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-- Rebecca books a holiday

Rebecca walked into the government-sponsored Royal Travel
Agency during her lunch hour, marvelling immediately at
the attractive bondage uniforms of the customer service
representatives. Her initial view as she stepped through
the front doors should have told her something was wrong,
but Zorelle's order that everyone must wear rubber in
their place of work meant that she saw nothing unusual in
the three rows of vlatex-sealed women wired directly to
their computer screens. The all-in-one head pieced
jumpsuits the staff wore seemed extreme, leaving each
shiny girl just her eyes, but Rebecca found them quite
sexy. Of course, communicating was a problem - the
girl's mouths were sealed beneath the vlatex hood
sections of the uniforms.

Rebecca marvelled at the attractive mirror finish outfits
and features of the customer service representatives.
Each employee was neatly dressed in a strikingly tight
catsuit uniform of red, white and blue plastic that
curved seamlessly up over her head, leaving a genie tail
of artificial blonde or brunette hair cascading over her
gleaming smooth shoulders.

The vision in plastic nodded wordlessly at the empty seat
on the other side of the desk and Rebecca sat down,
noting with surprise that the travel agent simply had
"#2" written on her name plaque.

The naive customer felt a little sorry for the trapped
maiden who served her. Though Rebecca had experimented
with rubber bondage play in private, the girl could not
imagine being sealed up all day to the point where she
could not even take a drink. The travel agent's shiny
outfit was incredibly tight and she looked almost as if
she was moulded into her seat, instead of sitting on it,
but Rebecca knew that was impossible.

Denied the luxury of voice because it encouraged non-work
related chitchat, the gleaming saleswoman communicated
with her pretty customer through a little crystal screen
on the desk.

Rebecca could not know the torso on #2 was fake - the
large puffy white PVC office chair #2 seemingly sat in
was actually her real, modified and de-legged body, a
human support for an artificial doll whose head was the
only real part. The neck was suitably disguised to make
it appear to be attached to the body of the doll, not to
the living seat as it really was. The female chair had
been slid down on a pulsing, frictionless air piston that
extended from the circular base to allow her rigid body
to swivel, spearing as it did into her puffy white
plastic pussy that bulged from the underside of her chair
butt. As with all Zorelle's travel agents, her brain was
wired painlessly and directly into a booking computer,
which displayed customer choices and selections silently
on the screen.

Thanks to a direct neuron link the computer fed #2
constant sensation but she could not even wriggle. If
she only had a mouth instead of a little aesthetic bulge
and the computer stopped utterly controlling her actions
for a moment, she could have communicated her plight to
the client. Perhaps one day she would be able to plead
for help or raise the alarm, something she wished in vain
with every customer. Her beautifully formed lips had
been dipped time and time again in frictionless plastic
latex, first blending the sharp lines into indistinct
ripples and then smoothing them over completely. The
government ensured that every last recognisable feature
on her face was covered with impervious rubber or

The vlatex tour-booking computer had been known to become
a little confused, sending people to the wrong
destinations or in the wrong format. Such events were
never officially admitted but seemed to occur more often
when a customer was rude or the staff member happened to
be having a computer-induced orgasm at the time the
transaction was submitted.

Number Two berated herself daily for signing her supposed
one week work contract, but made amends for her original
stupidity by seeking revenge occasionally on her clients,
those people ultimately responsible for her being there.
She envied their freedom and never hesitated to help them
lose theirs if they deserved it.

The last week had been a good one for her mental balance
sheet. On Monday she had sent a pushy blonde lady
customer on a white water rafting expedition as
requested. The rich woman was probably not enjoying the
rapids so much while trapped in the form of an inflatable
raft with only a tiny valve to breathe through for the
rest of her life.

Two pretentious girlfriends who had booked a safari on
Tuesday were no doubt enjoying their free accommodation
in the secluded private zoo of a collector in a far away
land. The Nordic blonde had become a long limbed vlatex
zebra with polished hooves and the black woman was
spending life beside her as a shiny black rubber panther.
They had been suitably sealed and programmed for their
roles prior to delivery despite noisy initial protests.

On Wednesday one male client had wanted "to be the center
of attention at his very own Rubbermaid resort". He
currently lived trapped inside the most feminine, big-
breasted Rubbermaid on the island, with terrible bondage
enhancements effected on his female body.

Rebecca found the vacation she wanted as she flicked
through a brochure. The picture showed women at a luxury
health spa resort being tended to and pampered by
Rubbermaids, each faithfully copied in design from the
Queen's own Rubbermaids! She was guaranteed her own
rubber toys to use, everything from glossy sex dolls to
keep her bed warm at night to living trapped catsuit
women who could be worn helplessly around the retreat.
It was a holiday of decadence!

She booked the weeklong trip immediately, the suctioned
lass at the desk taking her details and credit card
number as a printer spat out her travel contract. The
agency even offered an unbelievable discount if Rebecca
signed her twenty-page travel contract immediately, which
she did, in a rush because her lunch hour was almost

The images on the screen confirmed the location had been
chosen correctly. As expected the travel agent made no
sound during the entire exchange - #2 did not have her
mouth free. As the words "submitting holiday plan"
appeared on the display, Rebecca failed to notice the
chair shudder as trapped #2 was teased to orgasm in the
middle of the transaction.

Her bookings confirmed, the happy girl returned to work,
her own vlatex catsuit and hobble dress squeaking as she
walked down the street. Ever since Zorelle had come to
power, vlatex was commonplace, with some people opting
for even more restrictive materials like metallic rubber.
She deserved the break from work and vowed to tell no-one
which holiday destination she was headed to this time -
no more annoying work related calls.

Rebecca couldn't think of anything else all day except
the looming holiday. If only she had known! The big-
breasted beauty was flushed and excited. Following
Zorelle's Breast Decree for their province, she had
already had her statutory breast enlargements done, only
recently deciding to have her tits increased yet again.
As the subway train hurtled through its tunnels she found
several excuses to rub them against her thick, sealed
hobble dress - a sure sign she was feeling horny.

The train zoomed passed beneath a new bridge and Rebecca stared at
the rubber pipe stretched across the overpass, in some places sprayed
with graffiti. At least she was still free to do as she wished in
the new society of the evil queen. Others had fared much worse.

The pipeline was the sparkling new milk aqueduct system Zorelle had
built above the city streets, a system designed to deliver milk from
her best milking factories to a processing plant closer to the
castle. The cow patterned rubber tubing through which the milk
flowed was not regular tubing, for it was built entirely from former
troops of Supergrrl's army, each individual heavily modified to shunt
milk directly from her mouth to her vagina - those that did not have
a female sex to begin with were soon given one. Due to the tightness
of the shrink tube crushing their rubber sealed bodies together, she
could easily make out that most of the human pipeline components were
connected mouth to pussy with their arms clutching the legs of the
female in front to form a long chain through which the milk was
pumped. Some did not have limbs at all for arms or legs were of very
little use to a quiescent aqueduct prisoner.

The towers to support the length of cow patterned rubber tubing had
appeared on street corners in the space of one evening. Factories
along the way could conveniently divert milk from the high-pressure
line through the tit access ports that had been provided on every
tenth aqueductee. Normally breasts were sealed tight and squashed
flat against the inner wall of the shrink tube such that they were
reduced to bumps in the sparkling stretched surface. Every tenth
tubed individual however, had small round holes through which her
boobs were squeezed, ready to be milked by a suckling cable.
(Later, privatisation of the aqueduct system saw its expansion and
some dirty dealings by all companies involved. More than one honest
executive, it is said, ended up spending the rest of her life with
her face sealed between the legs of the pipeline component in front
of her.)

The pretty office executive smiled and her thoughts moved to how she
would soon make use of her holiday slaves.

-- Rebecca as brothel furniture

Rebecca had plenty of time to reflect on her moment of
contract-signing recklessness in her new role as a
permanent fixture in Zorelle's vlatex brothel.

By sunrise of the first day of her so-called vacation she
had become a totally controlled rubber pleasure unit,
modified to the extreme, fully aware of her actions yet
unable deviate from her programming, instructions that
would be refreshed every day by a "sleeping" hood that
enveloped her head and forcibly rearranged her thought

Rebecca's skin was turned to black rubber, her arms
pressed into her torso so they no longer existed, the
extra mass flowing to her already disproportionate tits.
Her massively rounded rubber bosom defied gravity, easily
holding up the immense weight of the two polished golden
O rings that dangled from her nipples. Her feet were
arched to become permanent vlatex ballet boots, graced
with tall golden stiletto heels that existed for
aesthetic purposes only - they were too short to ever
reach the floor as she walked. She squeaked softly as
she walked around her small performance room. Her entire
body had been dipped in obsidian vlatex with the
exception of her sex openings and her turgid, oversized
areolae which were crafted in the finest gold rubber,
polished to a metallic lustre. Her head was a smooth
black oval, every identifying feature blended and erased
away by the polished substance.

A young rubber clad man walked into the room and
instantly the computers running the brothel detected him,
changing parts of her amorphous head so she could
accommodate such a guest. Rebecca's featureless black
rubber oval formed a gold petalled pussy where her mouth
had once been, the bright colour matching her nipples.
Her vision was, as always, uni-directional. At the whim
of her controllers she could see out through one-way
lenses, but her eyes were forever hidden from customer
view by what appeared to be a thick vlatex coating. The
solid rubber head of a Rubber Brothel Whore had no need
for a nose or ears and consequently Rebeccadoll had

Occasionally she would be given just a round fucking hole
where her mouth was supposed to be but usually she
modelled a burnished pussy on her face, designed for oral
sex with male customers for they were the most common.
The Madame made her watch the first time it happened and
she recalled the horrible permanence of it all. Her jaw
was forever locked in a wide-open position and her mouth
had been greatly modified internally. Every one of her
beautiful, perfect teeth had been removed, her gums,
cheeks, tonsils and uvula turned into expanded, velvety
pads of golden vlatex leaving barely enough space for her
dipped stimuli-tongue to slide along its inviting
interior, let alone with an invading penis squashed in
there as well! Her soft, warm, self-lubricating mouth
could give better head than almost any modified woman on
the planet.

Rebecca still had her vocal cords, but she couldn't do
any more than moan and hum with them. The golden pussy
mouth floated in a surrounding sea of perfect black, its
two protruding, slightly dangling folds begging male
customers to let her give them the best blowjob of their
lives. Rebeccadoll was helpless to pull back as her
programming made her swallow and milk exquisitely every
new shaft that appeared in front of her face, savouring
the flavour to every last salty drop. She worshipped her
clients and the awful computer she obediently plugged
herself into each day had rewired her brain to make her
addicted to their sperm. She begged for it.

She knew she would never speak again. Not only had the
computer disconnected the synapses that determined speech
in her brain but also it had made her observe while it
replaced her words with a series of sexual slurps. Any
attempts at speech using the folds of her sex mouth
produced soft fucking noises and a dribble of lubricant.
Her extraordinary golden facial pussy gave her as much
pleasure as her original clit between her legs, perhaps
more so because it was vacuum tight. Later, customers
would learn that Rebeccadoll still used her mouth-like
opening to eat and took to teasing her, peeling thick
bananas and sliding them down her throat because she
always came from the unfettered pleasure. Her
programming had made her love the taste of cum and
Rebeccadoll would often beg for it like some kind of
debased animal. The Madame had ensured that all her
identifiable features were gone, smoothed over and
blended away by the taut, magical vlatex. Nobody would
ever find her, but still she had faith in one day
returning to her old life.

Her lover made an effort to visit every brothel and slave
auction in the land, pretending to be a keen customer,
hoping to one day release his sweetheart from the
nightmare world he knew she was trapped in. Rebecca
suspected she may have been unrecognisable to her friends
who came searching the rubber brothel pits for her but
did not give up hope entirely until one fateful day.

-- Rebecca, missing person found?

The tall gentleman was given the rubberised Rebecca dolly
to use as a warm-up toy, quickly sliding his shaft into
the soft intimate, restructured throat that seemingly
pulsed with happiness at his entry. "These automations
get better every month" he mused to himself, running his
fingers over the smooth ovoid head of the doll. He
looked around the room, examining the many rubber clad
girls to see if any resembled Rebecca in size or
appearance, even dressed in rubber, but nobody seemed
even close.

Rebeccatoy's oral slit pulsed even when it was not filled
these days, thanks to day after day of programming by the
computer, but when it was filled it erupted with helpless
rippling sex. This was no exception. The sex doll was
never given time to be bored, or even time to think for
herself but she managed to snatch a glance up at her
client, her brain coming alive at the face she
recognised. She tried to emit some kind of alarm, and
would have given anything at that moment to emit more
than a soft moan with her useless rubber coated vocal
chords. Her hopeless sex-centred brain misinterpreted
the signal as a request to release a double mouthful of
thick lubricant. A deluge of the gelatinous clear fluid
filled her soft vlatex gullet, turning her speech into a
half choking, happy sucking gurgle. She looked up at him
through the one-way lenses and it seemed that he was
looking into her eyes. But he was not. He was briefly
appreciating the lifelike design of the attractive robot
creature busily servicing his shaft. Jokingly he mused
that perhaps he should start checking out the dolls
too.but dismissed the thought. No woman could live
inside such an automation - his Rebecca could not be the
smooth faced, sightless doll beneath him.

He spoke to the Madam before leaving.
"This warm-up doll you let me use for free gives
wonderful head. I could do with one of these at home!"
He bantered, patting the shiny smooth top of its rubber
head with his hand as it bobbed up and down on his shaft
again, marvelling at the way the woman-shaped doll could
be programmed to act as if it were alive. "Perhaps you
could sell it to me?"

Rebecca's heart leapt, but only briefly.

"Apologies Sir, this doll is privately owned and cannot
be sold - however you may use it as often as you like
here at the brothel."

When she was not being used in the whorehouse, she was
chained on a soft rubber bed in the sealed basement
wearing a specially designed three-way chastity bodysuit.
The fine kid leather bodysuit covered her completely from
head to toe, and pressed tightly against her skin. It
held a large dildo in each of her three vaginas. One of
the dildos could be unbuckled at any time to give access
to one of her pussies for special guests.

-- How to make a Batgrrl statue

Zorelle had taken the most part of Barbara Gordon's arms
and legs long ago, leaving her as a rubber stumped torso
for her stage act. It had been a perfect destiny for the
bat lady - spending her life as an overdone rubber torso
that existed only to pleasure men and women and herself
where possible.

But the club underwent renovations, closing down for a
year as it was completely rebuilt using quivering fem-
bricks. The new black rubber blocks had a fat silver
pussy opening in one side that would attract visitors
from all over the world to use them but while they were
being installed there could be no customers. The Batgrrl
slave act was cancelled and Zorelle bought back the
contract for the sex mad heroine, installing her in the
statue corner at the castle.

First Barbara's arm and leg remnants were totally spelled
away. Zorelle made the helpless Wonda Woman and
Supergrrl fix solid rubber arms and legs onto the cropped
heroine and spray her with a black vlatex mist of a
tighter, more rigid material. The artificially re-limbed
rubber torso was struggled into a liquid catsuit that
resembled her original fetish costume, right down to the
deep blue and metallic yellow cape and golden boots. It
vacuum packed and sealed against her, trapping her in the
awful parody of her official costume.

The statue was a rubberized wet dream version of Batgrrl,
almost alive looking, close to walking away yet none
could tell it had completely useless solid rubber arms
and legs, and that the ballet booted toes of the catsuit
were glued and bolted into the floor.

Batgrrl was painted in thin film of clear supersheen
latex to seal her completely for she would be on display
in the statue corner a long time - if the figurine had
appeared ten years ago, before magic and before Zorelle's
evil, nobody would have imagined the beautifully crafted
statue with the barely perceptible quivering mechanism
was the real Batgrrl inside.

The busts and curves of the golden black dipped twins who had once
been the dynamic duo of Gotham city, matched in size and colour the
compressed Batgrrl statue they were programmed to worship every day.
The armless, now waist-booted bimbos were assigned to polish their
lustrous statued companion with their tits on the hour, every hour.

Zorelle playfully suckled on the always-erect nipples of
her newest statue, marvelling that her enemy could be so
well entombed by such a thin shell of rubber. She had
plans for when the statue grew boring - it could easily
be prised from the floor and sold as a sex doll that
would stay exactly where you put it. The forced sensory
isolation of the coating would ensure Batgrrl would soon
be deprived of her sanity, especially when her enhanced
and squeezed body was given drugs to make it ache for sex
that was denied in her rigid state.

-- A Rubbermaid's celibacy regret

One of the type V Rubbermaids that serviced Zorelle's
private suites was a little different in appearance to
the rest of her comrades. Oh, she had the same all
enveloping suctioned latex maid costume as the others,
the towering high heels, the disproportionately pneumatic
yet dainty body, but she also sported a permanently erect
two foot penis which jutted from an equally massive set
of balls, all suitably latex coated and decorated with
frills of feminine white rubber. The maid had been
another failed attempt at a relationship by Zorelle many
years ago - the man inside the pretty face of the servant
felt daily regret for ever having met the evil sorceress.
Their romance at university had flowered briefly, but
Zorelle immediately insisted that his penis was too small
and forced a growth and permanent erection spell on his
member. A stormy break-up followed and he thought he
would never date again - he felt ridiculous with this
jutting tent in his trousers - he couldn't leave the
dorm! Word got around of his attribute and he was
suddenly very popular amongst the college girls. He
began a lucrative porn career.

Many years later, the return of Zorelle in power had seen
him removed of his celebrity status - she modified his
features and body to womanly curves so that he could
become one of her personal Rubbermaids, leaving just his
spectacular endowment intact so she could make use of it
- the evil queen liked being filled after all. On this
day however, Zorelle had something very specific and
final she wanted from her forcibly obedient servant. She
spoke softly to the creature while she ran her hands
lovingly over the lustrous rubber coated shaft she had

"You have something I need, my gorgeous one.... this!
I'm sure you'll miss it, but it's time to complete your
changes". The Rubbermaid would have fled had not the
enchanted latex of the clinging maid's costume kept her
rigidly in check awaiting an order. Thanks to the spells
built into the sleek black and white material, she was
unable to do anything at all unless she was given a
direct order to do it - and then had no choice but to
obey. Even if she were told to leap into the latex
melting vat she would do so, her pouting rubber lips
fixed in the happy smile she was trained to give. She
had never attempted frowning and could not know that her
face had been moulded solid, making melancholy looks
physically impossible.

Zorelle grasped the penis and balls by the roots and to
the horror of the trapped maid, they came away neatly in
her hands as if it was merely a huge dildo - a two foot
mass of sealed, polished latex. The evil woman
transferred the organ to herself as easily as if she was
gluing it on, attaching it just forward of her vagina,
where it joined seamlessly to her skin. Zorelle now had
both sexes at her disposal. If the Rubbermaid could have
bent her stiffened neck and looked down between her legs,
she would have seen her newly formed, latex coated pussy
carving a shiny, pouting slash between her legs. The
half-ovals of her pussy-lips were dipped in contrasting
glossy white rubber and a similarly polished black
clitoris squeezed between them. The chambermaid could
sense something missing as a breath of fresh air flowed
over the surface of her new sex. She had a feeling that
she would not be getting her penis back.

"There, rubberslut - I've changed every part of you but
your brain, which I think I'll leave how it is for now.
A copy of my vagina looks good on you - but just to make
sure there won't be others using it without my
permission, I'll have to close you up", Zorelle growled,
fondling her newly acquired shaft. Eyelets and rubber-
coated laces appeared in the maid's latex pussy lips and
were drawn tightly closed over her bulging, sensitive
flesh. When they were magically tied off it was just
possible to stretch and zip together two small white
latex labial flaps that neatly covered the whole affair
with frills. But these protective folds were also living
additions to the maid's body. Zorelle rubbed her new
penis across the sealed lips of her now complete
Rubbermaid, and the thin vlatex membrane that protected
the girl's virgin oral cavity split like a ripe tomato.

"Eat me, bitch!", she commanded. The helpless girl had
no inclination to disobey and swallowed the shaft to
depths of her stomach while in her mind she was totally
repulsed by her actions.

"I'm going to have an exact replica made for you to wear
as an everlasting gag, my obedient Boyfriend.... you'll
get used to my size eventually - though perhaps not once
I get THIS big". The Rubbermaid's muffled choking
entreaties faded away to silence as Zorelle's penis
doubled in width to the thickness of a leg, effectively
trapping the Rubbermaid on its girth from her lips to the
depths of her stomach, almost dislocating her toothless
jaws. The dainty neck and torso of the vlatex coated
servant visibly expanded as her body sought ways to
accommodate the huge organ, pushing her breasts out and
widening her slim throat.

Zorelle bucked her hips and her enslaved lover felt a
massive explosion of warm fluid inside her gullet. The
pressure was tremendous - it filled her remaining stomach
and bowel in an instant and knocked flat her anal muscles
as if they were not even there. Spurting free, the semen
carried with it no waste at all for a Rubbermaid does not
normally eat, keeping her anal cavity sparkling clean at
all times. A waterfall of semen flowed unhindered from
her buttocks into the rear of her airtight maids costume,
which squeezed a layer of the sticky white fluid up over
the rest of her emasculated body. The pressure was so
great that some of the jism was squeezed up the side of
the invading shaft, filling the trapped girl's mouth and
squirting from her nostrils.

As do many men after sex, Zorelle fell asleep on the
spot, still anchored firmly inside her messy human
masturbator, which lay silent and still, outwardly
unconcerned by the proceedings. Inwardly, the pretty
maid seethed in impotent girlish rage and humiliation at
the depths to which she had been reduced.

News of Zorelle's new attribute and sexual duality spread
wide throughout the kingdom and many women sought to copy
her success by using the bodies of their husbands or
boyfriends to achieve the result. The new breed of
fierce feminine creatures emerged and proclaimed
themselves "Vixens".

Some Vixens absorbed the bodies of their mates
completely, keeping just the shafts of their menfolk and
using the extra mass of the devoured victims to fill out
their breasts and buttocks. The assimilated men spent
the rest of their days as juddering tit or ass flesh,
much to the delight of their womenfolk. Other Vixens
merely took the shaft and balls, leaving behind a
submissive slave girl ready to swallow what had once been

-- Rebecca visits the Asylum

A groggy Rebecca slid down the exit chute from the
plastiskin dipping machine and crumpled in a limp heap on
the floor. The brothel had delivered her to the Asylum,
her limbs restored to moderate normalcy, a few months
after her lover had sought her out. She did not know
that boyfriend had been caught that very day, but as far
as her current predicament was concerned, she guessed the
Brothel had decided to dispose of her once and for all
lest others try a rescue. Her arms were was still
effectively useless and difficult to control because she
was unused to having them attached to her torso. She had
been dangling in a dipping vat for many hours to ensure
her new skin was bonding firmly with her old. Her new
outer layer constricted as it set, compressing her body

Rebecca took a little time to determine where she was as
her new skin hardened even more around her. She had a
sinking feeling that her male friend who had been looking
for her had probably endured the same fate in another
room nearby, for his interest had been far too obvious
for the brothel to let him survive in his original form.
Silent alarm bells had been activated.

Nurse Seven, the Asylum staff member in attendance strode
forward, holding a small electronic device in one hand.
She ran the control along the surface of Rebecca's
natural-looking plastiskin to ensure it had covered the
girl completely.
"This one has just the right looks to be MY personal
slave", Seven thought to herself appreciatively as she
pictured the buxom maiden in a stiff bondage catsuit.

At the press of a button Rebecca found herself standing
almost instantly to her feet. Her body was under full
remote control thanks to a minuscule implant chip
injected in the back of her neck. As Seven tested the
controls, Rebecca managed to sneak a glimpse at her lower
body. Apart from the lack of hair and the wetlook
texture, she was relieved to see that she still looked
moderately normal. Her brief comfort ended abruptly as
she watched her skin turn milky and brighten until it
hurt her eyes. Every curve of the trapped girl's skin
had transformed into a flawless satiny stretch of pure
white vlatex, rippling with reflections from the
artificial lighting.

Her body had been turned into a rubberized canvas, a
living sculpture for Nurse Seven to shape and mould as
she wished. She wasted no time. Nurse Seven melded the
girl's hands and feet into useless yet charming paddles
to ensure that even if she could somehow wrestle the
remote control from her new owner she could not press the
combination of keys required to stop the process,
especially with missing thumbs. Seven went to town on
Rebecca's body, enhancing to bizarre proportions
everything that defined the terrified woman's visible
sexuality. The immaculate doll felt her eyes grow wider
and almond shaped, giving her a classic frightened animal
look. The world became suddenly brighter as she felt her
eyelids disappear to be replaced with transparent yet
instantly white-outable lenses.

Her eyes would never close again. Nurse Seven misted
them to glossy opaque white briefly to see what Rebecca's
face looked like with blank, smooth marbles where her
eyes had been and then forced them clear so the rubber
sheathed maiden had to watch her own transformation in
the mirrored walls. As she watched, her shiny little
nose was reduced to half its size and since it was a
fashion trend on some streets in town Rebecca had a
feeling that a heavy golden nose ring was going to grace
it soon, contrasting beautifully with the creamy white
rubber of her skin. Shamefully she found herself
attracted to the idea. Not like her at all.

Rebecca's kissing lips were changed next to super gloss
red vlatex, the wetlook of the compound adding to her
fuck toy look - it would never rub off like ordinary
lipstick! Nurse Seven had more to do to Rebecca's
mouth, expanding her lips to become absurdly full until
they covered almost all of the lower half of her
rubberised pearlsheen face. Her mouth was a bizarrely
fattened crimson pout of shiny rubber. Her new lips were
so full that they were impossible to control with her
vestigial muscles, sealing the new inmate's mouth off
completely. It was all she could do to make slithering
noises of highly polished rubber against rubber as she
tried to voice words.

Nurse Seven slid her graceful gloved fingers between the
tumescent lip flesh of her new toy's oversized ruby
kisser to reveal a hidden set of vertical pussy lips
fashioned in glistening snowy white vlatex from Rebecca's
own teeth and gums, with her swollen tongue entrapped
with and fused into the frictionless lining of her new
soft, welcoming rubber orifice. Her head was designed to
deliver the perfect blowjob. Looking closer as the
nurse's fingers probed deeper, she could see that the
outer labial lips of her hidden mouth pussy were eyeleted
once on each side, as was the protruding juddering
clitoris that had presumably once been her upper gum.
She could be leashed by these concealed anchor points and
everybody would think she merely sucked on the end of a
tether, a tether stuck tight between her fat lips.

Next Rebecca's mirror finish tits received attention,
expanding outward despite her futile attempts with paddle
hands to stop their growth. Her gravity-defying milkers
developed forwards to such a massive girth that she could
no longer touch her own nipples with her outstretched
paw-tips. As she raked at her surprisingly light bosom,
she could not see her rubber nipples elongating into
five-inch udders of the same fiery glossy hue as her
oversized lips. She felt a corset at work on her waist
but there were no laces evident.... the unbroken curve of
purest white vlatex caressing her torso shrank her into
an unforgiving hourglass of ten totally rigid inches at
the waist to the point where she felt she would be cut in
two. But no, her coating provided inflexible unbending
support for her back and internal organs, ensuring she
could never move quickly or even arch her back again.

Her gleaming hips grew excessively to contrast with her
tiny middle and Seven pointed at the mirror, making sure
the modified girl could see her last few changes past her
bondage tits - she would never again be able to look
directly at her pussy in this huge breasted format.
Seven painted the white figurine's pussy lips in wet-look
crimson to match the colour of her dangling nipples,
enlarging the sensitive lower folds of vlatex to the same
terrible proportions as her distended puffy mouth. "This
doll will really squeak as she walks," mused Seven to
herself. A plastic zipper seal, similar to the kind used
to re-seal plastic bags appeared over Rebecca's highly
enhanced pussy and the Nurse sealed it closed for the
time being. Seven fashioned a matching rear pussy from
Rebecca's anal ring and zipped that closed too, with the
view of amalgamating the two sometime soon into a single
large, accommodating fiery pussy. A pussy that would be
filled with very large dildos only!

Rebecca's toes stiffened into points as her legs became
living vlatex ballet boots, fashioned in the innocent
beauty of slick white rubber yet rigid as iron, leaving
her teetering on twelve inch heels that may as well not
have been there for they were not designed for walking
on. They were boots to keep her embondaged in a bed, to
drum into her mind her total lack of freedom. She would
be fucked in those bootlegs, unable to run or even walk
away without help. Nurse Seven came closer and showed
her the control. It read "SATIN RUBBERIZATION COMPLETE -
STATUS: PERMANENT". She had reached her basic format.

In the Asylum ownership was defined by possession and the
modified Rebecca now belonged entirely to Nurse Seven.
Her new owner designed her in the bright immaculate
"festive season" format to use a base for more exotic
changes, prancing her around for the other nurses to see,
keeping her trapped and helpless in a shiny white world
of juddering vlatex. Around her quarters, Nurse Seven
made her wear a very feminine heavy pink rubber maids
dress with an exposed bosom, cut in such a way that the
little pink rubber bows gracing her new impressive
peroxide tits were presented humiliatingly.

Her owner made her clean the already spotless white tiled
bathroom of her quarters from end to end, trapping her in
a strange inhumane format. With her legs removed at the
hip and her mittened hands turned into polishing pads,
Rebeccadoll had to drag her waterproof self across the
expanse of the floor, trailing a rivulet of leaking pussy
drool from her sealed yet unprotected sex at her groin as
it was dragged across the smooth tiles, leaving the half-
conditioned girl with a never-ending orgasmic cleaning
task behind her. Her ponderous crimson udders were
gliding across the nodules of the tiling as she buffed
the surface of the floor, the resulting orgasmic
sensations making even her packed pussy mouth dribble
copious amounts of lubricant down her front until she was
skating her tits over more milky fluid than she was
actually cleaning up. A number of slip-ups ensured she
was soon liberally coated in her own pussy juice.

Using the auto-do cubicle as usual, Nurse Seven had taken
the cleaning doll's legs for the duration of the day -
one easy touch of the control detached them from
Rebecca's torso. Her chuckling owner moulded one of the
sexy limbs into a glossy white turtleneck which she
zippered tightly over her upper body.

The other white vlatex leg she turned into a full dress
uniform, very thin, which she slid down over the top,
tight against her attractive body. Nurse waved farewell
until five o clock.

That evening, Nurse Seven lopped off her dolly's arms as
well. Their substance was blended with the dress and top
to produce a sleeping catsuit, which she slid into, much
to her captive torso-doll's chagrin. On release from her
auto-do cubicle later that night, Rebeccadoll sported
four long flat straps of super strong white vlatex where
her arms and legs were supposed to be, connected firmly
at her shoulders and hips. Using these straps, her
Mistress tethered her pristine toy-doll to the bed, face
up in a tautly spread star shape, each of her four limb-
straps tied off to a corner bedpost. Rebecca spent the
night with her owner cuddling her warm rubber skin, every
caress playing havoc with her amplified sense of touch.

The next day, just as the Rebecca toy was beginning to
think she had lost movement forever, Nurse Seven took off
the white catsuit and regenerated the toy's arms and legs
from it. The stretched girl's mittened arms and
stiffened white legs were reattached to her body with the
same ease as they had been removed. Nursetress smoothed
over the ears of her unwilling charge, leaving a doll
with slight ripples to show where her pretty ears had
been. Rebecca could hear only muffled noises unless the
sound was a direct command in her ear. Seven slipped a
creamy vinyl posture collar about the neck of her over
designed pet, faded its eyepieces to opaque and led it
silently towards the large dining room to show her off to
the other Nurses. She had dressed Rebecca in a skin-
tight latex mistress dress made from a shiny transparent
fabric which, though cut conservatively, showed off every
added feature of her voluptuous white body and its
crimson trimmings. All who saw her knew she had been
designed for sex, and if she could have coaxed an
impossible blush from her snowy cheeks she would have
turned beet red at that moment.

The Nurses in the Common Room wore varying costumes, each
with a semblance to an original nurse's outfit. Most
were in the stiffer, tighter vinyl and had very little
real skin visible. Some nurses had their own creatures
presented too. One such charge wore a thick black rubber
catsuit with enormous breasts and a mask, which was
sculpted to its features. It was sightless and instead
of lips, it had a pussy where its mouth should have been,
a regular sight among Asylum toys.

Only a few of the higher ranked nurses were deemed above
the regulations and allowed to ignore the full gagging
rules that kept most staff silent. One of the ungagged
ones who gathered about Nurse Seven's feminine creation
absently played with Rebecca's erect nipples before
stating the obvious.
"A very pretty pet, Nurse, but as you know we do not
have the space and time to maintain any more slaves like
this. She will have to become a proper toy."

Nurse Seven shook her head and looked as if she was about
to try and voice a complaint through her self gag-sealed
mouth but just shrugged. She knew her sister was right.

"That's it then - have her suitably ready and in my
quarters by this evening. I will make her a toy myself
and then you can have it back" came the order from her

Seven turned her squeaky clean charge around and walked
her from the room. Harmless, fat lipped Rebecca was
oblivious to her fate due to her rubber sealed ears - not
only were her auditory canals filled to the brim with
rubber but her smoothed earlobe bumps reflected noise
instead of channelling it.

Again she graced the auto-do cubicle in Seven's room.
Her white vlatex skin was thickened all over, restricting
her movement dramatically and de-sensing her body until
she couldn't even feel touch. Her already high ballet
boots rose higher until she stood on the very point of
her toes, the long heels too short and remaining for
aesthetic purposes only. Her arms were forced behind her
body to cup her mirrored white bum cheeks, pressing her
hands to the slick surface and mating them there. Her
arms sank to the wrist, leaving her chest helplessly
presented, and her arms blended with her back to leave
her momentarily with an arm binder that ended in her
coccyx. Her arms were in the way for her next format and
were subsequently swallowed up by her torso, the extra
mass flowing like treacle up into her tits.

A heavy clear plastic catsuit with a corset waist and no
arms appeared around her body, squeezing her breasts out
through two tiny circular openings in the front and
leaving a taut plastic seal over her pussy mouth and
nether regions. Seven pulled out a long list of changes
she wanted to make to her toy before the night was out.

-- Rebecca is handed over in the pet amnesty

Nurse Seven demonstrated Rebecca's new features in the
mirror one last time before she handed her over. The
rubberised female saw her own fat red lips parted to
reveal no surprises - the same vertical pussy lips tat
had been forced upon her earlier. But these lips parted
further to reveal another set of horizontal vlatex
kissing lips beneath, which, in turn parted to reveal
another set of vertical rubber pussy lips, velvety and
lubricated in readiness for sex. She had four permanent
layers of rubber covering her mouth - four sets of tight
plushy folds to nestle a shaft between, four layers of
slippery oral tightness. Seven pulled her finger from
the lips of her lovedoll and sighed in resignation - it
was time to go. She strapped her plastic packaged slave
onto a conveyor trolley, dialling the destination code of
the head Nurse's room. The trolley hummed to life and
trundled slowly down the corridor, carrying the helpless
Rebecca with it on a one-way journey to Toyland.

-- Rubber dog Supergrrl

Rubber pet Supergrrl slurped obediently on her master's
cock while her new mistress fucked, doggy style, both her
pussy and her recently installed anal pussy
simultaneously with the double headed strap-on she wore.
They had turned her into their very own helpless vlatex
dog and fed her brain programming taken from real canine
obedience training. She loved it even though she could
feel it forced upon her.

Within ten minutes of the neutralised Supergrrl's
purchase from a television advertisement and subsequent
arrival, her long, pretty hair was gone and her skin
replaced entirely from bald skull to the tips of her toes
with glossy reddest-of-red vlatex. Her rubberised
tongue, lips, pussy lips, fat nipples and eye shadow were
a deeper red vlatex than the rest of her body but were
shinier and just as smooth, polished to atomic levels to
make her a hundred times as slippery as the best effort
teflon could do.

She glided back and forth on frictionless shiny hands and
knees over the top sheet off the latex bed in the rubber
doghouse that was her home now as she was pumped from
both ends by her owners, her neck corset and dog collar
preventing removal of the shaft filling her throat, even
if she wanted to twist her head away, which she did not.

She could feel her massively enlarged boobies dangling
heavily beneath her body, her erect polished nipples
skating smoothly across the glistening material each time
she slid with the pumping motion. She knew later that
her mistress and master would take each a nipple of hers
in their mouths while she was trapped in a training
harness, submitting to her daily hour of programming from
the slut-making computer she both loved and hated. She
could feel that each day she listened to the whispers of
the machine it became harder to resist its urges. She
watched as the rubber slut before her came out of the
machine, begging to be made into a toilet slave.
Supergrrl could not know that she too would be begging
for rubber toilet duties some day soon.

-- Superdog reflects on her changes

The liquid-red rubber puppygirl on the black patent
leather bed struggled quietly. First they had given her
a cute rubber tail and stiff fingerless paw-mitts for her
hands that were completely unable to grip anything. The
cute crimson vlatex puppy dog-ears completed the look
along with a ball gag muzzle. Bizarre twelve inch high
heels ensured she could barely walk and once they had
even dressed their dog in a humiliating maids costume and
then fucked her as the heavy black rubbery folds of the
frilly encumbering outfit swished against her sleek red
legs. Her programming taught her to eat food only from a
round dish on the floor and drink only from a liquid
sperm dildo protruding from her kennel at her crawling
height. Sadly, years later when she was rescued by a
humanimal rights group, almost none of her programming or
body modifications could be reversed even though deep
inside the real Supergrrl still existed and pleaded
silently for help and tried to change back.

-- A pierced Superpup

Then came her piercing. Not just any old piercing. Her
owners pierced Superpup in almost every imaginable place
in her body, then some more. She gazed at her rippling
rubber reflection with its countless metal additions in
horror and pre-programmed joy. It was bad enough that
they had originally dipped her in the heavy crimson
liquid rubber skin, but now no matter how she rolled, the
ponderous golden rings solidly anchored in her red
waterproof slutflesh clinked and rustled endlessly
together. She could not escape them. The rings threaded
through parts of her she didn't know could be pierced and
would be hers forever, to be joined by more as her owners
determined more ways to pierce her.
Soon her toilet training would begin.

-- Rebeccatoy, still sentient

Rebeccatoy lay quietly on her rubber-sheeted bed in the
Kingdom Asylum. She could do nothing else. She could
not even breathe unless her owner wished it, for she now
had a control chip in her rubberised brain that dominated
her body utterly. The chief nurse had loved her fleshy,
alternating folds of velvety pussy-mouth lips,
multiplying them until they extended all the way down her
throat and into her stomach. At the activation of one of
her thousands of circuits she could become a living
blowjob, her entire body acting as a pulsating suction
sheath for a male organ. Her air passage had been re-
routed, furnishing her with a little tube at the back of
her neck to breath through. But that opening alone
wasn't enough to keep her alive - her thickened, white
rubber skin compressed her innards so much that she could
breath only by being pumped full of air by a machine.
Even if they gave her body back, she could never leave
the Asylum without the machine, and then she would soon
run out of the special refill cylinders the machine

She lay on the rustling sheets of the bed unmoving, snug
in the creamy polished vlatex wedding dress the nurses
made her wear after her "marriage". In a bizarre little
ceremony, the nurses had dressed and married Rebeccatoy
to her rubber world, trapped her in a substance that
would fill the rest of her existence. Unbeknown to many,
the tightly laced, many-tiered garment had been made from
the Nurse's cheating husband who had been found lacking
in his marriage vows. The heavy, frilled dress also had
an internal catsuit that snuggled skin-tight against her
smooth curves, extending right to the wrists and ankles.

Beneath the smothering dress/catsuit she was
unforgivingly laced into tit corsets that squashed her
breast latex into shapes that would not have been
possible without the super-pliable rubberization and
massive expansion of her tits. The flexible, narrowed
tubes caressed her oversized bosom into two floor-length
breast sausages that ended in perfect globes of pearly
white rubber and an erect nipple dildo. The sensation
was too much for her. When they weren't exposed for
other games, Rebeccatoy's bust snakes were slid down the
length of the inner leg of her cat-dress so that the
white glossy rubber spheres protruded from the outfit on
the inside of her modified ankles, revealed her dildo
tits only if the folds of her skirt were lifted.

Rebeccatoy's arms were back but her hands had been
removed, replaced at the wrist by a very thick dildo that
was an inflexible extension of her arm. Her feet had
been forced into an even greater pointe and had soft
rubber dildos sticking out from the end of her ballet-
boot toes ensuring she would never stand again. Her
pearly skin had been thickened and blended yet again.
From the outside, she looked like a smooth, shiny ivory
rubber doll with huge, dildo-nippled boobs and no facial
features except for a fat, pouting mouth. Her dildo
hands and feet protruded attractively from her sleeves,
as she lay splayed on the bed gazing at the mirrored
ceiling through tiny pinpricks where her eyes used to be.
She saw in only black and white now, although she assumed
her mouth and pussies were still red and the rest of her
body sparkling white. The vision of her changes was too
much to comprehend.

Beneath the wedding dress her pussy and anus were
unprotectable, and coupled with her disablingly modified
body and her new programming, she was the ultimate rubber
fucking doll. Rebeccatoy was trapped forever in her
sterile white Asylum world. Her Nursetress had once
informed her that all exits from the building needed
fingers to unlock and had always ensured her sub did not
have functional digits. Her owner had toyed with the
idea of erasing the girl's mind but she got more pleasure
from watching the trapped woman trying to struggle her
frictionless body into some kind of impossible freedom.

Nurse made good use of her new personal rubber fuck toy,
sometimes growing a two foot long male shaft for the
creature to suck to the depths of her mouth sex and at
other times taking it to the nurse's common room to make
simultaneous use of all the dildo limbs by inviting all
her girlfriends to slide onto it at once.

-- Nurse Seven makes Rebeccatoy a fixture

Nurse Seven dragged a heavy white vlatex suit into the
room and made her unresisting toy slither itself into it
accommodatingly at the activation of an obedience
circuit. The suit bent her legs into a kneeling position
and the moment the seal was closed the lower portion of
it filled with rapidly setting glutinous liquid. Soon
she found her legs blended in a semi-triangular block of
solid rubber that made it appear as if she was trapped in
a suctioned bag from the hips down, her lower limbs
neutralized within a rigid mass of curvy white vlatex.
Her straightjacket arms were initially fixed tight around
her body beneath her enormous tits, supporting them like
the overflowing cups of a too-small bra. Swiftly, the
auto-do cubicle pulled Rubbertoy's arms closer to her
body; flattening and blending their mass into her already
oversized tits. Her arms were absorbed into her torso
until they remained only as straps that hampered her
breathing and uplifted her squeaking mammaries still

"Enjoy your last view of daylight, my compliant little Rubbertoy."
Nurse Seven smiled to her quivering prisoner as she gave the mental
command to seal off its head entirely. The toy's face smoothed over
and the layer shrank and polished itself. This time Seven followed
the Asylum rule for toys, deliberately erasing the cubicle's history
relating to vision and thus preventing anyone returning it to the
plaything at a later date. Rebeccatoy would never see again.

He body had become a kneeling straight jacket, totally
sealed in white vlatex. Her smooth face had no real
features, showing just her pair of fat lips on the lower
half, her neck arched backwards at the perfect angle for

Rebeccatoy could feel some other changes being made but
did not understand their significance. She was not to
find out what they were until she was installed and
activated in her new residence - the tearoom. She was
moved to the noisy room and positioned beside some other
toys. Two slave maids polished her straining body until
it shone, paying particular attention to her presented
nipples, oval face and wanton lips.

-- Nurse Twenty-Six uses her cock on the Rebeccatoy

Nurse Twenty-Six was a vixen. Her white vlatex skin and
her two-foot erect rubber dipped penis was the only
physical remainder of her husband. As with many Vixens,
she had turned him into a helpless, feminine looking
rubber doll and then catsuit, finally absorbing him over
her body. She had kept just his enlarged sex for her own
use, the rest of his rubberized soul trapped in her
lustrous skin. She still had her vagina, nestled beneath
the shaft where the scrotum would normally hang, the
latter now hidden deep inside. Spying the white fellatio
toy in the common room she gently unzipped the crotch of
her patent leather medical catsuit and slid her male
organ out. For once the room was silent but for the
tortured soft breathing of the toy coming from behind it.


Curious, she looked behind it and saw how it got its air.
Two glossy white rubber bags, much like a deflated
balloons hung flaccidly from the toy's anal region, no
doubt connected to its breathing valve. With each intake
of breath, the small amount of air in the upper bag was
evacuated, causing an abrupt halt in the airflow as the
suction closed the gap between the two layers. Unless
the plaything stopped breathing for a moment, the
collapsed input bag would allow no more oxygen to pass
through it. A pause in the intake allowed the bag to
return to its normal flaccidity, only to halt flow almost
immediately again as the toy attempted to breath again.

The poor creature took six or seven breaths to fill its
minuscule corseted lung capacity before expelling the
stale air terribly slowly through an airflow-limited
second bag with a long hiss. Twenty-Six was sure the
bags and limiters would be made smaller every year.

She was pleased to see that convenient handles had been
added to the sides of the toy's head where its ears would
be. The well-designed unit obviously had a very specific
purpose, which she would explore immediately.

Parting the overstuffed red lips, Twenty-Seven rested the
helmeted head of her glossy dick against the inviting
pussy mouth beneath, marvelling at how many times bigger
her cockhead was than the tiny aperture. Leaning
forward, she grasped the handlebars and thrust gently.
After a moment of pressure, her penis tip popped smoothly
into the soft padded cavity that had originally been
mouth, teeth and gums. It was incredibly tight due to
the fat girth of the knob, the entire lower half of the
toy's featureless face extending and ballooning out to
accommodate it with difficulty. She was chuffed to see
that the jaw of the doll had been designed to dislocate
if necessary for swallowing large objects - it did so in
this case.

The vixen felt another tightly lipped barrier at the back
of the throat and angled down and pushed past it. The
hissed breathing seemed to lose its rhythm. The vixen
slipped through the next obstruction, then the next,
continuing through the many layers of internal vaginal
lips, thrusting deeper through each one until her pussy
was pressing against the chin of the doll.

Twenty-Six anchored her dick in the most comfortable
position and sighed in pleasure as it expanded around her
and began a luxurious internal rippling motion. She
wondered if the unit had originally been male or female -
but it did not matter now - toys in the Asylum were never
allowed to become human again. The tongue of the living
dicksheath snaked its way underneath the invading prick
to slide deep into the rubberized white pussy behind it,
elongating and hardening to a length of four fat inches.
Life was good for vixens in Zorelle's kingdom.

-- Supergrrl as a sperm doll

Supergrrl #27, like so many of her duplicates, was a
rubber hooker. She peered through her graciously
transparent eyepieces and was relieved to see she had
retained her arms this time although her hands did feel
funny. She seemed unable to open her fists yet when she
squeezed them tight a sensation grew from a sexual tingle
to a tsunami of delight in her pleasure centres. Trapped
inside her vlatex doll body, she brought her metallic
blue latex hands into her field of vision and nearly
swooned at the thought of what had been done to her. Her
beautiful, piano player's hands had been artistically
curled into rounded, vlatex-dipped balls that showed no
evidence of the long slim fingers that she had once been
so proud of. One would have expected to be able to peer
through the tiny opening in her clenched fist but that
was now impossible. Installed in the core of her hands,
with her palms and missing fingers cupping them gently,
were two slippery vlatex vaginas, their many layers of
petal-like folds already oozing lubricant.

Her breasts had been modified by squeezing and smoothing
their curves together is if in a tight top, but it was
her real vlatex skin, not clothing at all, resplendent in
the same blue with red and yellow trim as her original
costume, only in a different material. They had taken
away the modesty covering of her cape, instead imprinting
it on her rubberized back in shiny red and yellow.
Rubber teats on her singular bosom marked where her
original nipples had been, topped by yellow rubber bows.
A smooth suspension bridge of shiny blue plastiskin
stretched from chin to nipple, completely replacing her
cleavage and throat - broken only by the fleshy rubber
opening of her recently installed breast pussy. The
tightly squeezed, self-lubricating orifice was designed
especially for tit fucking, allowing a customer to rest
his or her shaft in the narrow space of her internal
cleavage. Once inside, her breasts would swell
enormously to hold the invader with a slippery iron grip.
Her superbly polished orifice required no special
lubricants for entry and was self cleaning.

Superhooker had the standard pussy mouth and pussy anal
ring, but her butt cleavage had been modified in the same
way as her bosom, with her bottom shaped slightly into
muscly latex breasts with sensitive nipples protruding
from the middle of each. If she wore a pair of tight
fitting latex hotpants with internal bra cups, her
buttocks looked semi normal but otherwise her rear
nipples stood erect and were often happily suckled by the
guests - it was only when her tightly laced outer costume
was removed that her second humiliating bosom juddered
free, cradling a glisteningly wet set of twin rubber
pussies between her legs.

She was often forced to wear an all-enveloping suction
suit of impervious vlatex that had six internal
inflatable dildos to keep her lengthened passages packed
to the hilt when she wasn't being fed on her diet of
pure, anonymous sperm in all six openings. Later, after
begging to have more pleasure-giving pussies installed in
various parts of her body she broke the record for having
the most sexual orifices of any woman in the Kingdom,
even though she couldn't give a speech during the
televised award ceremony.

The brothel computer made her beg through sign language
to install more vaginal openings in her body every year.
The first choice was easy - she had never liked her
armpits much when she had body hair, but now that she was
effectively re-skinned with pure vlatex she was always
uncovered. She was constantly aware of her pubescent
offerings being presented to all. She had the first two
extra sexes installed in the hidden cavity of her
armpits, hoping she could hide them from view. She could
not believe it when she heard herself asking to have the
labia of the new pussies enlarged to be hugely puffy
rubber, so expanded in fact that she found it hard to
keep her arms flat at her sides. Her ears had been
gone for a long time - mere ripples on the side of her
head where they had been. They were chosen for the next
set of love lips - slick, rubber-walled pleasure canals
that curved down inside her head to meet up with her
extended throat sex, their path mapped through now
unimportant parts of her brain that had once been used
for free will - never able to be used again.

The aesthetically pleasing folds of her new headset of
glistening black pussy lips on both sides were re-
attached to her eardrums. She could hear normal sounds
extremely faintly, but could hear the squelch of an
invading shaft or two at incredible volume. The
overwhelmingly erotic sounds that poured into her brain
reinforced her helplessness and sex toy status and her
head was fucked from the front and both sides

Next she was given her belly button pussy, anchored in
the chest cavity between her lungs. Her pretty eyes too
were not required for good consumption of jism so they
were replaced by pairs of horizontal vaginal lips in a
clean, auto-do procedure that did not touch her brain at
all. She had no choice but to submit to her awful daily
programming. She did not comprehend what they had done
to her mind but she was fully aware of what she had
become and knew she would be unable to reverse it. She
had simply become a rubber vessel for sperm. She could
not walk normally, for the soles of her feet had become
unstable with the addition of a set of love lips in each,
centred in the pad of each foot, curving up into the
cores of her legs. She was truly a sperm doll. The only
way she could walk was to have special boots laced onto
her legs that had a stabilising internal dildo built in
the base to keep her steady.

Her cheeks were given a womanly rubber opening each,
leaving her with three holes on the lower part of her
face alone for "oral" sex, a word that had little
relevance to her new pussified body. Her massive tits
were modified again. Soon she sported two extra sets of
love lips just below her nipples, which protruded like
clits from the puffy, sleek openings. Her breasts alone
could be fucked in three places. Linda rebuked herself
yet again for underestimating the power of Zorelle as
another wave of pleasure washed through her heavily
modified and over sensitised body. If only she had known
what was going to happen perhaps she would have done
things differently.

-- A Vixen's husband gets his pussyface

"Seven suns! What have you done to him?" she whispered, staring at
what had become of her husband with a look compounded of equal parts
of shock and disbelief. Her husband had been transformed into a
slave girl as she requested, but his face had been radically modified
to give him three fat pussies in place of his eyes and mouth.

"No need to whisper, he cannot possibly hear you. He
does not have ears anymore," laughed the nurse as she
sealed the rear of the transparent latex skin sheathing
his huge titted body. "I do not think he comprehends
just what we have turned him into yet, but I am sure he
will make an excellent toy for your bedroom - much more
docile than before the processes!"

The nurse lifted three of five large dildos from her
tray. "Here, give me a hand plugging the holes. Try and
slot in all three simultaneously because the first
reaction is always worth watching". Sure enough, the
moment the dildos began to slide home in the eye pussies,
the creature began to buck and quiver as it realised the
enormity of its facial reconstruction. Its stubby,
truncated arms and legs flailed wildly but the nurse held
it firm and soon had them all deeply anchored. She
quickly zipped the permanently attached vlatex hood
closed, very snug, applying extra pressure to keep the
three shafts in place. Pressed down by the strong
rubber, they would not slide out until the hood was
unsealed. Next she slid a dildo home in the fattened
anal pussy and another in the puff-lipped vagina below it
before sealing the lower compartment. Being filled in so
many holes for the first time must have been an awful
experience for the poor living trinket but it made no
sound other than the soft slither of its vlatex skin and
the occasional wet slurp as it tried to communicate
around its plugs.

"Mistress Vixen, I assume you will have no trouble
working out how to use your husband's penis and balls now
that they are part of your body. A side effect of the
spell is that your dick will double in girth and length
during the next five days." Smiled the Nurse.

The new vixen giggled. "Mmmm...that will be huge! I do
hope that mouth pussy of his will stretch wide to
accommodate the new me!"

"You won't need to train him to use his tongue on your
pussy while he is sucking you off - that is programmed
in. But if your cock grows too big just make sure his
tongue is extended out its full eight inches before you
slide in. It would be a shame for such a pretty thing to
choke to death."

-- Nurse Twenty-Two the mutineer

Nurse Twenty Two's coup attempt had failed. She had hoped to take
control of the Asylum by bumping the Directress into an auto-do
cubicle and turning her into an unrecognisable rubber toy. Her plan
failed when the machine refused to accept her voice commands and the
less restrictingly bound Directress had easily overpowered her.
Twenty-Two awoke the next day to find herself in an auto-do cubicle
with a glass wall looking out into the Nurse's lunchroom. She hung
from two hooks attached to the metal rings protruding from her
rubberized shoulders where her arms had been but one day before. Her
shoulders had been smoothed off and nicely rounded, her white latex-
dipped arms most likely mounted as souvenirs on the Directress's desk
to terrify all would-be mutineers.

Nurse Twenty Two had made many enemies both at work and
politically, so when the staff saw the tempting example
hanging in the soundproof glass-walled room off the
coffee lounge no one was surprised. They played with her
for a couple days; she kicked some, so they removed her
legs too. As the draining power of a Lassitude Collar
they had made her wear affected her she became lethargic
and boring, so they ignored her. When her IQ reached 5
they set her in a clear latex brick and shipped the solid
block to where the castle renovations were going on.
Nobody ever spoke of Twenty Two again.

-- Rubbertoy as a brothel footstool

A small latex footstool rested silently in its room in
the government brothel. The rubber hooker who worked in
the lavishly padded and lustrous room cared little about
the round, quivering furniture or where it came from as
she snuggled her taut shiny rear against its comfortably
cushioned surface. The glistening whore, who had been
dipped in attractive bronze vlatex the instant she
arrived, was thinking about more important things than
who or what she was sitting on. Her programming demanded
she think about her job at all times. Her job was sex
and all forms of it.

In striking contrast to the sleek metallic curves of the
obedient hooker who sat on her, Rubbertoy's body had been
formed into a puffy circular footrest shape made from
seamless obsidian rubber. The only deviance from the
standard cylindrical design were the two comfortable
breasts pointing skyward on the top of the furniture and
a single, fleshy rubber pussy that had once been her
mouth in between them, also pointing to the roof.
Rubbertoy had no place to go.

-- Kelly goes transparent

Kelly and her resistance fighters were waiting to ambush,
hiding in the trees as the first of Zorelle's shiny
procession passed them by. The black rubber boot-suits
of the official guards were striking, rippling
beautifully in the sunlight as they clattered past.
Kelly noted with interest that just the nipples and love
lips of the guardswomen had been dipped in another
colour, Royal Blue. Their nipples had been pierced with
heavy gold rings.

Zorelle's carriage rolled into view and the saboteurs
leapt from their camoflage with swords drawn and arrows
firing. It was no use. A nimbus surrounded Zorelle and
she floated into the air, arrows bouncing harmlessly off
her invisible shield. She waved her arms and Kelly and
her comrades found themselves weaponless and completely
naked. The element of surprise was lost as the masses of
rubber-clad guardswomen overpowered the small nudist

The rebels were lined up before Zorelle, each lady held
fast by four obedient guards. Zorelle cast another spell
and all the guards bar the ones holding Kelly released
their captives. The naked ladies did not make any
attempt to escape and stood stiffly to attention as a
haze grew around each of them, coalescing suddenly into a
block of crystal glass from just below the chin to a
handspan below their pointed toes. They looked as if
they were floating above the ground. Black vlatex hoods
with no opening save a breathing valve at the mouth were
sealed over the heads of the new presentation pieces,
muffling their cries as they struggled to breathe.
Zorelle had bound each in a pillar of glass up their

Unlike her comrades Kelly had escaped the glass pillar
treatment. Zorelle simply fused Kelly's feet inside a
long block of glass that kept her legs widely stretched.

-- Kelly REALLY goes transparent

Four years later, when Zorelle found time to do something
with Kelly, she ordered her to be brought back from the
army brothel in which she had temporarily been placed.
The feet of the young resistance leader were still
encapsulated and spread by the glass block.

Zorelle cast a spell on poor Kelly, which slowly changed
her flesh into translucent coloured glass. The
sensations of the girl's skin slowly disappeared and she
hardened. Kelly the glass statuette was then sold to an
overseas art dealer, and transported there on a long
voyage. Throughout the rough sea voyage, the crystal
girl was always frightened that she would fall over and
smash against the deck, but luckily she did not. If she
could just survive long enough, one day a powerful
magician might see her plight and undo the spell.

The art dealer went bankrupt, and Kelly was auctioned off
and sold to a dressmaker, who used her as a glass
dressmaking dummy for about twelve years. Because she
could only be used to fit one size, Kelly quickly
outlived her usefulness. Her hardened form was
eventually sold to a brothel for a few brass coins. At
the brothel she was dressed in a whore's outfit and stood
at the door to the house of pleasure. One night a rival
brothel stole the pretty statue. That night they rowed
out to the middle of the bay and dropped poor glass Kelly
overboard. She sank deep down to the ocean floor and
landed upright amongst some sandy coral. A thousand
years later, she was still there and intact, but
unrecognisable beneath thick layers of barnacles, coral,
and seaweed. In her little glass mind she still dreamt
of a rescue that would never come.

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