Bondage Perils Of Supergrrl: Page 5

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-- Superhooker, the ultimate sex object

During her next visit to the clinic, in accordance with
her pre-specified requirements, Superhooker had her
lubricant reservoirs artificially expanded and re-routed
so that every opening in her body would dribble pussy
nectar when she got excited. Even her tear ducts! She
had her anatomy modified to allow her body to produce up
to half a litre of clear sticky girl-come. Sometimes
when trapped in her most bizarre bondage rubber scenes
she would come inside her tight vlatex catsuit, perhaps
even coating the surprised customer in her slippery,
distinctive-smelling fluid. She trained her Maid-linked
servant to drink the full quantity of her release daily,
even conditioning the feminine, rubberised creature to
have an overwhelming desire for the thick fluid.
Superhooker often had the tightly dressed little maid
clean the lubricant off her rubber costume with her
tongue - an unseemly task for the trapped office girl.

Linda had given her directions well. She asked to have
her clitoris and labia pierced as well. She found
herself hoping with pathetic eagerness that her doctor
would bring forward the schedule and do it immediately,
which he agreed to after his personal fuck-faced bimbo
spent two nights of masturbatory activities between his
legs. She insisted on having her clit enlarged radically
as well, getting five small, eyeleted piercings down each
minor labia and six larger holes in the major labia, each
smoothly set with unbreakable titanium eyelets.

She had large eyeleted piercings in her nasal septum and
in her new tongue. Her adjusted licker was by itself a
work of art. It had been lengthened dramatically with
the addition of new muscles, allowing her to extend it
almost a hand's length from her pussy mouth. The change
included some internal modifications to Linda's skull and
jaw to design her better for oral sex, continuing her
mouth pussy into a fully functional throat sex. It
didn't matter to Linda that her vocal chords served no
other function than penile stimulation through vibration
- she had not been able to speak at all since her face
sex had been formed anyway. If her maid peeled her sex
lips deeply apart she could see a second internal
clitoris made from her enhanced tonsils, a sensitive node
that would activate only when she gave head. A horrified
Supergrrl realised she would never speak again.

Superhooker had been gradually turning herself into
Zorelle's ideal image of a customised sex object, despite
how much her old self objected. The pretty creature was
finding it more difficult to resist the lusty controlling
spell that the Sorceress had placed on her. It was
impossible to return to her previous life. She was an
involuntary sex slut, yet as she flushed beneath her
layers of wicked bondage clothing and dribbled lubricant
down her chin, she found herself helplessly loving her
vocation. From her position as one of the most liked
princesses in history she had sunk one to being one of
the lowest paid street whores and bondage porn stars in
the kingdom - excluding the subhuman creatures who did
not get paid at all as they performed in the rubber
brothels that owned them.

Beneath the hooker facade, Supergrrl knew exactly what
was going on but was mentally (and in the end physically)
unable to stop selling her body for bondage sex. She had
turned herself into a rubber armless doll, her mouth
heavily modified for blowing men, her pussy and ass
altered for one purpose. Sex.

-- A New Supergrrl Suit.

Her implants drained the last bit of energy she could
summon to control her muscles and Supergrrl's arms slid
from her lap to dangle at her sides yet again. The new
vlatex skin that Zorelle had given her was so slippery
that she was amazed that she could even sit in the chair
without sliding to the floor, especially since she was
totally naked, well, she LOOKED naked, at least but the
ripples of light reflecting off her curves told other
stories. It was the first time she had been unclothed
for a long period in Zorelle's presence from the time she
had been captured.

Linda had rubber skin. The hapless heroine looked like
her naked body had been oiled and the replacement was
perfect. She even had blonder latex around her smooth
pussy where her pubic hair had been and a cap of blonde-
hued latex over her cueball-smooth head. She looked at
her fingers, fascinated by the splash of candlelight that
rippled across the flesh-coloured yet shiny surface that
was hers forever. Her sensations were amplified and she
had already come twice by touching her juddering nipples.

"Enjoy your freedom while it lasts Supergrrl" chuckled
Zorelle as she cupped both of Linda's nipples with her
gloved hands, forcing yet another orgasm. "Your spell
has begun! Look at your hands!"

Sure enough, the long, graceful digits extending from her
palms looked like they belonged to a pair of gloves that
someone had just removed their hands from - her fingers
were floppy and hung at right angles to her hands but
otherwise felt no different. Supergrrl stared at her
hands - the inside workings of her fingers had been
spirited away painlessly leaving five loose fingerlets to
the palm. Her hands followed and then her arms until she
was sitting with two useless vlatex arm skins dangling by
her sides. Her toes and feet soon followed and within a
minute she was just a rubberised torso supported by a
chair, with what appeared to be empty rubber stockings
and gloves attached to it, polished to a mirror sheen.
Supergrrl's massive bust was taken next, leaving her with
two bizarrely sagging bags of rubber hanging from her
shiny chest. The Kryptonite was gone, but it was too
late for action as the spell continued.

Zorelle lifted one of the tit bags easily to her sneering
lips and rolled the nipple gently between her perfect
teeth, pushing the degenerating heroine to yet another
climax and proving that the poor girl still had all
feeling. The Sorceress took the humiliation of Linda and
her deflated weather balloon breasts a step further and
sucked the nipple down past her tonsils. Without
releasing the rubberised flesh she swallowed again and
again, each time pulling more of Linda's mammary down her
throat. Finally Zorelle's mouth had swallowed as much as
it could and her lips met flush with the glossy rubber of
the poor damsel's torso. She planted a wet kiss
completely around the base of her captive breast while
Linda's impervious nipple dangled and dipped in the
roiling fluids of the evil queen's digestive tract.
Zorelle began sucking on her teat very strongly, watching
her helpless victim shudder in release after release as
the spell changed Supergrrl's torso as well.

-- A rippling suit on a hanger

Zorelle held what remained of Supergrrl up in the mirror
so she could see herself. The transformed girl would
have gasped in terror if she still had lungs and a voice
box but she could do nothing but stare at her rubberised
future. Zorelle was holding what appeared to be a limp,
deflated sex doll, albeit a very fetching one.
Everything below the surface of her skin had been removed
leaving a loose vlatex membrane from head to toe yet
somehow she still retained all her senses and thought.
She could feel the Sorceress grasping her shoulders and
the warm air flowing over the glossy bags that had been
her breasts but she was unable to move. She had all her
super powers back but had no muscles to move with.

"There there - don't panic my dear. You're still quite
alive and will be so forever, except that you will enjoy
life from the perspective of a living outfit hanging in
my wardrobe." Zorelle smiled, rotating the human catsuit
around so she could examine every inch of the finely
crafted female costume. The distorted Supergrrl would
fit her larger frame easily because the latex would
stretch like liquid to accommodate Zorelle's body.

"You may even find your super strength returning now that
your implants are gone but your muscles are missing so it
will not be of much use to you! Of course, your polished
skin is still bullet-proof which will be of VERY good use
to me!"

Linda felt a hand at the back of her neck and a zipper
was slid down to just above where her buttocks had been,
creating a gaping split in her back and her giving the
bizarre feeling of air flowing inside her.

"In the names of the seven galaxies no!" SG swore
silently to herself as she realised what was about to
happen but Zorelle was right - all she could do was just
hang there looking at herself, the smooth wax-polished
skinsuit rippling in the mirror.

"Since the spell has finished, I believe it is safe to
try on my new Super Suit for size." Zorelle dumped the
heroine in a flaccid heap on the chair and stripped naked
as her new costume watched with trepidation out of the
corner of its eye. Zorelle caught sight of the roving
eyes in the mirror and promptly flipped the head
facedown, smothering the girl in her own latex folds. If
the ever-present Rubbermaids were impressed by the
revelation of their mistress's toned form they didn't
show it, staring impassively at nothing and ever waiting
for a command.

Lifting the folds of her captive in her arms Zorelle sat
back on the chair to feed her toes into the opening and
down the hollow legs. Linda could feel her rubberised
thighs sliding easily up the Sorceress's legs and tried
in vain to summon some kind of energy to stop her, even
trying to utter a voiceless plea for mercy. It was no
use - she was merely an inert piece of fetish clothing.
Linda's buttocks slid up to fit snugly around her wearer
and soon she was being worn to Zorelle's hips. The
Sorceress slid her sex smoothly into the hollow pussy
lips of the suit and adjusted what had once been
Supergrrl's sphincter to curl intimately around her own.
Zorelle smiled, knowing her captive costume would feel
every sensation she did, even toileting.

Refraining from inserting her shoulders, the evil lady
donned the arms next, quickly followed by the head, which
was almost too small at the neck to squeeze her through,
but the material gave way again and she managed it,
aligning her facial features with that of her living
mask. Once set correctly, the mask locked in place and
blended to give a realistic look to any but the closest
of inspections. Zorelle shrugged her shoulders in last
and stood tall, stretching her terrified costume to cover
her completely with a soft pop of air. She called a maid
over to close the zipper and pirouetted about the mirror.
She looked exactly like Supergrrl, and in a way, she
_was_ Supergrrl. The zip was well camouflaged from view
by the perfect seal, but Zorelle hid the tiny metal
handle at the back of the neck by wearing a golden vlatex

When Zorelle wasn't wearing her around the castle or in
public (which was often, for the Dark Queen had many evil
pursuits to follow) Supergrrl was stored in a variety of
ways. At first the Rubbermaids simply folded her up in a
little box with her face nestled impossibly in her bosom
and her large breast skins folded over the back of her
head. The box was stored away in a dark cupboard.
Zorelle worried that constant doubling over of her
captive would lead to creases and she began hanging
Supergrrl up in a wardrobe with the other human rubber
costumes she had collected since she had experimented on
the poor woman of steel. She lovingly slid the limp
shoulders of her favourite living costume over a hanger
and zipped the girl closed to the top of her neck,
effectively trapping her to dangle neatly from her
clothes hanger.

As an afterthought she installed a faint light and a
mirror on the floor at an angle inside the wardrobe so
that the victims with their slightly tilted-forward heads
would have to look at themselves continuously if they
were hung the correct way....and she made sure they
always were. Zorelle had many ladies stored away in this
fashion, and could use them as a disguise. As a rubber
catsuit, Supergrrl was unable to even twitch as she hung
helplessly on her hanger in the wardrobe. As a warm
breeze blew through the slats in the door of the
claustrophobic cupboard, Supergrrl's slick nipples
brushed erotically against the gleaming teats of the
latex Catsuit Girl who hung facing her. There were so
many female catsuits in the cupboard now that they were
almost pressed together.

Zorelle especially loved wearing one of them to bed on a
cold night instead of her latex sleepwear. The Supergrrl
suit always remained her favourite. With her zip up the
back for easy entry Supergrrl felt humiliated in her
shiny rubber sheath form, especially when stretched skin-
tight against Zorelle voluptuous curves - the queen was
bigger than her. She could see and feel everything being
done with her body but remained powerless, trapped as a
limp vlatex shell.

Some nights Zorelle put a cheap plastic sex doll inside
her and inflated its not-quite-natural shape to bursting
point. Supergrrl looked much more attractive than a
basic blow-up doll, and the sorceress planned to have her
delivered to a brothel in that state for a time in the
months to come. But trapped in Zorelle's bed those
nights, sex doll Supergrrl was forced to endure the
indignity of juddering lesbian rubbersex with her

In due time Zorelle reclaimed one of her mannequinned
lacquer girls from a bondage clothing workshop and
dressed it in the Supergrrl skin in a corner of her
bedroom whenever she wanted to gloat over the polished
prisoner. She spent time concocting further punishments
for the living suit. Supergrrl even found herself being
worn by a rubber hooker on the streets for a month,
begging for any depraved rubber bondage session she could
get. She could do nothing - she was only a suit, an
inanimate piece of clothing.

-- Supersuit is tested for strength

Months later, as Linda dangled from her clothes hanger
and imagined she had been spared from further torment,
Zorelle opened the wardrobe door and removed her from
storage. Supergrrl Suit felt herself draped over the
dark lady's shoulders like a fur stole and could see
walls flash by as she was taken outside to the courtyard
where she was thrown without dignity into a loose pile of
sparkling rubber. In a burst of spell Linda felt her
pussy and butt seal closed along with her mouth and
nostrils. She couldn't see what was going on behind her
but she could feel something being attached to the back
if her neck. A hiss of gas confirmed her suspicions as
her lightweight body shell inflated to its original size.
To an observer she would have looked the same as before
she had been turned into the dreadful catsuit.

"You are attractive like this Supergrrl, much nicer than
when you had the sex doll inside you." chuckled Zorelle
as she squeezed the breasts of her inflated doll and made
the incarcerated woman shudder in mental orgasm yet
again. "After this experiment is done I'm going to
leave you like this for awhile, perhaps with some dildos
to plug my dolly's holes.... but first we have to see how
strong your skin really is. Shall we continue?"

The hiss grew louder, and she felt her thighs begin a
definite expansion, the effect creeping down her legs
until it reached her calves. Zorelle squeezed her arms
around Linda's buttocks. Her behind shrunk and with an
odd whoosh her chest bulged outward.

Zorelle kept an eye on the view as her old enemy's form
swelled. The panic in Linda's eyes more than repaid past
suffering as the dominatrix watched her expand. Now it
appeared there were twin volleyballs adorning her chest
and her body stretched out into a star shape. The
captive princess of steel started to resemble some
obscenely over inflated caricature of a woman, shaking
and wobbling with every spurt of gas.

Zorelle found herself being aroused by this forced
expansion. Supergrrl's physique had always been better
than hers and seeing the swollen immensity of the girl's
stretched flesh appealed to the sorceress in a way she
could not explain. Her arms became sausage-like and
Zorelle noted with clinical curiosity that the suit's
nipples had either receded or been stretched too flat to
be visible.

Linda's chest blew free in the breeze, seemingly
constricted at the base to give them an almost spherical
shape, twin spheres the size of large beach balls
squashed outwards by pressure from each other. The odd
thing was, they were in proportion to her great shoulders
pressing up against her neck and her giant arms, puffed
like tube balloons. Her tiny waist, each abdominal
muscle clearly visible by their size, only emphasized the
upper and lower hourglass shape.

"The pressure... Oh the pressure..." She thought to
herself. A low moan was the only sign from Zorelle, who
was fingering herself, the whistling hiss underscoring
everything. A moment of thought turned into terror as
she realised the sorceress had forgotten she was still

Zorelle stared in awe now, amazed at the impossible
figure before her, twin titanic hemispheres of breast
occluding her face, nearly caught by the rotund buttocks
above the immense thighs and pelvis. She would have
thought Supergrrl would be soft to the touch, but the
shape her body was holding clearly indicated there was
high pressure in there.

Supergrrl's feet expanded suddenly to bulge immensely,
pushing her off the ground only to be pulled down by her
filling tube. Instead of landing on the ground however,
her swollen shape bounced once, ponderously, on one foot
and continued bouncing slowly like a rubber ball.

Inside the bulbous creature, Linda was terrified. Her
complete helplessness was pushing the once completely in
control woman to the brink.

"Your expansion is not nearly complete" Zorelle decreed
as her rigidly spread eagled victim continued to inflate.
Now the waist had begun to balloon, matching the jutting
bust and flaring hips. Her shoulders were so immense that
they were pushing against her cheeks and chin. Only feet
and fingers still appeared semi-normal and even these had
fattened and were swelling, her hands rounding and her
feet puffing.

Linda's eyes widened as her cheeks suddenly welled up,
lips plumping to make her face larger than life.

And still she grew, her skin still highly reflective but
taking up a pinkish bubblegum hue. Zorelle called in two
ass-tubed slave girls to assist the filling process. She
had given one of them a red vlatex body and the other
blue, and they knew when they felt the drag of their
attached butt tubes that they too would be expanded to
helplessness if they did not serve well.

Supersuit's nipples were long since invisible, spread
over too wide an area. Her legs and arms were being
absorbed into the immense globularity of her torso.
Zorelle reached up and put a hand against Linda's flank,
feeling a taut warm surface, somewhat akin to touching an
over inflated balloon. She rolled her across the
cobblestones, marveling at the incredible ease she could
be moved. At last she closed off the gas, leaving
Supergrrl in a nearly spherical shape, her rubbery skin
blown up around her face and her barely visible hands and

Zorelle kissed Linda's rounded lips and rolled the
massive human ball over so she could nibble gently on the
presented clitoris that had expanded to a hand-sized

"Wow! I really excelled myself on your conversion spell.
Your skin fabric is really strong! I'll leave you out
here for a few days - you are after all waterproof. It's
a pity you don't still have lungs like the first lady I
expanded." She motioned to a large black ball gleaming
silently in the far corner of the courtyard. "The
process cuts off a lot of air to the victim, something to
do with pressure on the lungs I'm told. If you listen
carefully you can still hear her constant panting even if
her speech cut out a long time ago. Her last words were
tiny gasping whispers". Zorelle put on a tiny, mimicking
voice. "....Ooh ooh.what have you done to me?".

"Fiery Suns! What HAS she done to me?" The words
echoed in her head as the expanded heroine silently
berated herself yet again, her mind spinning. As if
reading her mind Zorelle answered. "Why, silly, you're a
balloon. The longer we leave you like this the more your
overstressed skin gets used to being stretched". Zorelle
tapped a bulbous nipple and listened to the dull
vibration. "When and if we deflate you in a couple of
weeks, your body will take months to return to its
original dimensions, if it does at all. We have a very
large Amazon slave girl slated to wear you next, double
your size in every way. You will shrink around her,
quite enjoyably for you but not so much fun for her - I
assure you. I can also tell you that due to the spell
she is under, she masturbates through her folds of flesh
almost all day!"

-- Superhooker gets a change of scenery

Superhooker was not being paid as much as she was used to
and her new clothes were expensive, so she started
borrowing money from the only credit corporation that
would lend to streetwalkers, a shady organisation called
Brothel Bank. If debtors missed a repayment they could
be assured that the repayment truck would come looking
for them to _make_ them repay in some way. The vehicle
was a huge multi-wheelbase rig that had its own auto-do
cubicle and storage rooms in the back. After two missed
repayments, the ominous black truck and its strong Amazon
guards picked her up from a corner.

Inside the truck she was zipped from the toes to a very
high collar into a translucent sheath made from baby blue
plastic. Creaking softly, she was buckled down with
straps of the same material into a plush, comfortable
chair. She could see all proceedings but not
participate. A matching clear blue plastic hood was
snapped over her smooth head and laced tight down the

"Superhooker, under section 138 of the loan agreement you
signed, we are requisitioning you to force you to repay
your debt. Until your loan is repaid, your body and soul
will be leased to Rubber Brothel Inc and by law you
forfeit all status or rights as a human being during that
period. Your debt will of course be indexed at the
usual twenty-eight percent interest rate."

The plastic wrapped woman slumped in resignation as the debt
collector moved to a terminal and pressed a button. Rubber brothel
employees earned so little she would not even be able to cover her
interest each month let alone repay her debt. She would be owned by
and trapped in the rubber brothel corporation forever.

"We have already collected your useful belongings". Said
the Collector without emotion as a large digital video
display lit up the inside front of the truck trailer they
were bound in. Superhooker looked at the display to see
a shiny black wriggling pod hanging from a hook in what
appeared to be some kind of storage facility, emblazoned
with the serial number of her maid. The pod with womanly
curves tapered to a point at the top and bottom. A
single, opaque tube entered the top. The Collector spoke
at the monitor.

"Seal please". As she watched the featureless pod became
bulbous as it was filled with instantly setting latex,
hardening around the maid within, a dutiful girl who had
always done her job well. After a minute all movement
ceased, leaving a gently pulsing pod dangling with the
other forms, all silent.

"Your property will remain in storage with our
corporation until you have repaid your debt to us"

On the screen, one of the pods beside her maid was
obviously also filled with hardened quickset rubber. It
was marked with white writing - "WIFE" and had a pair of
black rubberised arms and legs protruding uselessly from
the sides even though her head was sealed inside and no
longer evident at all. Every now and again the hands
would try in vain to find something to grip on the
slippery material on the outside, scrabbling around on
the seamless curve where its bosom should have been - now
compressed into two long waves in the pod.

A silver dipped bimbo sat sheathed helplessly beside
Superhooker in the truck, her metallic vlatex curves
bound in the same style of baby blue plastic tube suit
that the streetwalker wore. As the attractive creature
stared dazedly at the WIFE pod effigy on the big screen,
the Collector spoke to it.

"Mr Smith, you made a big mistake crossing us. Remember
your wife as you see her now - this is how she will be
stored until you have repaid the debt using your new
pretty body. Savour your last moments of relative
independence while you can. There is much worse to come
for you in the Rubber brothel!"

-- Superhooker in the brothel

In the brothel, Superhooker's body changed format almost
every week but there were a few standard features, or
lack thereof. She had been completely sealed in black
vlatex on arrival and her facial features smoothed over
leaving her with a vaguely feminine yet totally anonymous
rubber oval for a head. The Madame of the brothel had
immediately pushed her into an auto-do cubicle and
removed her legs from the knees down and her arms from
the elbow, adding the excess of mass to her already large
tits, leaving them huge.

The smooth, sexless creature was sealed up totally;
getting her air through a tiny valve at the back of her
neck that was the only route to her lungs. Breathing was
difficult through a tiny tube connected from the valve to
a cylinder of air, replaced periodically. If she did not
want to end up a lifeless rubber toy she had to perform
well, totally dependent on others to change the cylinder
for her.

Often the air from Superhooker's tank passed through a
unique, clear latex rebreather bag, a heavy-duty sack
made from the rubber torso of a transformed woman, a
slave whom Superhooker had replaced. Airflow was
controlled via a pussy shaped valve at one end of the
shiny translucent bladder that the air passed through -
the aperture was all that remained to identify the ousted
lady, magically still very much alive. The rebreather
filled helplessly with air for each laboured breath and
added a strong taint of rubber - a fact Superhooker would
have appreciated if she still had her pretty nose.

Each of her foreshortened limbs ended in a large, heavy
duty silver D-Ring and it was using these on her arms
that the sightless creature was hooked to a rack on the
wall, her truncated legs almost brushing the floor.
Although her waist was a corset in itself, what remained
of Superhooker was dressed as a bargirl, a golden rubber
dress covered in layers of frictionless ruffles and an
inbuilt tightly laced glossy corset.

Some customers did not even bother to take her down
before using her body for their pleasure, especially the
men. Her face pussy was at a convenient level for oral
sex on the average male and she was unhindered by a need
to breathe with that orifice. Superhooker could deep
throat into her vlatex sheathed stomach if she had to.

When time came to service a woman she would be taken down
on the bed. Tooled by the magic her facial pussy would
alter wetly to form a large dildo tongue, a stimulator
that squeezed out between the vertical lips of her pussy
mouth. The tongue was an extension of her face pussy
clitoris and many times more sensitive. She felt
overwhelming pleasure as she sank it deep in the petal-
like folds of each unknown female sex. In her nether
regions a single pair of oddly vertical facial lips
showed where her original huge kissing pout had been
moved. With finality Superhooker realised she wasn't a
hooker any more. She was an automated sex doll,
customised to the selections of any client.

-- Batgrrl becomes Zorelle's toy.

Batgrrl spent many months as Zorelle's fetish dolly with
an embarrassing slurping pussy. She could only look on
in pathetic silence from her mental dungeon as her
enhanced whore's programming dominated her every action.
The evil lady had full control over Barbara's enchanted
and pliable vlatex body and decided to start making some
further alterations to her oversexed toy.

Every time a member of the public saw the trapped dynamic
damsel, Zorelle wanted them to know immediately who her
plaything had once been. She always made sure Batgrrl's
outfit and skin resembled the original black, purple and
gold batsuit she had arrived in no matter what her
current alterations were. Of course, sometimes it was
beyond the realms of transformations forced on the poor

In the beginning she was allowed to keep her arms but
they were soon taken from her. Armless, she was given
larger breasts again that nestled against her rubber
thighs as she moved. Her light bat cape sheath was
replaced with a much heavier, glossy version that
slithered loudly even against her frictionless torso and
smooth de-limbed shoulders. When the cape was zipped up
the front to enclose her body, the new boobs had nowhere
to go and pushed against the fabric, tenting it bizarrely
at her midriff. But still Zorelle felt she hadn't done
enough to make her enemy useless. She totally sealed
Barbara's head, leaving her deaf, dumb and blind beneath
an authentic-looking bat-eared cowl. The bondage cowl
was a black and gold embossed rubber affair, smoothly
devoid of any human features other than its vaguely head-
like shape and a tiny ripple in the surface where her
nose ought to have been. The desensitized heroine lived
in Zorelle's bedroom, her stasis spelled form low
maintenance as it lay strapped to the padded wall ready
for use as an oversized fetish teddy bear.

-- Batgrrl gets to cycle again.

One surprising day Batgrrl was given her arms and facial
features back - all of them, including her eyes. A
rubber version of her real original mouth returned only
to have a micro-zipper installed across it that could
seal her opening completely. It was thoroughly
undetectable and her gleaming lips were even smooth to
touch when the tiny catch was unslid to the corner of her
mouth. The zipper teeth on the closure were so
microscopically small they could not be felt at all by
Batgrrl as she rubbed her lips together yet they were
hundreds of times stronger than the fasteners of old.
Once her fat lips were closed, an expanding pear gag made
from her own hollowed and rubber sheathed tongue could be
inflated to silence her completely.

Opting to use an auto-do cubicle instead of wasting
precious energy on mundane magic, Zorelle spelled away
Batslut's luscious, slender legs. With her lower limbs
truncated half way between her hip and knee, Batgrrl was
the correct size to spend time merged with the rubber
seat and body of her own bat cycle. First Zorelle
introduced her caped human toy to a large dildo on very
tip of the seat, forcing the de-legged girl to lay face
up on the superbike, stretching her back to hold the
throttle and brake in her rubberised hands. In a shimmer
of vlatex her arms fused to the metal, becoming one with
the handlebars. Her unnaturally conical breasts rested
down over her belly, appearing to be fused into one unit
shaped as a large fuel tank. Her milk ducts had been
modified to produce two fuel lines for the throaty engine
as her lower torso sank closer to the frame, transforming
into a comfortable bike seat in black patent leather.
She had been made into her own bat cycle, constantly
milked for the energy to run her half-mechanical body.
Her arms would soon go, their matter added to her already
ponderous fuel tank bosom.

The bat cycle tried in vain to open its comely, zip
sealed lips, shuddering as the hidden dildo sprang to
life inside her. With a leathery slither from her full
dress, Zorelle lifted her booted leg over the quivering
cushion. She sank comfortably down to rest astride her
newly created thoroughbred.

"Do not bother trying to break the seal, Batslut - I
designed it strong for just the likes of you". She
touched a control on the electronic dash and watched as
Batgrrl's cheeks expanded outward and her mewing receded
to silence, a testament to the success of her inflato-
tongue and its uncomfortable effect.

"The mouth seal will only be opened when you need to be
refuelled and for this I have improved on a natural high
protein energy cocktail called Sperm. Of course the
drink is highly purified but will most certainly taste
the same, biker doll!". Zorelle ran her long fingernail
across the packed and sealed lips and grasped the zipper
at the left side of Batgrrl's bulging face. A quick
motion slid the mouth fastener open and a fat pink vlatex
tongue exploded from the orifice, returning the captive's
cheeks to their original shape in an instant. The
released gag glistened wetly with lubricant as it pouted
like an obscene breast from Barbara's stressed lips. It
was an overexpanded rubber pear, stretching her kisser
wider than she had ever experienced in her life.

Zorelle started her female superbike with a roar and took
it for a whirlwind test ride through the echoing
corridors of the castle, still with its tongue gag
visible, finally being forced to stop her humiliating
play when the breast tanks read empty. One of the
Rubbermaids was given the task of pushing the human
transportation unit outside the castle grounds to a
nearby service station where a special bowser had been
installed at the request of Her Majesty, the first of
many across the country. It was a sperm bowser.

Batbike felt her expando-tongue deflating at last but
before she had time to speak, a silvery nozzle from the
uniquely designed supply pump was snuggled between her
lips. It was a slick rubbery extension on the end of a
standard hose, fashioned in the shape of an erect and
overly large male organ, with a finger width hole down
the centre to allow rapid flow. As the uncompromising
nozzle slid easily down her lubricated throat, Batgrrl
noticed the metallic vlatex spout was soft and
surprisingly warm against her tonsils. With her gag
reflex reversed, the trapped Batgrrl could only feel as
the maid pulled the trigger and she drank until her
gullet was filled to the brim with warm, thick semen.
Overflow from her mouth signalled the automatic cut-out
of the bowser and she was detached from the supply, still
swallowing furiously. Batbike realised with trepidation
that the high protein cum would quickly replenish her
stocks of breast petrol for the combustion engines and
she could be ridden again soon.

-- Supergrrl gets some medicine

Linda was released from her contraption in the floor, and the dildo
in her sex was unscrewed and removed, still dripping with her juices.
A special floppy rubber dildo covered in hundreds of tiny knobs was
inserted into her and screwed tightly in place. Zorelle connected an
air hose to the valve between Linda's legs and pumped the dildo up
like a football bladder. Supe bucked and struggled, but mostly in
silence, for her mouth was still pulled wide open by the face
harness. Zorelle stopped the flow of air to the expanded pussy
filler only when her captive's eyes began to glaze over and a stream
of drool escaped her mouth.

Linda came to her senses to find she still had the massively inflated
dildo inside her but she had been strapped on her back on a specially
designed wooden horse. The horse had special straps and padded vices
to keep its rider's head motionless facing the ceiling. Zorelle
brought out a little white pill in a pair of tongs.

"We have developed a new chemical especially for you,
Princess. It is so addictive that you will do anything
to get it after a week of doses". She took it over to
the girl's mouth and dropped it in. "Here you are your
majesty, here is the first of many instalments."

The spread-eagled captive refused to swallow the pill
sitting in her mouth, and Zorelle grew angry. "Perhaps
the wench needs something to wash it down". She lifted
the heavy folds of her rubber gown to reveal a crotch
zipper that she swiftly slid open. She draped her hips
astride the pleading Linda and sealed the crotch opening
against the forcibly stretched mouth of her charge. She
dropped the layers of her gown, gripped the girl's head
with her thighs and hands, and began to urinate heavily
in her mouth. Linda could be heard gurgling and choking
on the torrent of fluid she was being forced to swallow,
along with the tablet. She was started on her way to
becoming Zorelle's obedient slave.

As she lay there on the horse, Supergrrl felt a weird
tingling sensation spreading from the pit of her stomach
to her nipples and clit. She closed her pussy as tightly
as she could around the huge inflated dildo between her
legs but it was not enough. She needed to be filled.
Her ass needed something inside it too. She wanted a
cock in her mouth. Never had her clit felt so large and
sensitive and indeed it was swollen to five times its
original size. Orgasms! All she wanted was orgasms, and
another one of those little pills Zorelle had given her -
it did not matter if it came with urine, she needed it.
She wanted as many orgasms as possible! "Pleab helfp
mbe" she garbled through her widely stretched mouth. "I
neeb a fwuk.pleab fwuk meb!" Zorelle ignored the begging
slave and demurely smoothed down her heavy rubber gown to
leave no indication she had just relieved herself using
her most hated enemy.

-- The statue workshop

Linda awoke from her drugged stupor to find she had been
released from the wooden horse and was already walking
stiffly behind the Sorceress. A new, larger dildo had
been inflated inside her, and it was by a leash connected
to the base of it that she was pulled along the corridor
as fast as the drug and her stiff leather costume and hip
boots would allow. She desperately wanted more of the
drug but so far had been able to ignore the urges -
withdrawal symptoms grew stronger by the hour. Stone
passageways blurred into one another until finally they
reached another section of the castle, a large hall
containing many gold and silver mannequins of ladies.
Each statue bore a terrified expression, and some were
fitted with golden torture devices.

"Welcome to the metal wing my dear!" said Zorelle to the
princess when she had caught her breath. "All of these
statues were once captives or political enemies of mine,"
she said with a flourish of her hand. "As you can see,
they have all been rendered perfectly harmless by their
personal transformations. Oh don't worry, my little
addicted one, they are all still alive, but their skins
are now thick metal. They are kept in stasis by the
spells I used to neutralise them."

Zorelle pushed the drooling Supergrrl back against one of
the new rubber pillars and buckled her securely to it in
a position where she would be able to watch the
proceedings. The sorceress selected one of the wriggling
vlatex storage pods hanging feet-first from a rack
against one wall, released the seal at the base and a
voluptuous woman slid greasily out onto the floor.

"I don't know if you'd recognise your old weapons expert
Felicia now because she used to be so thin - those pods
have a habit of making modifications to the measurements
and features of their occupants.... making them more
attractive". She reached down and cupped a large
slippery breast of the blinking podgirl. "Look at these
36Ds! Must've been 14A's when she was podded!"

Shaking weakly, for she was not used to movement, Felicia
was pushed across the room to stand naked on a dais of
solid gold. Large rolls of pure gold foil were placed
beside her. The sorceress closed her eyes and
concentrated. Felicia's feet arched until she was
standing on the tips of her toes, and the gold from the
base melted and flowed up her feet to set her legs to the
knee in rigid ballet boots, preventing her escape while
the rest of the spell took effect. From the rolls,
length after length of the foil fluttered into the air
like golden serpents. A directorial gesture from the
evil sorceress made them rise and fall, dancing in a
snake rhythm. Like glittering fluid, the sheets circled
and enveloped the girl; then those nearest her feet spun
faster, seeming to melt onto the skin. More swiftly than
the eye could follow, the rest of the gold blended into
place, gilding the tall shapely girl from toe to head in
a hard seamless sheath of yellow brilliance. Felicia had
been transformed into a golden statue, just like all the
others in the room.

-- The Rubbot Factory

The dairy was full to overflowing with freshly dull
witted rivals and still Zorelle suspected every citizen
was a threat to her empire, starting with relatives of
the fallen. These luckless males and females were
thought to be unsuitable for acceptance into the Dark
Queen's new society and many of the cooperative and
uncooperative kin alike were made into rubberised women,
or Rubbots, as they were known in sex stores. Each
prospective moulding subject was packaged up neatly in
his or her home ready for transportation to the
rubberising factory.

Rei and her husband were in their living room watching
television at the moment packing maids burst in with stun
guns. Forcibly separated from her lover, Rei was dragged
paralyzed to the bedroom and fed feet first into a large,
widely stretched white balloon made from very thick
rubber. Once all her limbs were trapped inside the
efficient bondage sheath, just her head remained
protruding from its tight neck. The two maids pulled at
attached loops on either side of the rubber neck and
allowed the remaining air buffering her skin to escape,
shrinking it around her limbs such that she became a
tight human pellet. Her head stuck stiffly out of the
top of the snowy rubber ball that impossibly contained
her limbs.

Finding some movement returning, Rei struggled mightily
as the packers fitted a standard anonymous white rubber
hood over her face, leaving her with no sound or vision
and just a single breathing valve at the mouth. She was
singled out for her exertions - a new tube was forced
down the neck of her stiff balloon and liquid latex was
pumped in around her, setting within seconds to solid
rigidity. As she was being transported to the factory,
Rei could hear only her own sobbing entreaties in her
plugged ears, not those coming from the matching white
ball of her husband beside her in the windowless van.
The other bleached sphere contained her trapped partner,
similarly attired.

Once arriving at the factory, the balloon bound couple
were rolled into a preparation area, where they were cut
free from their confining balls. Before their cramped
limbs could even begin to move, they were harnessed on
their backs to a conveyor belt using a network of straps.
The harness was a simple one made from leather. It
covered their torsos only and was gripped by the clamps
beneath the conveyer belt, holding them firmly at the
shoulders, waist, and groin. Even though their arms and
legs were free, the connections on their harnesses were
completely out of reach. Self-release was impossibility.

After gliding through a polished factory curtain,
helpless Rei arrived at a huge waterwheel style piece of
apparatus. Robot arms pinioned her hands and feet, and
her harness snapped off and away. Her arms were locked
into two holes in the wheel, and her legs into two
others, so that her whole front was wrapped snug against
it, into form-fitting indentations in the metal. She was
screaming loudly as the wheel turned steadily, moving her
steadily forwards through a second rubber curtain at the
apex of the wheel. As she did so, her screams took on a
whole new urgency. There was a liquid hiss and her
sounds ceased abruptly.

In another room, which joined beneath the wheel, a shiny,
mercifully silent black rubber doll of a woman slipped
out of the mould to join the countless number of
identical slightly wobbling figurines in the packing
room. Each doll had a round, wide open rubber mouth that
seemed to be filled with a crimson rubber plug. The
blinded dolls had closed, coated eyes and the others like
Rei, perhaps the unlucky ones, had been left with huge
lidless orbs and no way of shutting them. All of their
glistening black limbs were stuck in an attractive
stiffened embrace as if making passionate love.

The dolls in the depository were earmarked for packing
neatly away in cheap cardboard boxes labelled "Rubbot tm
- Rubberised Female Doll - HANDLE WITH CARE". Part of
their instructions inside read "to allow your doll to
last for a number of years you must 'feed' it twice a
week, and release the waste valve often. The food can be
anything you like."

The supervisor checked the latest doll closely to make sure the
manufacturing process had been perfect. There was no way to remove
the seamless skin-tight coating from the Rubbots so each moulding
needed to be faultless the first time. As she had done a hundred
times that day to other living merchandise, she examined the creature
that looked very much like a blow up latex love doll sold in the sex
shops of old. The amazing differences failed to interest her

Instead of an imitation flesh tone skin, the Rubbot had glossy black
latex over most of its body, but its breasts, lips, pussy lips and
the ring of its ass were a stark contrast of intense red. Somewhere
inside the gleaming latex skin was a living man or woman, but the
only indications that the creature was not merely a doll were the
frantically moving eyes.

She stepped forward to see if the special enhancements had been
properly installed in the Rubbot. Without needing lubrication she
slid three of her rubber gloved fingers effortlessly between Rei's
pussy lips and felt them grip lovingly. Supervisor knew the Rubbot
had little chance of movement of her own volition now - it would be
unable to get away from its eventual buyer. Rubbot Rei tried to flex
her arms from their forward position, but they refused to move. Her
arms looked as if they were holding an imaginary lover, one hand at
about shoulder level the other at the waist. She tried once again to
move her arms and was almost able to straighten them a little before
they snapped back into love doll position.

As Rei lay flat on her back on the floor, her arms curved up in front
of her as if caressing an invisible sweetheart. Her fingers were
fused into a smooth curve and held there by the same rigid inbuilt
boning that locked her arms in their position. Her dipped legs were
also laden with hidden boning that spread her wide and kept her bent
at the knee. The position left just her back and tips of her fused
toes touching the floor and gave total access to her bright red lower

Supervisor reached down and rolled the Rubbot over so that its knees
and forearms supported it, shoving its ass high in the air. Rei's
efforts at escape proved worthless, and she began to understand
exactly how trapped she was. She moaned with despair.

"Don't worry Rei...or should I say Dolly? We have back orders for
dolls like you - I'll have you delivered to a sex shop that already
has a client who wants to own you!"

Rei's eyes followed the supervisor's hands as they manipulated
something at the bound girl's mouth. With a twist, the red plug that
filled Rei dolly's mouth was removed.

Suddenly realization hit her, "GHOOOO! OOOOOOOO!" She understood
beyond a doubt that she had been turned into a fully functional latex
love dolly, with all her openings propped open for anyone to use.

Supervisor slid the stopper easily back into the Rubbot's O shaped
mouth. "You have to eat sometime, little one! This plug merely
keeps you quiet when your suck-hole isn't filled"

Many of the Rubbots had also been given permanent fetish wear that
had been moulded tightly onto their bodies. They were sealed into a
random mixture of rubber maid, ponygirl, nurse, schoolgirl,
dominatrix, baby, slave girl - costumes that had no option of
removal. Ever. Those that were not costumed were left in the basic
form of a plain sex doll, expressionless, pliable and willing. Each
Rubbot had a new role to play for the rest of their lives.

Behind the Rubbot Rei, another big titted vlatex dolly
rolled from the production line. It was her husband,
already perma-dressed as a fetish rubber schoolgirl in a
skin-tight, neck to ankle vlatex pinafore that held his
hobble-skirted legs close together. Nobody took any
notice of him as he/she lay on the floor quivering

The supervisor still remembered Zorelle's visit to the
factory with the leather clad Supergrrl in tow and how
the sorceress had taunted the one time princess.

"You may have wondered where your oldest sister Nancy
disappeared to". She had said, pointing at the stack of
black rubberised women waiting for boxing as Linda looked
on anxiously. "I put her through this factory
immediately a month ago. She was made into one of these
rubber dolls and shipped out with hundreds of others, all
identical. We keep no sales records, and to give you
some idea of how difficult it would be to find her, we
processed our one hundred thousandth doll this week.
Besides, the dollification process is not reversible.
Thanks to the enforced isolation and some special tapes
we make them listen to during the first week, they forget
their own names within days of being given the

-- Zorelle punishes the rich

Zorelle knew that the upper class families in her kingdom
were the ones who could afford to use their power and
influence to have her neutralized. In order to keep as
many of them in her control as possible she extracted all
of their young people, sixteen and over, from those
families and introduced them to a life in one of the
thousands of new rubber brothels in the land.

-- Maliia gets hers

Rich girl Maliia gazed wistfully at the rack on the wall
where all that remained of her dark, buttock-length hair
protruded from a glossy ponytail hood. Her head was now
billiard-ball smooth, following the standard for all
rubber hookers in the brothel - her detached hair-hood
was sometimes even worn by one of the other girls in the
establishment. Originally of brown complexion, her body
glowed with a polished bronze metallic sheen that came
from the tight vlatex layer that the Brothel Madame had
replaced her soft skin with on arrival.

Maliia was one of the few whores to retain her vision but
her eyes had received as much attention as the rest of
her body. Her eyelids had been removed completely and
replaced with a lens that could be faded to opaque if the
customer wished to have a sightless slave. Her deep
brown eyes had also been widened and shaped into delicate
almonds to give her an alluring wide-eyed stare. She
would never blink again. Her arms had been folded,
reduced and fused together in the small of her back,
making her arch her new chest forward.

Her tits were her most obvious new feature. Deemed on
the small side on arrival, a brief stint in an auto-do
cubicle had enlarged them to a cantaloupe size fit for a
B-grade porn movie, but that was only the beginning. Her
fattened, collagen enhanced rubber lips were so huge she
would have found it difficult to speak if she hadn't been
gagged most of the time. A feeder gag had been strapped
to her face and she watched helplessly over a period of
four days as her breasts expanded to the same size as her
upper torso, bizarre on her petite frame.

Her real pussy was given enhancers to make it fleshier
until it pouted unnaturally as if she was on heat - and a
second matching rubber sex was installed in place of her
anal ring. The second ultra-clean passage was unused by
normal bodily functions because the trapped girl could
never produce any waste product other than urine on her
special liquid diet. Her urinary tract was microchip
controlled, as were her sphincter muscles, but the latter
only came into play if the customer wanted "special
duties" from her. If the Maliia whore somehow escaped
from her new rubberised world she would certainly die
within a day or two if the remote controlled locks were
still on her lower openings. Indeed she could release
her bladder only at the whim of the customer or her

A series of eyelets were installed painlessly down the
lips of both her pussies and across her mouth. Using
lengths of blue satin ribbon, her openings were laced
tightly closed. Below the waist two fat rubberised
clitorises squeezed out between the satin, erect like
tiny penises except that these were pure womanflesh,
coated in latex to keep them erect, and pierced cruelly
with heavy gold rings. The ball gag in her mouth was
left in as her puffy blowjob lips were laced closed over
the top of it. A little gold padlock snibbed through the
middle of each of the three tightly laced fissures to
ensure utter control of her openings.

She struggled to resist the programming that the brothel
computers gave her but it was impossible. If she wasn't
vigilant, sometimes she found herself adoring her obscene
designed-for-sex body as the computer had told her to do.
The computer also made her alter the way her legs moved -
try as she might, Maliia could not stop herself doing the
voluptuous hip grinding, rubber-squeaking sway of the
streetwalker. She had been turned into a living rubber
sex doll, an automation designed to pleasure men and
women alike, whoever could afford the inexpensive fee.
She wanted to scream for help but outwardly she smiled as
another customer stepped into her room.

-- Batgrrl stops cycling

Barbara Gordon was no longer a human superbike. After
months as a public embarrassment touring the streets,
with even her mouth replaced with a screw top "fuel cap",
she had been returned somewhat to her original form
before her re-education, re-coating and conversion into a
stage act for Zorelle's infamous Heroine Hotel nightclub.

-- The Batgrrl stage act

Wondertits stretched Batgrrl's vlatex sealed left breast
towards the face of its owner. Ignoring the look of
pleading in the Gotham City heroine's eyes she sat the
heavily modified yet still gorgeous girl on her butt
facing the crowd. She forced Batgrrl to swallow her own
nipple, stuffing the tit right into her mouth. She stood
back a little to give the crowd a good view while the
glossy black and gold torso hungrily sucked its shiny
teat. The presented pussy was leaving a sopping wet
trail behind it as Wondie pleasured the compact sex toy
for the benefit of the crowd. Batslut was very compact
now. Management had made full use of an auto-do cubicle
to erase her arms to just above the elbow and her legs to
mid thigh, as well as enlarging her tits, lips and pussy
to even more obscene proportions.

Batslut gave the best performance she could as her weeks
of relentless mental conditioning took over her
defenceless brain. She could do no other as her natural
instinct for competitiveness kicked in - she knew this
was her life now and she wanted to be the best in her new
profession. The throng watched in silence as the
truncated dynamic damsel lost her pride and dignity. She
was acting like a whore and her brain made her love every
second of it. Wondertits pawed Barbara's sleek nipples
and sawed her fused mitt hands through the rubber slave's
seething channel. The lustrous black rubber inner thighs
of the foreshortened damsel were thick with her leaking
honey and her breathing grew labored as her flashing hips
bounced up and down, grinding against the rubbery invader
as wantonly as the remnant limbs on her sex torso would
allow. How would these people react if they knew she was
the real Batgrrl deep inside? She had become one of the
sluts she'd always loathed.

Batgrrl crawled on her shiny stumps to the men and
proceeded to suck their cocks, taking two penises into
her mouth at the same time. A black man came all over
her masked, impervious rubber face and tits and Batgrrl
voraciously swallowed his sperm and begged for more. She
was soon covered in cum and rolled around on stage,
rubbing the semen into her waterproof skin.

The end of each act saw Batgrrl babbling incoherently,
forgetting even who she was. She had become a true whore
and grovelled in depravity, wanting only to suck and fuck
and roil in the slippery white nectar her many fans gave
her. Zorelle had shut down her individuality such that
she acted on commands only. She was truly a creature
designed for sex. She was a sperm doll.

Thanks to a puddle of her own juices, Batgrrl's
glistening stumps slid from under her and she fell
forward, tumbling from the stage and into the unruly
crowd. Drunken patrons, male and female alike, fought to
have the truncated ex-heroine as their fuck toy until
closing time. The sex club bouncers did nothing to stop
the frenzy for they could not. They had long ago been
made into large, very much adult versions of children's
bouncer toys, sealed completely inside orange vlatex
amusement balls of solid rubber. The bouncer toys, which
were specifically for the sport of the patrons, were at
first glance women who had their entire bodies trapped
inside very thick orange balloons leaving just their
heads sticking out of the tight, long necks. No limbs
were evident on the wobbling creatures but Wondertits was
sure that if they still retained them inside the
impossibly small spheres then they must be horribly

The rubberised playthings had anonymous orange plastiskin
rubber hoods over their heads; glossy additions that
blended seamlessly with their round stasis-spelled bodies
and accentuated the only remaining feature on their faces
- their pouting orange rubber mouths. A white bouncer
number across where their eyes ought to have been was
their only means of identification except for the fact
that the odd-numbered bouncers had also been given huge
implanted tits in the same sunset orange - regardless of
their original sex.

High in the ceiling, surveillance cameras watched the
proceedings as the proprietors marked serious
troublemakers for a new life. Six new round orange
vlatex suits were stretched wide over the end of chutes
that began in the toilets and passed through clothing and
hair removal filters on their way. The unfeeling
uniforms would soon be warm, filled with unwilling orange
fashion victims.

-- Robin becomes Rubber Robyn

Zorelle wasted no time altering the duplicate of muscly,
boyish Robin. She had always wanted to change the
arrogant young stud into something less masculine and the
creation of Robyn Two gave her the opportunity to pander
to her ego.

The sexy Robyn Two was a beautiful brunette girl, dressed
in a feminine bondage version of her original male
outfit. The black mask had become a tight rubber bat-
eared hood that enveloped her whole head, lacking eye,
ear and mouth holes, with just a single breathing nostril
in evidence in the middle of her featureless ovoid face.
The red waistcoat jacket had become a crimson crotch-to-
chin rubber corset with cut-outs for her large glossy
yellow breasts. The narrow foundation garment was laced
to a nearly unbearable tightness, some fourteen inches at
the waist thanks to the expeditious removal of four of
her ribs. The green gauntlets had been permanently
sealed behind her back to become a single, solid vlatex
glove that forced her impressively implanted chest
forwards, partially hidden by the short golden rubber
cape. The final touch was the total red latex dipping of
her long legs to give the appearance of crimson
stockings, covering also the eleven-inch heels on the
short ankle ballet boot feet she had been blessed with by
virtue of adhesive. Robyn's two obvious nipple piercings
were threaded with large silver 'R' symbols, dangling
from her teats by the tops of the heavy letters. To her
chagrin the loop of each R had been welded closed with no
regard to singeing rubber.

A leash was often attached to the tall red neck corset
and she was led along by one of Zorelle's ever attendant
Rubbermaids, swinging her ample hips provocatively as she
tiptoed hurriedly to keep up, her fattened ass squeaking
loudly in the tight gold miniskirt she was forced to
parade in.

Every time Zorelle eyed the flat crotch of her created
heroine she smiled. The skirt would never be tented at
the front by an erect male organ again - it had been a
constant problem while she was forcing the lad to be a
rubber transvestite for the two-week period prior to his
latest conversion. She had had the cock and balls
removed, tastefully tanned and stuffed before being made
into a mobile that dangled above the bondage bed of the
new rubbergirl. At nights when she was suctioned and
strapped into her slippery cot Robyn could not see her
former maleness on display overhead, nor that a life
sized picture of the old boy wonder hung in a frame above
the bed. Everyone who saw the stiffly altered doll was
reminded about the dangers of being an enemy of the

Underneath the cloying skirt her erased organs left a
smooth unbroken curve of rubber between shapely thighs -
no female sex had been provided to match Robyn's new

"My dear Lady Robyn, you have become my toy and nothing
more." The queen's voice boomed inside its head. "To
that end all of your sex organs have been totally removed
from your body. You can't even feel your prostrate can
you? That useless piece was removed as well. You must
guess by now that you have been prevented from ever
getting any sexual stimulation again."

Robyn's massive tits shuddered briefly at the realization
but the rebellion was over before it had begun. Her body
had been physically neutralised to keep her as the stiff
little faceless doll - there was nothing she could do
other than be a living vlatex bauble for the Queen's

"Maid! Put Robyn in her ankle length hobble skirt and
polish her up. I have important guests at the dinner
table tonight and I want her to glow!"

-- Maliia is given to Lord Eccles and Krystal

Lord Eccles and his beautiful new fianc‚e Krystal lived
near a rubber brothel and were a little surprised when
their Madame "neighbour" delivered a gift to their front
door. Standing on the welcome mat was a bronze-dipped
latex hooker called Maliia, complete with a title deed
signing ownership over to the couple.

Maliia did not last long in her original form.

-- Maliia the rubber doggy

A black, rubberised creature sat silently on the floor on
all fours as it had been programmed to do. Maliia had
been totally enclosed and lived in a sightless world as
an automated toy. The once-human plaything had smooth
widened hips; a minuscule corseted waist and such
enlarged shiny tits that its nipples lightly brushed the
floor. Where the mouth of the creature ought to have
been, a large set of metallic blue latex pussy lips
slashed humiliatingly to just beneath where the nose once
was, now a compressed ripple in the seamless coating.
The single flattened nostril was mostly hidden from view
on its tiny nose, but the opening did allow restricted
airflow. Polished concave ovals of opaque black rubber
blanketed a pair of pretty dark eyes in unknowing

It was programmed to be just a rubber animal, a pet.
Eccles adored his woman more than anything in the world,
so it had taken little begging from Krystal to assign
full control of Maliia to her. Krystal quickly made sure
that the slave could never pose a threat to her supremacy
in the household. She chose to have the hapless girl
fully modified and hypno-controlled so that at all times
Maliia knew exactly what was being done to her but was
unable to even lift a finger without permission. The
beautiful dominatrix took away all vestiges of outward
humanity from the girl, ensuring Maliia gave full
attention to her new depraved role in life as a pleasure
toy for them both.

The voluptuous rubber pet was given unusable paddles for
hands with no visible thumbs and ballet boots were fused
to the ends of its legs, after its real feet were removed
neatly at the ankle. The endless boots kept her
imaginary feet in such a terrible arch that she would
find standing almost impossible if she ever managed to
undo her programming and wobble an upright position

Her vlatex-skinned head was perfectly smooth as was the
norm for rubber slaves in Zorelle's kingdom. Krystal had
done away with Maliia's earlobes, leaving tiny rubber
flaps that could be zipped tightly down the sides of her
head to close off her auditory canals. The ear-zips had
ring-pulls on them that once closed, dangled at the sides
of the pet's amorphous head almost like earrings.

Mistress Krystal usually wore her favourite crimson latex
bootsuit when she disciplined Maliia. The heavy duty,
one piece, catsuit-like garment laced from each of the
attached six inch stiletto heeled boots, up the front of
the legs to meet at her belly button and then straight up
the corseted waist to a very high round collar. She took
hold of the dangling catch of the golden zipper between
her legs and slid it easily open, allowing the folds of
her pussy to peek through the slit.

Sniffing the air suddenly, Maliia dog caught the scent of
her mistress and her obedience training took total
control of her actions. She did not need to wait for a
command. She crawled on all fours to her owner and
mashed her pussymouth eagerly against the opening,
expertly seeking out the labia and clit as she had been
trained and pulling them into her wet oral cavity for
manipulation. Her heavily altered tongue slid into the
cleft of her superior, finally touching bottom deep
inside and then expanding to fill. Her oral
modifications were purely functional. A pussy-faced pet
always seemed a little unnatural but it did not matter as
long as they did their job of sucking pussy, cock, nipple
or anus superbly. Krystal had made sure she smoothed
away the eyes of the toy last of all so Maliia would have
a bright image of her new body burned into her brain when
her sight was gone. The toy still shuddered inwardly in
shock as she remembered her old eye lenses being faded to
clear and seeing the rubberised feminine dog girl staring
back at her in the mirror. For once she had envied the
pets that had been given the minds of dullards. She was
a fully conscious prisoner beneath the layers of
conditioning, hopelessly trapped in the vlatex body of a

Mistress Krystal snapped a leash to the permanent D-ring
on the collar-neck of her rubber pet and made it continue
to feed on her pussy while she toyed with it's zippered
closed right ear. It would be interesting if the rubber
pet had two extra pussies installed instead of ears so
her Lord could enjoy fucking the head of the creature at
the same time as her. She mused over it quietly and
added it to the eternal list of changes planned for her
curvy sex animal. She could re-attach auditory canals to
the vlatex walls of the ear-pussies, amplifying the
liquid sounds of sex in the pet's head. She wondered
what would happen to the part of Maliia's brain where the
new channels were going but she supposed a spell could be
designed to perform the modification whilst leaving the
ability of the pet to comprehend her situation in tact.
Maliia must remember everything done to her.

Maliia's obedient lengthened vlatex tongue flicked deeper
into Krystal's wet cleft as the hard working slave fought
in vain against her rigid programming. After two hours
Krystal finally arched her petite muscly body and came.

Feeling playful, she unzipped an ear and whispered softly
into it.

"Tell me your name and you can go free". The overstuffed
pussy lips of the feminine creature rippled as it
struggled to voice its own name, but not a sound emerged.
Instead the vaginal folds dribbled a helpless torrent of
thick, clear pussy juice that hung off the pet's chin in
a long thread, dangling almost to its breast. Maliia
would never speak through that orifice again unless she
learned to communicate using lubricant bubbles. She
flushed with hot shame as the other serving staff stared
at her with pity. She had become the lowliest animal
possible - a rubber dog slut.

Krystal put her toy in a long black rubber dress with
multitudinous glossy pink rubber frills at the wrists,
neck and near the ankles. It was imprinted white
lettering across its smooth black head with a clear
indication of who it had once been: "Maliia". Krystal
tightened the straps of the dress and the oversexed dolly
shivered gently in a futile inner struggle.

"Enjoy your limbs while you still have them, my little
pussy pet. I am thinking about making you an eager
toilet slave one day, but I also think you would make an
excellent incubation unit and milker for one of my
fertilised eggs - with your arms and remainder of your
legs removed of course - can't have a stupid incubator
running away with our baby now can we?"

-- This chapter for toilet slave lovers only

Lord Eccles and Krystal were practical people and tired
of getting up in the middle of the night to run to the
bathroom, but as usual it had been Krystal's suggestion.
Lord Eccles had no idea that she planned to use their pet
as the raw materials for the living amenity instead of a
government surplus slave. Within a day the anonymous new
toilet slave was embedded permanently in the heavy rubber
mattress of the couple's king size bed, on her back. Her
legs no longer existed for a toilet girl had no use for
them. Inside the mattress her hands were curled into
loose fists away from her torso providing two
masturbatory pussy facsimiles on the surface to match her
real sex that was also still available for use, albeit
usually plugged closed.

Her totally enclosed head, all that was visible of her
above the surface of the mattress, was squeezed upright
through a tiny stretchy collar in the glossed vlatex
sheets. To outward appearances the toilet slave's eyes
were smoothed over completely but she could see what was
coming if she wasn't blanketed by a heavy rubber top
sheet. Two dangling earring-like earlobe zippers hid her
new deep audial pussies, two new sexual openings built
into the sides of her head.

Her nose ripple had been given a ring pull zipper that
opened her nostrils to the world once again. Krystal had
wanted to make sure the hapless disposal unit smelled all
that she was programmed to humiliatingly adore eating.
Her mouth was a round orifice that could stretch wide
enough to completely cover a woman's sex and her sheathed
rubber tongue had been specially lengthened yet again
with some special modifications for her new position in

Not only was her tongue designed to clean and sterilise
her own mouth and lips but also the nether regions of her
"customers". It was hollow. If an anal pucker was
pushed into her face she would insert her frictionless
probe and fill the anal cavity with body temperature
water that she stored in her breast tanks for such an
occasion. Then, using powerful suction from her mouth,
she would swallow the entire semi-solid contents and lick
the orifice sparklingly clean. Liquid wastes were the
most simple to dispose of, especially when Lord Eccles

Maliia was mattressed with just her featureless head
waiting helplessly for the next messy, degrading meal
that not even an animal would swallow, a meal that she
accepted eagerly because her programmed rubberised body
told her to do it even though inwardly it disgusted her.
She was lower than an animal - a shiny human toileting
unit. Sometimes it was worse still. Eccles connected
pumps to the trapped creature's anal and vaginal outlets
and re-fed the slave it's own waste in a perpetual cycle,
each one thicker and more pungent than the last.
Outwardly, of course there was no mess at all - the
entire process was sealed cleanly in the sloshing tubes
and rubber body of the couple's very own toilet girl.

Of course the inlet of their bedded toilet slave was
excellent for oral sex too. The slutty creature's
circular facial opening had a use as a warm, soft round
fuck hole for Eccles's clean member - the teeth had long
ago been replaced with velvety rubber pads for just such
an occasion.

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