms. In her hands she grasped the release tabs on the head of the
motionless figures marked "Warning! Pull this tab to seal and begin
stasis", and tore them angrily away from the rubber skin. The vlatex
liquefied momentarily, erasing all traces of a zipper or seam. It
was done. The two identical Barbie dolls with their fat cherry lips
contained her husband and his mistress, now turned into pretty vlatex
sex toys. She laced electronic adjustment hoods over the glossy
smooth heads of her dolls and selected suitable mindsets for them
from the menu. She decided to give them full understanding of what
had been done to their minds and bodies but no ability to be anything
other than the simple, buxom sex toys that they were.

Months later, Mandy lay on her back in bed, smiling to herself as her
two warm rubberized dolls suckled her nipples continuously with their
toothless fleshy mouths. They never tired, and since they were now
anatomically identical, she had lost track of which of the pets had
been her unfaithful husband. It did not matter, she realized as she
rolled her clitoris in slippery fingers, for she owned the willing
creatures now and had no intention of returning them to the wild.

-- Batgrrl's' Demise


Batgrrl's resistance was already low, so it took little cajoling from
the fellow Rubbermaids to engage her in sex-play. Each of the maids
took turns squatting on Batgrrl's face, letting her slurp unabashedly
on the enchanted fluids from their sex. Zorelle's instructions were
clear, even to the point of positioning the ravaged Batgrrl where the
cameras would get the best picture.

-- Fetishgrrl presents Batgrrl's downfall

Later that evening, just before prime time, everything was in place.
Zorelle watched as her servants assisted the camera crew for
Fetishgirl. The display would be a double surprise for her subjects
and she was certain it would further quench any resistance from them.
She would soon demonstrate the downfall, humiliation and failure of
yet another pair of super heroines. The director confirmed that the
two remote camera crews were in place and ready.

She noted with a smirk the effort it took to wean Catwoman away from
Wondertits. The spell had worked almost too well in overcoming the
hapless rubber-clad girl. Zorelle had a tiny soft spot for Catwoman,
mainly because of her good taste in costumes. She smiled even more
at the new names she came up with for the two bungling heroines and
spent the remainder of the day researching and crafting a special
spell for the two of them. It would prove to be quite a spectacle to

But first she wanted to take time to humiliate them. Her
instructions to Fetishgirl were to drag it out and make the entire
scene as humiliating as possible. She allowed the rubberized
announcer to see the videotapes of the heroine's movements from the
first day of detection.

Batgrrl awoke from an exhausted slumber and rose from her cot, still
sore from her liaison with the Rubbermaids. The sexplay had lasted
for hours and the chamber was empty. As she started for the door,
she did not think it strange that she was still horny. The servants
were engaged in their dusk activities - had she been slurping that
long? The warmth in her crotch rose as she recalled her wild
participation in sex acts she only heard of and many she had not.
The thought of her last contact with Catwoman popped into her mind,
her own wetness after the brief encounter and the mark of Catwoman's
crotch on her thigh swam lustily through her brain. She continued to
wander the corridors, heading for the throne room as planned, not
taking note that they were unusually empty.

Televisions around the Kingdom displayed the opening sequence to the
Fetishgirl show, them the image faded to a rubber-clad woman
wandering pensively down a stone corridor. Fetishgirl's' voice

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a special double treat tonight that
you're going to enjoy. Even as we speak, the first of our special
guests is heading our way. Let's give her a big round of applause!".
On cue, Batgrrl entered the spotlit main chamber to see Zorelle and
her court waiting for her like a studio audience.

The stunned Batgrrl barely noticed the two guards take her arms and
lead her to the impromptu stage set before the throne. Her mind
dizzied as she was lead before Zorelle.

"Thank you pleasuring us with your company, Rubberslut. Please,
please get comfortable." Zorelle gestured to a chair that seemed to
be sculpted of golden cord, centered in the stage area. The guards
lead her to the chair and strapped her in with golden buckles and
mesh before her befuddled brain finally pieced together her plight.

"Oh, Gosh!" She exclaimed

"Oh my, indeed" commented the glistening Fetishgirl. "..And you

As that moment she realized she was strapped into a chair made of
lengths of Wonda Woman's golden lasso of Truth. Her mouth blurted
out the truth.

"Mm, I'm Batgrrl"

Zorelle waved her hand and Batgrrl's rubber-maiden costume
transformed into a more erotic version of her Batgrrl costume, a one-
piece bootsuit of black and gold vlatex, super shiny in the strong
camera light.

The court gasped at the revelation, along with the TV audience.

"Hello Batgrrl, what brings you to the castle?" Fetishgirl queried
her guest.

"Catwoman and I are planning to free Wonda Woman and Supergrrl, but
things do not seem to be working out."

"Before we get into that, let's talk about you and find out your
secrets." Turning to the camera Fetishgirl spoke to the audience.

"Another first for tonight is our special `Pussy cam and Titty cam'
so we can watch our guests privates closely. I hear she gets quite
horny at times." On that cue, Batgrrl's costume changed, opening at
the crotch and breasts, leaving privates bare and in plain sight.
The chair had her legs spread so her sex was in plain view of the
audience. Batgrrl could see on the monitor that the corners of the
screen now showed close-ups of her crotch and tits, along with the
look of confused despair on her face.

"Well Batgrrl, now that everyone can see your pussy properly, tell us
who you really are. Who is Batgrrl?"

"I am Barbara Gordon, daughter of Gotham's Chief of Police" heard her
own voice say as her lips moved.

"Wow! What a revelation! Your Father is the Chief of Police! Do
you still attend Gotham University?"

"Yes" She answered demurely.

Batgrrl's outfit changed again to the uniform of Gotham
University, but fashioned in glistening rubber. The
white rubber blouse with puffed sleeves was open and
stretched around her bare breasts. Her plaid latex mini-
skirt was hiked up and buckled in place to her attached
pinafore, exposing her pantyless crotch at all times.
Her feet were clad in white rubber bobby socks, frilled
at the top to match the dainty white wristlet gloves she
wore over her hands. She was fitted with six inch heeled
ankle boots in shiny black, sealed onto her arched feet
with no zipper or laces to allow removal. Her hair and
makeup was fixed to make her look very much the innocent
schoolgirl despite her tits and crotch showing.

"I guess your school chums must be pretty shocked to find
that their pretty classmate is a heroine and a slut"
smiled Fetishgirl.

"I'm not a slut!" She exclaimed, for she truly believed

"Well, you have had sex, haven't you?"

"Yes" She replied.

"With more than one boy?"


"At once?"

"Yes, but that was recently here at a party"

"Oh, so you're just a party slut then?"

"No, it was not my fault, I was in disguise"

"Well, before we get to that, lets talk about your sex
life before you came in the castle" Fetishgirl smiled at
her pun.

"How, many boys did you sleep with in school?"

"Well, two"

"Just two?"


"Did you give them head?"


"Um, pretty boring, Batgrrl, how often do you play with

"Oh, one or twice a week"

"Use anything like a vibrator or cucumber?"

"No, I do like to take my horse for a trot and rub myself
up against the saddle horn."

"Oh, so you like to play with your pony?"


"Well, It's time for a commercial break. Stay tuned!
We'll have more smut on this slut when we return."
Fetishgirl finished, leaving the stage to approach

Batgrrl could do nothing. The golden lasso chair ensured
she could not move unless instructed to do so. She
wondered about the whereabouts of Catwoman but soon
became more worried about herself as she watched
Fetishgirl and Zorelle conferring, nodding in her
direction. She watched, afraid, as Zorelle drew in her
power for a spell.

Fetishgirl returned to her seat as the countdown from the
commercial break approached zero.

"This is going to be a treat, sweetie" she smiled at

"Well, were back ladies and gentlemen! Batgrrl, who is
really the Cynthia Wayne College slut was just about to
tell us how she liked to masturbate on horseback. Is
that right Batslut?"

"Yes, but.."

"I bet you get all wet just thinking about horseback
riding, and rubbing that sweet pussy of yours against the
saddle, eh?"

"Yes, I do"

"I think the audience would like you to show us how you
do that. Queen Zorelle has graciously prepared the
incantation to make it possible."

Zorelle swept her hand and the room seemed to flash.
Batgrrl found herself standing in a studio with a outdoor
backdrop, wearing a riding outfit that was made of
gossamer thin rubber. Her tight red latex blouse with
built in gloves had rubber frills hanging down from her
neck, a transparent garment through which her erect
nipples could easily be seen. Equally transparent tan
latex jodhpurs sheathed her sleek legs, not doing
anything to hide her denuded pussy lips squashed wetly up
against the material at her crotch. Knee high ebony
stiletto riding boots and a black rubber ponytail hood
completed the neat riding ensemble. A latex prop horse
girl was fused to a mechanized stand behind her, next to
a comically rendered stable.

Fetishgirl, standing next to her, turned Barbara towards
a screen like device, a teleprompter.

"Just read the teleprompter, do what it says and you'll
be smashing!", giggled the shiny reporter.

Batgrrl's gaze hit the teleprompter screen and her eyes
immediately locked onto it. Entranced, she could not
turn away from the screen no matter how she tried thanks
to the powerful spell Zorelle had cast upon it. She felt
an irresistible urge to follow the script she was
reading, magic words that were etching themselves into
her thinking. Equestrian Batgrrl froze for a moment, but
began to act as the teleprompter screen scrolled more
instructions into the head of the unwilling actress.

{{Smile sweetly}} "Hello everyone, I'm Barbara Gordon,
also known as Batgrrl. I'd like to show you may favorite
form of masturbation on horseback, if you please."

"First, my favourite outfit for riding masturbation is
this - crotchless rubber riding pants, and matching
rubber top. The material is tight and clingy, keeping me
in the saddle when I'm riding. It also makes for easy
clean-up when I am all wet after a hard ride" {{Gesture
towards the stable boy, handing him the riding crop, let
him help you on the horse}}

As she mentioned the word "crotchless", the material at
her crotch shimmered away conveniently. She passed the
riding crop over and turned to the living prop horse,
pretty eyes widening at the sight of a dildo mounted
upright on the saddle just an inch or so from the horn.

{{Climb up and stand in the saddle. Do not sit yet}}
Even with her eyes off the teleprompter, she was still
somehow compelled to follow its instructions. She put
one foot in the stirrup and allowed herself to be lifted
into the saddle by the stable boy. The lad supported her
unconventionally by cupping her exposed crotch with his

{{Turn towards the camera}} "Well a good saddle like this
one is properly equipped for such a ride. A good firm
dildo keeps me in the saddle and satisfied. {{Lubricate.
Carefully mount yourself on the dildo }}. "I'm always
wet!" {{Slide onto the dildo and groan. Rock your hips
back and forth, then fully seat yourself}}

Batgrrl groaned, rocking herself on the girth of the
dildo. She was so close to the saddle horn that it
rubbed her clitoris, further exciting her.

"Oh, yes! Let me ride" {{Rock the pony rocker back and
forth, getting hotter and wetter as you ride. Groan

The camera widened to show a rubber clad Batgrrl riding
the prop-pony, rocking it back and forth. The camera
angle changed to show a close-up of the stem of the dildo
entering her sex, glistening from her excitement.

"Oh, little pony, come on, oh, pony come on, oh, oh, oh!"
She recited the teleprompter's dialog with fervour.

{{Gyrate your hips, sliding up and down the dildo, start
slowly then increase speed as you climax}}

"Oh, yes, fuck me pony, fuck me, yes, yes, oh, yes, I'm
cumming, I'm cumming, like a good girl, daddy's girl,
{{Cum}} yes, yes, ahhh, yes"

{{Settle atop the dildo, groaning. Slide your fingers
into your sex to gather as much of your juices as you can
and lick them from your fingers}}

"Oh my, that was a good ride!"

{{Stable boy approaches. Slide yourself slowly up off
the dildo. He helps you down}}

"Oh, parting is such sweet sorrow!"

Batgrrl swung her leg over the dildo crowned saddle and
faced the stable boy easing her to the ground. The
stiffly fused rubber prop pony shuddered with relief.

"Well, thank you stable boy, my momma always said to
thank the help" {{Look at the stable boy in a slutty

"I would like to reciprocate for the `service' you gave
me, and service you in return" {{Unzip the stable boy's
pants and get on your knees}}

{{Pull the stable boy's erect cock into your hands}}

"Mm, mm. Nothing's more satisfying than a stiff dick
after a hard ride"

{{Take his cock into your mouth and give him a deep
throat blowjob, groaning throughout like a slut}}

{{Stable boy cums, showering Batgrrl's lips and chin with
his cum}} "Oh yes, cum for me boy"

{{Wipe the cum from your chin with your finger then lick
it off, smiling at the camera}}

"Mm, mm...Good!"

{{Stand then look ashamed}}

"Well, I must confess I am a bit ashamed that I've
pleasured myself with all you watching. I feel I should
be punished!" {{She hands the stable boy the riding crop
and turns, spreading her prone rump towards the camera,
her wet sex swelling between her parted legs}}

"Stable boy, please do me the honor of ten lashes. Make
them good! I have been a bad, bad girl!"

{{Stable boy smacks Batgrrl's behind ten times. Batgrrl
yelps at each one in a provocative manner, wiggling her
rump throughout, but overall enjoying it}}

-- Equestrian Batgrrl takes a pony ride

Batgrrl found herself back on the interview stage, held
in the golden lasso chair.

"Well, Batslut, that was quite a demonstration! You
seemed to enjoy blowing that Stable boy - it made you
hot, didn't it?"

"Yes" The golden lasso of truth compelled her to confess.

"So how many times did you masturbate on your pony?
Every time you went riding alone, I bet!"

"Well, almost"

"Mmm, I bet you wish your saddle had a dildo like that
one, eh?"

"I never thought of that" she confessed

"Well, your experience up till now is pretty limited, but
you've had more fun since you came to the castle haven't


"Tell us about it"

Batgrrl demurely described in shocking detail her
exploits in the castle, while images of her taped
performances were played for the audience. As she ended
her narration, the image cut to her father and mother,
sitting at home, a Fetishgirl camera crew on scene.

"Well, Batgrrl we've cut live to your parents, who can
tell us what they think about you lying about your
identity, fighting criminals, humping yourself on
horseback, sucking off the hired help, eating out
numerous sluts in the castle. Oh, and let's not forget
Catwoman! You like her too, don't you?"

"Yes" tears streamed down her face.

"You want to go down on Catwoman don't you?"

"Yes, She's very pretty"

"Look at your wet pussy and hard nipples. You're just
hot about the thought of her. Hotter than a pony ride

The pussy cam showed the gleam of wetness sliding down
the lips of Batgrrl's sex. Her nipples were standing
proudly erect on her heavy tits, tenting the filmy latex
of her blouse. Fetishgirl spanked Batgrrl's sex with her
riding crop. Batgrrl yelped.

"You like that eh? Kinda turns you on? Imagine it is
Catwoman spanking your pussy, asking you to go for a pony
ride" Fetishgirl started spanking Batgrrl's crotch, the
former Gotham City heroine yelping in tempo. After a few
moments, a drop of lubrication dripped from her mound.

"She is soaked down there folks. Well Mom and Dad, what
do you think of your superslut daughter?"

Commissioner Gordon was a strict man and in high office,
so the shock of all the revelations was too much. He
hated Zorelle, but was angry and humiliated by his
daughter. Before his wife could speak in her daughter's
defence, he shouted at the camera.

"You lying slut, I'm ashamed of you. You're not my
daughter!" The camera cut back to the studio before he
could say more. The parents would not be asked any more

"She's not through slutting yet, Dad" Fetishgirl cooed.
"Batslut, what do you think now?"

"I'm so ashamed, I can't believe what I did. I'm so
sorry, I never want to do it again.." she broke down

"Yeah, I would be mad too dad to learn your daughter is a
slut, now we know she got turned on every time you
spanked her!"

"Poor, Poor Batgrrl, maybe your friend can cheer you up?"

Batgrrl looked up, still whimpering, to see Catwoman
mince towards her. She was in an outfit that was a mix
between her Catwoman outfit and the rubber-maidens suit,
with cat tail and ears but skin-tight, showing her
privates and erect nipples. Catwoman stepped in front of
Batgrrl and uncoiled her whip from around her waist.

"I know, I know sweetie, punishment can be harsh" said
Catwoman, taking her whip and using it on Barbara's
proffered breasts. Batgrrl whimpered and shouted while
Catwoman whipped and slapped her breasts and crotch,
making the deep fire in Barbara's crotch rise. The pussy
cam showed the lips of her sex slick with her juices
through her transparent rubber panties. The whipping was
turning her on.

Catwoman straddled the chair thrusting her crotch into
Batgrrl's face.

"You want to lick me, slut?"

"Oh, yes!"

"You want to be bad, don't you? This is turning you on?"


Catwoman pushed her sex against Batgrrl's mouth, and soon
the helpless girl was slurping nosily away. Batgrrl's
garb changed back to the rubber maiden version of her
costume, showing the spectacle of the two rubber-clad
women enjoying themselves.

After moments, Fetishgirl broke them apart. She handed
Batgrrl an enchanted pacifier and spoke.

"Go sit over there and play with your pacifier, while we
talk to Catwoman. You promise not to run away and do as
your told?" Queried Fetishgirl

"Yes" Batgrrl responded. She did not realize that the
lasso of truth would make her keep her that promise.

"Good now go over to the couch and sit down. Be sure to
keep your pussy nice and wet as we are not done with it
yet!" Batgrrl rose on command and sat on the pink PVC
guest couch, spreading her legs, stroking herself and
sucking on the penis shaped pacifier given to her. She
watched, distracted, as Catwoman took the golden lasso

-- Catwoman's' Confession and Transformation

"Now, Catwoman, I must say you got me started in rubber
catsuits when I was a girl. Tell us who you really are"

Catwoman was still in a permanent state of sexual
intoxication from the enchanted fluids imbibed from Wonda
Woman, so her resistance was nearly diminished. The
golden lasso chair needed to work very little to fully
open her to compulsion.

"I'm Carla Resse, secretary to the CEO of Axis Chemicals"

"Wow! Catwoman, our fetish super heroine is a plain sex-
a-tary! Have you ever done your boss?"

Catwoman's' outfit dissolved for a minute into to a black
rubber minidress showing too much cleavage.

"No, never"

The minidress flowed over her body and the chair, setting
solid. Just her eyes and mouth were free.

"I'm sure he's tried"

"Yes, I've caught him looking, but I hate men in general"

"Oh, I see. A tease. So you like girls"

"Yes, some" Catwoman smiled. The black rubber dissolved,
leaving her in a frilly pink latex maids costume.

"Like Batgrrl"

"Yeah, she's a sweet young thing"

"Your parents alive?"

"No, both dead"

"Oh. So sorry folks, no reaction from her parents!"

"So you and her tried to save Supergrrl and Wondertits


"You no doubt watched what happened to them?"

"Yes". Catwoman's costume returned to its original cat-eared form,
but in sleek black rubber.

"Tell me - what was your favorite thing about what happened to them."

"I like how that righteous bitch Supergrrl got her come-uppance.
Super-brat is a fitting role for her. Miss Never-did-anything-wrong
now wets her pants and I like that. Miss Tell-everyone-what-to-do
Wonda Woman was given the perfect makeover as that matronly
Wondertits wet nurse."

"You got some wet nursing yourself from Wondertits huh?"

"Yes, it was delicious"

"So why did you choose the name, Catwoman? Do you think of yourself
as some kind of super pussy?"

"My pussy is exceptional, and my power did come from cats." Catwoman

"Oh, an exceptional pussy? You had others tell you?"

"Yes, most men say my cunt is hot and tight. They love it!"

"What is your favorite position?"

"Well, animal style, from behind, because my pussy just seems to pop
out between my legs. It really turns men on!"

"So right now what is your sexual fantasy?"

"To go down on repressed Batgrrl and give her a tongue lashing"

"You want to lick her sweet pussy eh?"


"Well, Empress Zorelle has a special place for you in the castle,
something I'm sure you'll enjoy!"

With that comment, Zorelle walked up to Catwoman and waved her hand.
Catwoman was thrust upon the floor on all fours.

Zorelle laughed.

"I do have a special place for you here Catwoman. For
you to be suitable for that place I must improve your
feline persona in a more permanent way!"

Catwoman's body was stilled as Zorelle began her
incantation. Slowly, Catwoman's body began to change.
Her rubber suit sank into her skin, bonding with it. Her
ears slid up higher on her head and took the shape and
position of the original ears of her costume. Her
costume tail changed too, becoming a part of her body,
tipped by a knobbled dildo at the end. Her green eyes
widened at the realization of what was being done to her,
and stuck there, sculpted in large, pretty almond shapes.

"Oh please, no! Not a pet!" She gasped as her mouth
began to form into a vertical pussy, a feature that would
match her button nose when it was completed. "I do
amythim...I...mmm... meow...I...meeeeow".

Her torso stretched slightly make her seem more feline,
and finally her pussy swelled into huge, puffy lips,
bulging even more from between her legs, enhancing the
shape of the tight rounded halves of her vagina to
obscene proportions. Catwoman arched her back and
howled, her slippery, rubberized red tongue with a penis
tip sticking out a handspan from her mouth. Her hands
and feet had become useless paws, sealed forever in black

Zorelle, stopped her incantation and flicked her wrist,
causing a gleaming chrome leash with a diamond-studded
collar to appear in her hand.

"Here Pussy" Zorelle's finger beckoned the transformed
Catwoman. The feline form slinked obediently toward
Zorelle on all fours, its rubberized body rippling in the

As Zorelle fastened the collar around Catwoman's slim
neck, the camera zoomed in to show the name `Pussy'
inscribed in diamonds. Pussy was Zorelle's latest
edition to her super heroine menagerie.

Catwoman merely licked her hand, outwardly oblivious to
how her new life differed from her old, but inwardly
screaming at her inability to do anything at all as a
human again.

Zorelle lead her new pet over towards the couch to

Without prompting, the super sexed, transformed feline
began licking Batgrrl's' crotch. The camera panned in,
showing Pussy's eight-inch dildo tongue lashing into
Batgrrl sex, who moaned in passion at her cohort's

"That's all for tonight folks! The score is Superhero's,
zero, Zorelle four! If any other super pussies want to
come down here to become a humanimal, they're welcome!
Good night!"

-- Batgrrl Becomes a Sex Star

The camera and lights were turned off, and Fetishgirl rose and talked
to Zorelle. After a few moments, Zorelle's eyebrows peaked.

"What an excellent suggestion Fetishgirl! Yes, yes, I will make the
proper arrangements. You shall have her as long as her entertainment
and humiliation value exists. It will be another way to break the
will of those who oppose me! Shall we make the show weekly?"

Fetishgirl beamed. "Yes, I am brimming with ideas, my Queen! In
fact, I'm thinking of naming the show `The Adventures of Bungling

Zorelle laughed and turned to Fetishgirl. It seemed very apt,
especially in relation to Batgrrl's escapades, which had led to her
and Catwoman's capture.

"The spell on the teleprompter will remain, but be warned: It will
compel anyone who gazes it when it displays the first `Obey Me!'
words in the script, which must, of course, be in the first line to
guaranteed proper compunction. Only once the slave has seen the
first line may you unzip her rubber restraints. Fetishgirl, I am
impressed with you. Keep up the good work and you may avoid the fate
of your predecessor!"

Zorelle stroked her chin in thought.

"Hmm...what to do with the bungling girl when she's not performing?
We want to leave her as wholesome as possible for the full effect."
She snapped her fingers.

"Batgrrl come here!"

Batgrrl rose immediately at the spell of Zorelle's command. Since
she had no special powers other than martial arts training, she was
as susceptible as anyone to magical compunction.

Zorelle waved her hand up over Barbara who was still sucking on the
pacifier. The girl's body shimmered and her clothes changed until
she was wearing a schoolgirl uniform - a white blouse and plaid
skirt, but made of rubber. The blouse was nearly transparent, easily
allowing everyone to see her breasts and erect nipples. Her skirt
was made of plaid patterned rubber, barely covering her rump and the
heavily frilled, pink crotchless panties she wore beneath. Her feet
were clad in six inch heeled white Patton pumps, with white rubber
baby-doll socks complete with lace trim. Matching white rubber wrist
gloves with frilled edgings finished the look.

Zorelle twirled a finger in the transformed girls'
pigtailed hair, decorated with pretty white latex bows.
The spell would maintain her appearance perfectly. She
held her chin pulling her eyes to hers. Zorelle spoke

"From now on you are Barbie Gordon, a sweet little horny
school girl. Your pretty little head is filled with
nothing but idle, silly thoughts, no matter how hard you
try to think about the complex things. You will study
from your primers daily, and be punished if you don't
learn! Of course you'll have daily pony rides. You will
dress as a schoolgirl from the wardrobe I provide you,
and your hair will be kept in a ponytail down to your
knees. You shall refer to yourself in the third person
however I expect you to be a good little girl and be
seen, not heard. You will have a weekly TV show all-your-
own in which you will try your hardest to be the best
little actress and make your daddy proud, do you

"Yes" Batgrrl replied with a glazed look.

"Good now call me Auntie Zorelle"

"Yes, Auntie!"

With a gesture of her hand, a baby bottle and a penis
shaped lollipop appeared in Batgrrl's hands. She looked
at them with shock.

"How old are your dear?"

"Um, Barbie is twenty-six, Auntie!"

"Now sweet Barbie, I want you to drink from that bottle,
it's warm fluid will nourish your body, and transform it
into a into the young tight body of a seventeen year old.
Of course there will be some major differences - you will
have nice full tits. We want them nice and big and
slutty for your show. You will be ever so proud of them,
won't you?"

"Oh, Yes! Auntie, big tits would be nice!" Barbie
spouted, wanting so much to please Auntie Zorelle.

"Now, the sweet lollipop is magic too. It will make you
eternally horny, and in combination of the magic milk,
preserve your sweet body in pristine condition. You will
be a virgin every morning and a slut every night."
Zorelle smiled. "It will give your lips a perpetual pout
that you cannot be rid of and of course the rest of your
body from the chin down will be completely hairless - if
I decide not to give you a pretty rubber skin, that is."

"Oh, thank you Auntie Zorelle!"

"Yes, well perhaps when I tire of you, you will be useful
as a castle slut. Male diplomats like young girls, even
if you are a woman turned into one. Now, go over there
and play with my new pussycat."

The transformed Batgrrl skipped over to where Pussy was
helplessly preening herself. She grabbed the leash and
pulled the glossy human feline over to the edge of the
massive flagstone the throne sat upon. She began to
stroke the bulging pussy mound of the shiny femanimal
whilst blithely licked her dildo-pop.

-- Barbie gets a new pussy

Three days went by during which bungling Barbie - aka
Batgrrl and her pet pussycat were seen around castle,
playing and petting. Many times Pussy was a naughty cat,
licking between Batgrrl's legs with her elongated tongue
and purring until Barbie came. The glossy schoolgirl
could not remember where the buxom cat had come from but
did not care as long as it ate her out when she pulled on
its leash.

Barbie enjoyed her pony rides too, with a real pony and
her special saddle. Sometimes the handsome stable boy
would trick her into licking his lollipop, which he kept
in his rubber pants. He would lick her in the same place
even though her lollipop wasn't there.

-- The Adventures of Bungling Batgrrl

Fetishgirl and her crew had set up a studio in a large
barn on the castle grounds. Finally the preparations
were ready and the script prepared for the debut of the
weekly serial show planned by Fetishgirl and Zorelle. It
would be broadcast throughout the kingdom and sure to be
seen by everyone. Televisions across the kingdom
switched on automatically and it was required for all
subjects to watch Zorelle's ordained broadcasts.
Usually, the broadcasts were announcements of Zorelle's
latest conquered lands, accompanied by public tortures
and humiliations. Fetishgirl's show would be the first
scripted show ever aired and hopefully a success.

Batgrrl was summoned earlier that day to prepare for the
show. Many of the props and sets were magical and could
take the required appearance and shape at will. Batgrrl
was dressed in her rubber schoolgirl uniform as usual,
and the magic fluid of the baby bottle had swelled her
breasts, giving her large tits that pressed tightly
against the thin white rubber confines of her blouse.
Her already excellent complexion was enchanted, her skin
smooth and tight and seemed to glow. The magic milk and
dildo lollipop were doing their work. Her body would be
shaped and improved with each lick, locking her in a
state of perpetual virginal beauty.

Just for fun Fetishgirl had enhanced the sexy-little-girl
look of the outfit with transparent pink rubber
crotchless tights and pink, white-edged knee socks that
had frills both at the ankle and at the top. Her feet
were laced terribly tightly into little black stiletto
ankle booties, so small that her bones would soon start
to reduce if they were left in place. She had been given
a conservative schoolgirl hat to wear as part of her
uniform but it had been turned into an exact duplicate in
black rubber version with the exception of bat ears and a
purple rubber ribbon and bow.

Bungling Batgrrl would find out in another episode that
her fashionable headgear had been designed with a more
sinister intent - a collar built into the inner rim of
the hat could be detached and pulled down along with the
attached lining. If the hat collar was coaxed down to
her neck and buckled tightly against her throat it would
bring with it a skin-tight black vlatex hood designed to
perfectly seal her head in airless darkness. A breathing
tube with a tap had been thoughtfully provided, but she
would not make use of it today. Zorelle wanted her face
to be seen.

Wardrobe slaves sprayed and polished Batgrrl's checked
rubber uniform skirt to perfection and then buffed her
from head to toe until she glowed in the bright

The televisions across the kingdom lit-up with the
Fetishgirl banner across the screen.

-- Bungling Batgrrl at school

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a new and exciting event
tonight which you're sure to love. Queen Zorelle has
ordained the creation of a weekly TV series which debuts
tonight! One hour of fun, excitement, adventure,
humiliation and plenty of sex! Our show is 'The
Adventures of Bungling Batgrrl' Starring Barbara Gordon
as herself, a timid yet horny college girl by day and a
rubber clad do-gooder by night who tries to spoof crime
and corruption. She does the best she can using her T &
A, and that's NOT her talent and ability!"

{{Opening scene the Headmaster office of Gotham
University, the Headmaster is sitting at his desk,
staring at nothing. He gasps and balls his hands into
fists. A muffled female moan is heard. The camera pans
down the front of the desk to reveal the heels of black
patent pumps sticking out from under the desk.}}

The camera cuts to an above shot showing the back of a
blond girl's head between the Headmasters legs. She is
blowing him as he tips his head back, moaning.

Inside her head Batgrrl blushed, torn between knowing
that her performance was being seen by everyone in the
kingdom, yet compelled by the teleprompter to give head.
Worse, the scriptwriter had added feeling through prompts
to the dialog, compelling Batgrrl to `truly enjoy it' and
`she strives to do better while her wet pussy fills her
rubber panties with excited lubricant'.

"Gosh, this is a terrible nightmare", she thought, but it
was immediately smothered by a programmed thought from
the teleprompter. "Maybe I can take him deeper..."
washed through her mind and she did so.

Outwardly her movements and acting did not show her inner
turmoil and she serviced the Headmaster with fervour,
finally getting him off and filling her stomach with his

{{She licks the headmaster clean, smiling with

"Well, Sir Headmaster, does Barbie get an `A' now?"
Barbara queried demurely.

"Well, I will change your `D' to a `C'. If you want an
`A' I need to get some `A'ss" he smiled.

"But, Barbie really needs an `A'" she pouted.

The Headmaster slid his hand up her thigh, fingering her
pussy under the skintight plaid rubber mini-skirt.

"Please don't do that Headmaster. Barbie is eternally
horny" The pretty schoolgirl confessed.

"And what a nice `A' you have...and can have."

{{Barbara, holds her finger to her mouth looking confused
at the proposition}}

"Well, okay, but not too hard. Barbie has to improve her
grade in PE too!"

{{Barbara turns facing the desk and bends over, her
rubber mini-skirt barely covering her bottom. She slides
it up smoothly to expose her glistening sex to the
headmaster, the nude lips of her vagina squashed
attractively up against her tight, transparent latex

{{The Headmaster peels her panties off roughly and she
yelps with delight as he strokes her well-rounded
buttocks. He smiles and places the head of his penis up
to her anus and slides straight in.}}

"Oh, Headmaster sir, that's not my vagina!" {{Barbara
announces, surprised, but does not move}}

"We did agree `your `A' for an `A' dear, eh?" the
Headmaster smirked.

"Oh, yes, well okay" Barbara reluctantly acquiesced,
pushing her rump higher for a better position. Her eyes
widened as she felt the girth of the Headmaster's massive

"Oh, it so huge " {{she groans}} "Oh, it's filling me up,
Oh, gosh!"

"You're so tight my dear. You've never had it this way
before?" The Headmaster queried, beginning the pump her.

"No, never - just heard about it. Oh! It feels nice"
{{Batgrrl realizes that she likes the Headmasters huge
cock in her ass, she becomes wetter and wetter with her
juices running down her legs. She moans, Fuck!, Fuck!,

"Fuck!, Fuck!, Fuck!" She cried aloud, her rebellion
replaced by helpless thoughts of how much she was
enjoying it.

{{The Headmaster climaxes spewing his load onto her rump.
She swipes his eruption across her buttocks and licks her

"Oh, my. That felt good, but now Barbie is more horny
than ever!"

"I have no more time for you. I have a lecture to give
in five minutes. Go, I will consider your grade"

"Consider? But, but!" She stuttered, aghast.

"As I said, I'll see you again tomorrow and the next day.
You will need daily tutelage to bring your grade up,
perhaps till the end of the quarter, even if it means
your ass is stretched to the point of incontinence. Now
go young lady!"

{{Batgrrl leaves the Headmaster's office saddened but
still horny and pouting}}

"No! Tutoring until the end of the quarter!" She cried
to herself as she walked gingerly down the hall.

{{A group of girls notice her walk by and comment
snidely, laughing.}}

"Did you manage to blow your way to a `B' Barbie?"

{{Barbara keeps walking without comment her head bowed}}

The scene cuts to Barbie's class, the camera panning
across the students to settle on Barbie, who has a hand
down between her legs.

"Oh, Barbie is so horny" she whispers as the camera pans
down below her desk to show fingers stroking her wet sex.
Her eyes close as she begins to lose herself to her

The teacher continues lecturing until she hears a moan,
getting louder and louder and a giggle from other
students. Barbie is unaware of all eyes on her and
continues to stroke herself with gusto, stifling her
moans. Miss Thorn's ruler strikes Barbie's desk with a
loud bang, making the oversexed student jump.

"Barbie!" the teacher sternly shouts.

"Yes Miss Thorn!"

"What are you doing, moaning in class like a cow? Are
you ill!?"

"Well, um no Miss Thorn" Barbie replies pulling her wet
fingers to her lips.

Miss Thorn looked down at Barbie over the top of her
glasses a slight smile crosses her face.

"Well then, maybe you can catch up on the lecture you
missed after class today!"

"Oh, yes, Miss Thorn" Barbie replies demurely

The class laughs and Miss Thorn returns to the
blackboard. The scene cuts to the class as the bell rings
signalling the end of the day. Last to leave, Barbie
clutches her books to her chest and begins to head to the

"Barbie!" Miss Thorn shouts, sitting on the edge of the

Barbie freezes and turns to walk to Miss Thorn. Miss
Thorn raises her eyebrow and waits, patting her hand with
the ruler.

"So you think you can pet yourself in my class eh?"

"What oh, no maam!, Barbie wouldn't, Barbie.."

"Lift your skirt!"

"Ah, but.."

"Turn and lift your skirt now!" Miss Thorn stood and
smacked Barbie on her rump, landing a solid hit.

Barbie yelped. Miss Thorn spread the girl's legs
slightly, locking her knees and lifted her skirt above
her sex. Her transparent panties were literally swimming
with lubricant, her swollen pussy lips pressed close
against the sheer material.

"Just as I thought, you horny slut! I should send you to
the principal and you will be expelled!"

"Please, please Miss Thorn, Barbie doesn't know what
happened. Ummm...she has been so...horny lately. Please
don't expel her! Barbie will do anything, make-up work,
stay late and work very hard, anything, she promises!

Miss Thorn considered her pleas with a bemused smile. She
stood close to Barbie, placing a hand on her exposed sex.

"Well then our horny cow. Next class you will wear the
rubber cow suit I give you and stand in the corner facing
the class for the full hour. We will keep this incident
today between us girls, but we can't have you go through
make-up work distracted, can we?"

Barbie made a doleful look, not knowing what Miss Thorn

Miss Thorn began to stroke Barbies' sex. Barbie began to
moan and in no time they were locked in a sixty-nine
embrace, with the pretty schoolmistress on top...

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