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-- Cell leader Marian gets a frosty complexion

Marian was a member of the resistance also. She was
Kelly's cell group leader and had not been present at the
failed mission for security purposes.

It did not take Zorelle long to pluck the name of the
leader from one of her trapped glass pillar dolls and in
no time Marian was her prisoner, sealed and helpless
before her in a heavy plastic buckle suit.

Marian was arguably given a harsher penalty than Kelly,
stripped naked and imprisoned inside a block of ice from
neck to toe by Zorelle's magic, and then placed in a deep
freeze unit. Minutes before Marian was to lose
consciousness from frozen limbs and hypothermia, she was

spell, and Marian's half-frozen form instantly became a
fully frozen form. She was changed into a clear ice
statue by Zorelle, and left in the deep freeze until the
banquet. Shortly before the feast, the dark queen opened
the door of Marian's new dark frozen world, and addressed

"How is my little ice-lady today? Still feeling
rebellious? I think not!" she chuckled to the silent but
somehow magically still conscious Marian. "At the feast
tonight, you shall stand as the centrepiece of my table.
Your little ice body will soon melt into nothing".
Zorelle looked at her clear statue critically.
"Hmm....they will know that you were once human if I
present you like this in such detail, eyelashes and all!
I will make you look a bit more artificial". With that
she fetched a hose of freezing water and poured it over
the top of Melanie's head. The water flowed down her ice
body and instantly froze against her, smoothing off her
features, making her characteristics a little indistinct.

That night the Dark Queen was complimented many times on
her exquisite naked ice-statue. Throughout the night
Marian's senses slowly disappeared as she melted in the
warm air of the dining hall. By the end of the evening
all that remained of the beautiful girl was a puddle of
water on the rubber tablecloth.

-- Supergrrl as a breeding cow

Supergrrl looked at her own de-limbed cow body reflection
in the mirrored walls of the breeding room. Her
plasticised arms and legs had been stretched and moulded,
turned into the rigid cubic frame that her body hung
within, stretched taut. She had a feeder tube
permanently in her mouth and knew she would live the rest
of her life in the black and white dappled rubber skin of
a milkmaid. Her glossy, distended rubber belly showed
the bulge of advanced pregnancy. Even once her calf was
born she would be left in the frame, her prot‚g‚ milking
her teats regularly. Her offspring were taught to view
her only as a stupid food unit. Trapped with a
vocabulary of 'moo' and a feeding tube sealing off her
mouth, Linda was unlikely to be given the opportunity or
ability to explain otherwise.

Supergrrl looked at herself again in the mirror. She was
a human rubber cow, suspended in a breeding frame without
arms or legs. Her huge teats were still being milked by
her six month old calf even as her glossy black and white
belly expanded with her owner's next artificially
implanted child. Her owners did not regard her as human
any more, simply using her belly to incubate their babies
and her huge tits to feed the little ones.

The husband often allowed the cowette in the breeding
frame to eat his broad shaft before bed, sliding himself
neatly into the puffy folds of her pussy mouth, enjoying
the tight sensation from the toothless interior as it
massaged his member. A little black and white rubber
saddle adorned her back, with an extended dildo in the
centre that was what her tongue had been turned into. It
was here that the mistress of the family planted herself
for a "ride" before bed. A cow was never left in peace.

When the creature was not being milked, its awfully
distended black and white vlatex nipples were tied
together in a neat bow across her enormous chest.

-- Felicity makes a mattress

Felicity was finally arrested by Zorelle's special
branch. It was not so much that Felicity had eliminated
her sister in order to claim her inheritance, but her
sister had been an important official in Zorelle's
government and her disappearance had been a slight
inconvenience to the Queen.

Mean spirited Felicity had sealed her sister completely
inside a specially made plastiskin mattress after
drugging her and placing a cheap stasis collar around her
neck. The mattress took mere minutes to fuse with its
struggling, living occupant until no trace remained of
the young prisoner at all in the slick black vlatex
surface. The rigid mattress had stood in her basement
for several years until she bought a larger, more opulent
house and moved out, leaving her forgotten mattressed
sister behind. It was not long before a tenant
discovered the tautly quivering bedding, surprised that
it wobbled of its own volition. Imagining it to be a
massaging mattress, the tenant put it on her own bed for
one fateful night. She was found the next day with the
entire front of her body melded permanently into its soft
rubber surface.

The evil sister's game was up. Felicity was arrested and
had a stasis enchantment put on her. She found herself
shoved roughly into a very large cell, naked except for
special knee high plastiskin boots that had been added to
her feet. Her legs had become stiff boots, each
boot/foot ending in a stilt-like spike that tapered
smoothly off from her ankle, making it appear that
Felicity's legs ended in sleek needle sharp points. The
floor of the cell was made from some kind of slippery
substance; quite cool, but it felt as though it melted
easily. It appeared to be copha. She was horrified to
see women embedded in the cold white copha up to their
necks and some even submerged completely. They were all
either gagged, or had their mouths plastiskinned over.
She realised that her new spike feet were sinking very
quickly into it. Felicity tried to step out of the mire,
but it had a natural suction hold on her grossly altered
legs. She had nothing but slippery copha to use as
leverage. The more she struggled, the faster she sank,
until finally just her head remained visible. She
thought that she would touch the real solid floor at this
point, but the other captives must have been on taller
spiked heels than she. She sank below the surface,
unable to rise, and also unable to end her miserable life
through suffocation due to the stasis spell.

-- Zorelle makes her own mattress

Zorelle liked the concept of keeping her toys neatly in a
mattress shape. Five traitorous girls were plastiskinned
into a king-sized mattress after having a stasis spell
cast on them. Each girl was given a smooth undercoat of
pure plastiskin to make sure they fused utterly with
their new home. Full body shaped cavities were created
throughout the core of the mattress to exactly match the
women ready to be sealed inside. Of course it was a very
tight squeeze to get them all in - in some cases where
there was no room for an arm or a leg, the sorceress
spelled them away neatly.

When it had completely sealed and set, the only openings
in the mattress were the orifices of the women. Mouths,
pussies and tight rubber anal puckers were the only entry
points that protruded from the smooth surface, all of
them enhanced to keep them permanently slippery.
Sometimes the mattress could be heard sucking wetly to
itself if one listened carefully, but was usually
completely silent. The girl's mouths had either been
plastiskinned over forever before encasement or terribly
modified to suit their new role. The mattress girls who
had kept their mouths were unable to use them to speak
because their vocal chords, teeth and gums had been made
into soft folds of rubber pussy lips, hugely fattened red
petals that were the perfect cock massage for any male
sleeper. The pussy mouthed units also had the standard
tongue extension to enable them to slide it deep into the
pussy of a female sleeper and keep her happy all night.
When not in use, vibrators were slid home into the
exposed openings until they were ready to be used again
by highly ranked male visitors.

-- Plastiskin and love dolls do mix

Plastiskin became the material for political revenge.
Pretty Dr Livingston was a renowned nuclear physicist in
her field and consequently she had many research enemies,
those who were too stupid or too unlucky to make the
discoveries she had made and could not get government
funding to afford convertibles like hers.

They were not too stupid to eliminate her in their crawl
to the top apparently. The buxom doctorate of nuclear
particle physics soon found herself sealed irreversibly
into a plastiskin second skin by her rivals, giving her
the appearance and texture of a cheap rubber love-doll.
Some nerve crippling drugs were dropped into her
struggling rubbery O shaped mouth, which was stretched
always open like a fish jaw. After a short period, the
drug began destroying all of her nerves that controlled

Her captors watched as Dr Livingston involuntarily jerked
her limbs and arched her back in convulsions and painful
spasms, the last movements she would ever make in her
life. She lay quiet, like a shiny rag doll on the floor,
her skin the texture of polished plastic. She could
still feel every sensation, but was no longer able to
coax any movement from her burned out nerves. To all
appearances, she had become a rubber love doll. She was
given to a brothel, where she became a warm-up doll for
the guests, her intelligence slowly fading as she took on
a new personality.

-- Annette gets a tail for the ball (August 2001)

Princess Annette, Supergrrl's cousin opened the package
containing the costume that the sorceress had chosen for
her to wear at the fancy dress ball, planned for the
coming evening. In the bottom of the box lay a pile of
shimmering material, which seemed warm and fleshlike to
her touch. The young princess lifted the garment out and
examined its full length in the sun. It was a mermaid
costume, beautifully crafted to cover its wearer from
head to toe. The mermaid-suit was in the form of a body
stocking with a gossamer thin mask connected to the neck
of it. Running down the back of the costume was a short,
barely discernible zipper, just long enough to enable the
wearer to put it on.

The smooth fabric was captivating as it glistened in the
bright light, and try as she might, Annette could not
imagine how she would look with the costume on. There
was a brief note in the box from Zorelle, which read:

"My dear Princess, let us put aside recent history. I
would like to get to know the members of my court better
starting this evening. I hope you like this fetching
costume that I have made especially for you - please try
it on as soon as possible to make sure that it fits so
that I can have any alterations done before the
festivities begin. I shall see you in the ballroom at

Although she was still secretly working to overthrow the
reigning tyrant, Annette knew she must appear at the ball
or be conspicuous in her absence. Vanity got the better
of her and as the Princess decided to check her
appearance in the garment, rushing to try it on. She
unlaced her bodice and removed her heavy satin dress.
After releasing the stays on her tight satin corset, she
stripped off her undergarments, suspenders and stockings
until she was naked. She took the suit and stretched it
out on the bed, laying herself on her back beside it as
the instructions showed.

The young woman then lifted the costume above her and
pushed her feet through the back and down together into
the tail. They were halfway in, so she drew her covered
knees up to her chin and pushed her head up through the
tight neck and into the mask, which clung to her face
perfectly. Her hands slid easily into the soft arm
skins. With a wriggle of her legs and a stretching of
her back, the suit flowed like treacle into position,
accompanied by a soft rubbery pop. She was suddenly
fully enclosed by the skin-tight disguise and it felt
marvellous. It was a perfect fit.

Princess Annette lay face down and wriggled in her tight
mermaid suit. Her legs, fused together and sheathed
inside a rubbery tail, reacted as one as she slapped the
bedclothes with her tail fins. The young woman's finger
movements felt hampered, and upon investigation, she
found that her hands were webbed, much to her delight at
the perfection of the costume. She reached behind and
pulled the zipper up the small of her back to her neck,
sealing herself into the mermaid skin until she chose to
undo it again.

The suctioned vlatex fabric clung to her skin and was
very realistic. The scales of her tail were slippery as
if coated with wax, stretched taut over her tapered and
newly shaped legs. Balancing on the tip of her tail, she
tried to waddle over to the mirror, but her scales were
so polished that she slid to the ground. Instead, the
princess had to slither across the rug on her front, her
scales rippling as she moved, pulling herself along by
her webbed hands. She found that her crotch was sliding
against the carpet, warming her sex through friction and
making her more than a little hot and wet...or perhaps it
was the tightness of the suit itself. She reached the
mirror and awkwardly lifted herself up again on her tail.

She gasped when she saw her mermaid reflection in the
glass. She could never go to the ball like that! The
transparent vlatex suit made no attempt to cover her
nakedness! Her breasts had been enlarged to bulging
proportions by extra-thick layers of the skin-like
material, and her nipples protruded very erect. She had
expected her vagina to be covered by thick scales but
instead her groin showed a hairless pink clit with fat
rubber pussy lips splayed, no protective covering at all.
With a probing webbed finger, she found that the sex was
her own, somehow exposed and squeezed out by the suit.
She tried to swear, but the mask was clasping her mouth
tightly, forcing her lips into a little pout so that she
could not speak properly. "mmmmmmpfh!" A tiny noise
escaped her lips.

Zorelle's guards arrived and locked a stasis collar and
leash on her, dragging her away to the ball. Unable to
drown, Annette was sealed in a large display tank for the
guests to see during the ball. During the speeches,
Zorelle made a point of demonstrating a spell that
modified the new mermaid's vocal chords to allow her only
seal-like barks. The Princess had been turned into a

The audience watched as the mermaid's arms shrank and her
tits grew until all that remained of her upper limbs were
two tiny vestigial fins at the back of her shoulders.

Four months later, guards discovered that the rippling
mermaid Annette had had a full plastiskin fish hood
stretched down over her head to complete the body
costume. Without arms she must have flicked the
amorphous dehumanising hood pathetically with her tail
for some time in the hope that it would be dislodged
before it became part of her body like the original
costume. She had obviously failed.

-- Belinda and Jacqueline's Ballet revenge

Belinda and Jacqueline were the top ballerinas in the
Kingdom. Their dressing room had been emptied of staff
to provide some calm before the performance and only
their understudies; Marie and Nicola were present to help
squeeze them into their pink satin costumes.

Marie and Nicola excused themselves to do some limbering
up while the seated dancers put the finishing touches to
their hair. Belinda lifted the hairspray can up to her
tight little bun and pulled the trigger for a good twenty
seconds while her friend did the same. A dancer couldn't
afford to have loose hair in her eyes while she danced.
A moment after the spray ceased there was a strange
tingling on her scalp. Belinda noticed that she had
never seen that particular brand of hairspray before -
but the "Dancing Dolly" label seemed innocuous enough.

The mist cleared and her hands flew up to her freshly
hairless scalp in terror. Belinda's lovely dark hair had
dissolved into thin air, replaced by a smooth expanse of
some kind of stretchy, frictionless pink material. She
opened her mouth to scream just as her lips were
completely sealed over by the shiny substance. No noise
left her throat - she thought from shock but it was
actually because her vocal chords had been paralysed.
The enchanted hairspray went to work on her. The shiny
pink substance spreading over the rest of her head,
sealing off her ears to stop all sound and smoothing over
her nose, leaving behind a single air tube in the middle
of her expressionless doll-like face. Belinda began to
stand, to try and raise the alarm, do anything, but the
eyes of the doll in the mirror locked onto hers and she
sat back down with a thud to watch the rest of the
procedure. She could not even hear Jacqueline's noisy
rubber transformation nearby.

Her eyes were the only part of her face left uncovered on
her sleek head. The baby pink rubber flowed down
Belinda's pretty body, her tutu and leotard dissolving in
its path as it entirely replaced her skin. Left behind
was a nude doll, staring in shock at the mirror. To its
left, another blank faced, single tubed doll enclosed in
mint green rubber skin sat just as quietly, watching its
own identical changes in horror. A new filmy tutu
sprouted from Belinda's hip, this time in transparent
pink rubber and attached to her new skin. Her whole body
felt so heavy that she could not entertain the idea of
trying to stand.

The two glossy, fully rubberised ballerina dolls stared
hopelessly at their reflections in the makeup mirror
until they felt the vibrations of footsteps approaching
down the corridor.

Suddenly Marie and Nicola came in, smiling. It had been
a trap! They were gloating over their new acquisitions!

"Oh my!" exclaimed Marie as she took the spare costume
from the rack beside the silent Belinda doll. She slid
her legs into it, speaking more to Nicola than the near-
deaf creatures on the makeup chairs.

"It looks like our leads have decided to quit the troupe
- or so these resignation letters say. You two cute
dollies now belong to Nicola and I. Of course we will
still let you dance occasionally, but only in private
shows for us. Pretty soon you both will be divested of
your arms to complete your involuntary retirement from
professional dancing. Only the two of us will ever see
our private, armless bondage models trying to be
ballerinas. Of course if we ever take you out in public
you'll have to wear a latex mask to turn you into a
person of our choosing - the spell has unfortunately
removed your faces!"

The Belinda and Jacqueline dolls were pushed into to-be-
inflated body bags, which were zipped closed to
completely envelop them. The loose larvae-like bags were
then lifted and placed in private lockers, inflated via a
tiny filling hose protruding through the grill in the
door of each. With their body bags inflated to drum
tightness the two dolls were trapped noiselessly until
after dark when they could be spirited away.

-- Ballet dolls

The two former ballerinas were booked into the Asylum for
a re-education holiday with strict instructions. A week
later, two totally submissive vlatex ballerina dolls
twirled around in an automated sequence through the
private suites owned by the new dance leads of the royal
troupe, Marie and Nicola.

Belinda sighed silently as she spun yet again, her pink
frilled latex body teetering across the carpet of the
She was entirely fused into a living suit of pink rubber,
with her arms atrophied and blended into the small of her
back such that they had gone completely, thrusting her
oversized pink tits in front of her. They were not the
breasts of a ballerina, but massive juddering tits that
had absorbed all the mass of her stolen arms.

She had always hated bows and frills, so Marie had made a
point of adding them to her body all over. She had
rubber frills fused around her slender neck at the top
and bottom, circling her ankles, shoulders and each
breast. Her pussy was buried beneath layers of frills
built into the petti-panty she had had added to her body.
Rubber bows dangled from her nipples and her butt.

She had been given a full latex mask painted with girlish
features for the performance but beneath it her face was
almost completely sealed over now with the exception of
her mouth which had been somewhat "restored". Her new
fattened shiny pink lips were stuffed with a penis gag
and only slight ripples in the slippery substance showed
where her nose, eyes and ears had been. Built into the
polished vlatex skin of her neck was a strict posture
collar - she struggled to bend her long slim neck at all.
Over her rubberised body, which already contained its own
inbuilt corset, she wore another pink rubber corset,
tight fitting raw latex pantyhose. Her legs were
strapped stiffly and locked into pink patent leather
ballet boots with eight-inch heels that forced her toes
forever en pointe.

The panties, if she wore them at all, were not even close
to being covered by an extremely short, sheer tutu made
from layer upon layer of extremely fine pink vlatex.
Often Nicola and Marie would make the dance dolls perform
minus their conservatively cut rubber panties to give
viewers a wonderful show of glistening pink rubber-dipped

During the Jacqueline doll's non-dance times, an upper
body harness and corset forced her into an arched
posture, a matching spreader bar forcing her legs into a
constant 2nd position. She was often collared to the
practice bar in Marie's private dance studio where the
new, talented ballerina could gloat over her as she went
through her routines.

-- Black sheathed Rubbertoy loses sight of her future

Rubbertoy was woken rudely from her seemingly never-
ending waves of murmuring programming. Darkness and
paralysis fled as her vision returned, flooding her brain
with initially painful activity. It was a crisp black
and white television picture, zooming silently towards an
armless and legless black rubberised torso that was
strapped facedown in the centre of a large rubber sheeted
bed. It was filming her body!

What had they done to her? Her pretty legs and slender
arms were long gone. The camera zoomed in further to the
back of its shiny, smooth vlatex neck and Rubbertoy could
see four small connections identified in tiny white
rubber lettering. "Air", "Audio-out", "Audio-in" and
"Video-in". Only the air and video sockets had plugs in
them, explaining her total lack of sound. As she
watched, a latex-gloved hand appeared in the frame and
pulled the plug from the video socket, returning her
vision to darkness again. She felt a little pushing at
the back of her neck and could not know that all sockets
other than her air valve and sound had just been vlatexed
over permanently.

-- The dancers finish a concert.

On stage in the concert hall, Marie accepted the flowers
to a standing ovation just as Nicola had done. She
smiled broadly. Not just because she had given yet
another best performance of her life, but also because
her ex-overstudy, to whom she owed her good fortune, was
sitting obediently in her bedroom waiting for her to come
home. Jacqueline was sitting dutifully, trapped in a
humiliating rubber doll body, ready to do anything her
mistress asked that night when she returned home.

-- Eccles and Krystal buy Rubbatoy.

Lord Eccles and Lady Krystal examined their captive
minutely. The torso knew that its mouth had been
modified heavily but was not privy to exact details. Her
owners had re-formed her mouth as a set of vertical pussy
lips, installing plushy, velvety pads of slippery pink
vlatex where her teeth, gums and inner cheeks had been, a
pink gash in the lower half of her otherwise featureless
shiny black face. Her tongue had been reformed in the
same material and by pushing hard, Rubbertoy could just
squeeze it through her new fattened perpendicular
opening. Her pretty nose was gone, replaced by the
protruding, shiny nub of the rubberized clitoris that was
part of her mouth pussy.

Krystal was imaginative. Every day or two she made
further changes to Rebecca, soon stretching the limits of
what could be called human. Rebecca wished her never-
ending modification would stop but her daily mental audio
programming that Krystal subjected her to forced
enjoyment of the entire process. Utterly without speech,
Rubbatoy slid her new fat elongated tongue across the
slick walls of her warmly soft inner cavity, feeling it
float on the copious lubricant she now produced instead
of saliva. She swallowed another mouthful of her own
pussy juice, savouring the tart flavour as it coated the
length of her invitingly padded throat ready for her
hourly sperm feed.

Krystal had a baby pink colour scheme for her toys, and
added a softly coloured zipper from the girl's chin up to
a latch through the new clit where Rubbatoy's nose had
been, adding two rows of matching pastel vlatex frills to
hide it from both sides. The contrast of pink purity and
jet black looked magnificent, especially when the subject
had so many overstated body modifications. The couple
flipped their pet face up, over onto its back and
examined the huge breasts that had kept the creature so
well elevated on its front. The same cute pink rubber
zipper frills as her oral opening had been given topped
the endless black curves of her breasts. No nipples were
evident until Krystal undid one of the zips. A turgid
black vlatex teat as long as a thumb sprang forth, itself
pierced with a pretty pink vlatex bow that dangled from

Krystal added pink frills completely around the base of
Rubbertoy's huge black breasts, squeezing in a tight
heart shape as if the pet wore an open breasted costume.
But the pet wore no clothing at all - these were
additions to her own vlatex skin.

Useless vestiges of Rubbatoy's arms and legs could still
be seen but they resembled none of the original limbs.
They were part of her torso, designed to keep her in
total, inescapable bondage. Her arms had been thinned
into stretchy, comfortable shoulder straps and her legs
joined into a flat waist strap. She could be turned into
a vlatex backpack, to be carried strapped tightly to
Krystal's sturdy back! The couple took her on long treks
in the forest, using her as a comfortable sex toy in
their tent at night. A tiny compressed air cylinder
served as a travelling dildo between her legs, giving the
human backpack the life-source she needed to survive.

Rubbertoy's frilly, rubberised head was usually kept
sealed beneath four thick, ultra-tight layers of vlatex
as they hiked, the inner being soft pink, the next black,
then pink and lastly black again. All of her facial
curves were still faintly identifiable due to the
tightness of the cladding, but to all observers her head
was a glossy black ball.

During the quiet evenings in the tent the toy became most
useful. At the touch of a remote control held on
Krystal's key ring, Rubbatoy's mouth pussy could be
completely internally sealed off with solid vlatex, her
lips and tongue re-formed into a long rubber dildo
designed to please her mistress or any of Krystal's
female hiking friends. The face dildo was as sensitive
as her tongue, a long black shaft with a glossy pink head
on it that protruded from the rippling pastel frills
where her mouth had once been. She could feel everything
with the humiliating tool, using it for penetration of
either of a woman's openings and also for simultaneous
clitoral stimulation using tiny rubber suction lips near
the base. Her vocal chords had been retained, but not
for speech. They remained solely for the purpose of
massaging Eccles's cock when she was back in fellatio

Krystal's catsuit had a hood attachment she could connect
at the groin, levelled with her pussy and designed to
keep a captive in sixty-nine rotation as it ate out her
sex for the entire night.

As they hiked during the day, Rubbatoy was strapped
tightly to Krystal's shoulders, carried back to back with
the dominant mistress. Without vision she could not
possibly know what all the walking was for. Krystal
plugged a sound cube into the audio input of her feminine
backpack and switched the cube into "Play". The hapless
luggage quivered in fear as she realised she was due for
a whole day of programming as her owners walked and

At the sound of her initialisation tone, Rubbatoy sank
into a slight trance as she helplessly accepted her next
series of mental changes. She shuddered in a little
orgasm as she had been trained to do when the sounds
flooded in.

"I love eating pussy" she heard in her own voice. "I
need cock...I am a pussy slut". 'Yes, I am' she agreed.
Her pussy mouth began working on an imaginary cock,
training her to be a good blowjob doll, unwittingly
squeezing lubricant into her inner hood.

Krystal smiled as she felt her human luggage shudder and
wriggle with futility from its anchored position on her
back. It would come many times that day, much to the
delight of walkers behind as they watched its lubricant
flow harmlessly down over Krystal's buttocks and legs -
Krystal's waterproof white vlatex hiking catsuit was
impervious to all liquid and also conveniently protected
her from sharp branches.

As Rubbatoy lay inside his sleeping bag, lapping expertly
on his throat-filling cock, Eccles marvelled at the
compact design and additions his beautiful wife had given
the unit. The programming tape must have been a good
one, for its hood layers had been filled to bursting
point with litres of pussy juice. The juices were a
bittersweet fluid that would be poured into the mouth of
one of the other sparkling white rubber toilet slaves
that always accompanied such treks.

-- Zorelle demonstrates super breath control on Linda

Linda could feel the zip being slowly pulled up the back
to her neck. With a jerk it was zipped to the top of the
hood. She inhaled sharply and sucked the rubber against
her already rubber bound head. Desperately she sucked
for air and only pulled the rubber closer. Panicking,
she dimly heard the sound of Zorelle's laughter.

"Yes slave I control you entirely with rubber - even
your breathing is under my power to permit or deny it.
Here, have a little air." Laughed Zorelle, exhaling
stale air into the hood, making Linda struggle even more.

As she started backing out, Linda felt a touch at the
back of her double hooded head and some air entered the
space, making it balloon in and out with her gasping.

"I find that restrictive breathing has an interesting
effect on my victims, particularly if the session is for
an extended time, say six months. I will cut it off
entirely for short periods to remind you of your
situation and because I find it exciting to have that
much control."

Supergrrl could just hear the voice through her sounds of
her strained breathing and the layers of rubber.
Suddenly she was gasping for breath again. Just as she
began to suffocate, air came in. This restriction was
repeated several times accompanied by blows from the whip
until Linda became light headed, the sensation of the
tight enveloping rubber heightening her sexual tension.
Her pussy grew moist in its double rubber slippery

-- Krystal alters Eccles and makes yet another snaketoy

A rubberized and curvy Lord Eccles looked down past the
huge breasts that adorned his chest to feast his eyes on
the vlatex snakewoman pet that lay juddering helplessly
beneath him. The long tailed creature was armless and
legless and dressed in a neck to tailtip narrow sheath of
baby pink transparent rubber membrane which did not
prevent him coupling with her as they lay in the centre
of a huge black PVC sheeted bed where the Mistress of the
house had left them. Krystal had learned enough magic to
alter her husband on the evenings she wanted a prettier
lover, changing him back to his normal shape before he
left for the office the following morning...if she chose
to do so. Lord Eccles did not mind at all, for she had
also created the Snaketoy for him to play with. Their
permanently kidnapped girlfriend was inside the creature
somewhere, her shiny torso now limbless and smooth.

The pretty snakewoman been their prized possession for
two months and they adored every overstated glossy curve
of her, modifying her to ever more pleasurable and
helpless formats each day. They had quickly tired of the
pleading, lubricant-garbled entreaties emanating from the
fat mouth like pussy lips at what used to be her groin.
They had moved her mouth to between her legs.

Eccles and Krystal took to making the toy wear a pure
white dildo-chastity snug in its lower sexmouth when
Eccles' monstrous rubber cock did not fill it. But they
soon found the gag buckles too cumbersome and instead
installed a vertical silver pussy zipper in the outer
labial lips much like a plastic bag zip-lock. A dangling
ring-pull could be closed upwards to clip to the base of
a pierced and permanently erect clitty-tongue that
protruded a full thumb length in size from her exposed

Krystal waved her hands in a simple incantation and
Eccles shimmered into an almost complete female form.
The only part of his body that survived the rapid change
intact was his manhood, which grew to a monstrous size.
His skin whitened until his entire body shone in silvery
frosted vlatex.

Lord Eccles often slept with the Toy's oversized clit in
his mouth, forced by Krystal's constant spells of mental
conditioning to suckle like a baby. At this time
however, the ultra-feminized Eccles wanted oral servicing
on his shaft so he slid Toy's facial zipper down its

"Pleab returb meb to huban forb....peopbl muuzt bmisss
bme....Ooo goob heabems no!" was the brief garbled
message before Eccles' recently created delicate white
rubber paw sank to the wrist in the warm, lubricated
mouth sex. The human vlatex snake writhed in hopeless
pleasure as her face was fist fucked lovingly by her
delicately shaped tormentor. The pink-sheathed snakedoll
felt her lower opening constrict as her modified body
automatically responded to the invader. A totally
hairless and fully rubberised Krystal entered the room on
her towering heel-feet wearing nothing but her glossy
crimson rubber skin adorned with a glistening metallic
white pussy between her legs.

She had made sure that Eccles' snowy vlatex female form
was smaller than her own although as an afterthought she
had made the breasts on her hermaphrodite Lord much too
large for his freshly petite size. He could not balance
enough to stand upright. Krystal straddled the obscene
dildo that had slid from the mouth of her very own living
Snaketoy and sank onto it gently. With her clit to its
chin, she carefully guided the bulbous-headed tool into
her body, lowering her rubber pussy to the hilt as she
watched Eccles fist fuck the helplessly presented nether
regions of the toy. Finally rubber met rubber and a baby
pink tongue-like flap slid out, enveloping her white
rubber clitoris, nubbing it gently as the shaft began to

With a soft rubbery squeak Krystal lifted the massive and
deliberately disabling pastel pink breasts of her vlatex
snake girl in the circle of her arms - and in doing so
lost sight of her husband because of their sheer girth.
She hugged the tits against her warm rubber body and
snuggled against the perfect, rounded flesh, suckling
first one nipple then the other as she came. They would
never return their rubber toy to the wild.

-- Zorelle takes over Plastiskin Research

Zorelle, Queen of the kingdom and new exclusive owner of
the Plastiskin Research Company, gloated over the
helpless creature who had once been Chief Executive
Officer of the corporation. She would use the results of
the research for world domination. To her surprise, all
information at the company had been easily accessible so
she no longer needed her human insurance policy in a
"returnable" form. Indeed she soon had to make sure that
the one-time executive of PRC, Miss Chantelle
Worthington, was completely neutralised, unable to
communicate in any way shape or form.

Chantelle shuddered in release as her two charges and ex-
partners, Randy Gatfield and Penny Windsor fed obediently
from her huge presented teats. Her polished rubber skin
had been recently turned to a resplendent deep royal blue
with gold trimmings and she had been given many further
devastating changes. She had huge, golden rubber lashed
eyes which could be sealed to vanish as if they never
existed in the first place, leaving perfect, blind
smoothness behind at a single voice command. Apart from
her gorgeous, heavy eyelashes her head had no detail or
openings at all, just smooth feminine curves of dark
vlatex. She had no ears, nose or mouth although she was
sure she still retained eardrums, tongue and vocal chords
somewhere beneath the surface even if they did not work
very well compressed by the rubber. Little did she know
Zorelle would soon have them completely removed!

Chantelle laboured to breathe through a tiny hidden valve
on her armless right shoulder, currently attached to a
tank that read almost empty. She hoped, as she did every
time the air levels ran low, that Zorelle would remember
to change it. She was totally dependent on the daily
tank refill because without a specially keyed connector
tube squeezing the valve in her taut shoulder open she
could not breathe at all. She would surely perish
without Zorelle's unique air tube connected to her
breathing valve.

Chantelle's single high heeled, booted foot had been
arched longer into a tiny-toed ballet boot with no heel,
paving the way for the next enveloping addition:

Her body was dressed in a vlatex eye-to-toe single boot
corset that quickly became her new vlatex skin. The open
bosomed and open shouldered garment with the tall, narrow
collar held her utterly rigid due to continuous internal
boning and had aesthetic laces tightened up the rear to
the maximum to ensure her total reduction to juddering
rubberised slave. The laces ran from the sole of her
merged foot to just below the bee-stung kissing lips of
her anal mouth, and started again just above that orifice
at her coccyx, up the small of her back to end at the top
of her neck. As it had always remained, her head was
still amorphously smooth with the exception of her huge
frightened animal eyes that were golden oases in a deep
blue desert.

The corsetry that had been merged into her body could
never be removed without plastiskin DNA keylock
technology, and if one had seen the bizarre sex creature
before and after the costume had made the transition from
clothing to plastiskin, the only visible difference would
have been the addition of golden laces and eyelets down
the back of her night-sky coloured skin. Using force-fed
growth hormones, Chantelle's tits had been augmented yet
again and had had permanently erect golden vlatex dick
nipples added to them. Feeding the terribly modified
Randy and Penny toys was her only task and Zorelle had
made sure she was perfect for it.

The real lips of her mouth had been fattened into golden
vlatex cushions and relocated lower on her body to petal
horizontally her new anal sex mouth that she fed from,
the only feature on the rear smooth curve of her single
merged buttock. Muscle programming ensured the velvety
lips would suck hungrily on anything placed between them.

Often Zorelle would force the feminised Randy to slide
his/her massive cock into Chantelle's helplessly
presented butt cheek feeder, Randy's juddering boobs
sliding frictionlessly over Chantelle's tautly laced
back. Chantelle could do nothing other than give Randy a
wonderful, toothless and well padded blowjob that ended
in a mighty clean, salty spurt that the poor former
executive tasted first and then drank. She consumed the
sex fluids as her only sustenance. Whether she was
giving head or feeding it always felt to the highly
sensitised corset fixture that she had become merely a
life support system for her sex holes.

The erstwhile entrepreneur was very close to being an
appliance in Zorelle's castle. Chantelle had convenient
golden D rings made from unbreakable loops of vlatex
installed at the sides of her shoulders, her hips and her
solitary heel for anchoring as required. Instead of
using those anchor points Zorelle had kept her strapped
tightly in the bedroom for weeks at a time using a
different method of bondage.

She lay in the centre of a King sized white patent
leather bed, face up, fused leg stretched taut, forced to
look at her trapped self day and night in the ceiling
mirror. She was buckled to the glossy mattress by wide
straps of the same soft patent leather, one around her
throat, another squeezing her little narrow waist and
another around her ankles.

She could not move at all and was at all times ready for
the rubberised Randy and Penny creatures, previously her
executive friends, who would feed lustily from her body
all night. A hidden vibrating shaft protruded from the
mattress beneath her, spearing neatly into her butt
mouth. Every time the mattressed male owner of the shaft
was force fed nutrients through its hidden feeding tubes,
Chantelle-toy would be nourished by the spurt of semen
produced when she jacked off the living mattress with her
anal pussy. For the hundredth time.

Zorelle had also dressed her from toe to chin in a shiny
clear vlatex hobble dress with a high tight collar and
little holes through which her nipples poked for feeding.
It had feminine pink frills at the collar and a little
pink patent leather frilled skirt from her ankle to her
toe - a humiliating picture in the mirror that Chantelle
despised, so different from her conservative office suit.

Zorelle had ultimate plans to have her featureless-headed
Chantelle de-muscled and de-boned, leaving her rubberised
sexual nerves intact and literally turning her into a
real doll. Such a neat conversion would produce a
snakewoman shaped vlatex bladder from the neck down that
could be draped helplessly on a bed, then inflated to
create a living blow-up sex doll. Her shiny black vlatex
head would be the only constant during the procedure as
tubes filled a freshly installed anal valve with water or
air. Of course the doll would still feel everything done
to it.

-- Maliia the zipper baby

Maliia's form had been changed much during her months
with Lord Eccles and Krystal. She was a vlatex zipper
baby, with the unblemished features of a child's doll.

She was perfect for the role, struggling prettily against
her terribly tight little frilly mittens and booties that
she had no hope of removing for they were fused to her
body. Her enlarged tits had been made too big, out of
proportion with her petite rubberised frame. Their size
was a form of bondage in itself, disabling any sense of
balance she had learned during her forgotten sporting

Both Lord Eccles and Krystal would breastfeed from her
many times a day while she was strapped in her
humiliating latex pram like a real baby. She was forced
to feed on real sperm in a baby's bottle, unable to help
herself enjoying every drop, begging for more as her mind
was progressively altered. The threaded bows looked
cute on her nipples and passers by often stopped and
commented on her fetching body additions on her daily
trip to the local store.

Krystal stretched Maliia's teats every day, making them
grow longer than a finger length, fatter than a cow's
udder. She loved her pet and dutifully added more
piercings and rings as Baby's nipples got longer.... she
looked very pretty. The rings were of course thick and
heavy, welded closed through her rubber-coated skin,
which was all slippery rubber from head to toe. Krystal
would rub her little juddering baby down with silicone
spray and lubricant until she glistened all over, paying
particular attention to her little shrouded clitoris.

The couple eyeleted her new huge cocksucking fattened
lips so her face could be laced or even ringed closed if
they wished. Her lips could be sealed closed around her
Master's cock, her mouth a soft warm, padded hole with
soft rubber pads where teeth used to be. One larger
vertical golden ring threaded her rubberized fat lower
lip so her owners could leash her easily. Maliia's
tongue was ringed vertically all around the tip with
twenty sterile rings that could be clipped to the rings
on her lips if punishment was in order. Seven heavy
studs kept her tongue lolling and made talking
impossible, reducing the couple's plaything to baby talk.
Krystal had the idea of reprogramming their baby to speak
only baby talk anyway. "A slut does not need to make
intelligent conversation", she said with a laugh. She
ordered it done to their pleading sex toy and soon the
rubber baby was dribbling away to her surprise in
meaningless "goohs" and "gahs".

The couple had zippered Maliia's pussy closed with a
large, obvious, O-shaped catch on the zip itself.
Beneath that they had ringed her inner labia with
tinkling metal circlets and pierced her outer labia with
a VERY heavy golden ring with their mark on it to prove
ownership. Her doggy leash was connected to that large
ring most times. Thy slid a large, irreversible ring
through the wall between her anus and vagina. She had
been turned into a little pierced rubber slut.

Maliia's total rubber skin and frilly dress-suit
prevented her ever leaving the care of her owners, for
she would never be able to dress or undress herself with
puffy baby mitt hands, especially when her owners slid
straps through the D rings at the tips of her fingers and
toes to keep her on her frilly pink vlatex bed at night.
Lord Eccles gave Maliia to Krystal as a present, and,
being a jealous dame, Mistress Krystal decided that the
girl should be changed into a totally controlled rubber-
piercing toy forever. She kept her babified pet laced
into a glossy white patent leather neck to knee corset,
with her jingling belled nipples poking out through the
huge bra cups of the garment.

-- Lord Moriarty gets a Supergrrl Suit

Lord Moriaty was worried. The two special agents he had
sent to eliminate Zorelle a month ago never returned from
their mission. He tried to reassure himself that they
had left the country.

The very next day a courier delivered a package to him.
Fearful of it being a trap he had one of his staff open
it for him. It turned out to be simply a rubber costume
sample from one of the many vlatex outfit companies that
had sprung up and thrived in Zorelle's ultra-kinky
Kingdom. He lifted the warm material from its box and
examined the amazingly crafted catsuit as it lay spread
on the bed.

It was a catsuit of Supergrrl, face and all. Moriarty
marvelled at the craftsmanship. There were no seams at
all. The wearer would look exactly like her with it on.
The rear-zipped costume had a dildo extending from the
groin, and putting his fingers inside the suit, her could
feel that the shaft was hollow. The face of the costume
was almost perfect, except for a pair of vertical pussy
lips where the mouth ought to be - a common sight on
slave dollies these days. Turning the rippling heavy
suit inside out to examine where the dildo was joined, he
saw that a pair of fat red vlatex lips, oversized and
lifelike, guarded the inner entrance to the penis sheath.
Whoever had made the lifelike costume had given it pussy
lip folds on the outside of its face and fat cocksucking
lips on the inside.

He was tempted to wear the costume, but he had heard
stories about strange things happening to people who had
worn plastiskin clothing so he did not dare try on the
unverified skinsuit. He slid his finger between the fat
lips and into the warm silky vlatex interior.... seemed
safe would not hurt to play with it awhile.
He slid his just penis into the sheath and it began
gently caressing him. It was fantastic! A suit, giving
him head!

He laid back on the bed, making sure the rest of the suit
stayed away from his body, and let it milk him to orgasm,
falling quickly asleep afterwards as he normally did
after sex.

He awoke just as the first rays of dawn were streaming
through the windows. He stretched luxuriantly, finding
it a little more difficult than usual. He threw back the
sheets to reveal his body shimmering impossibly in sleek
vlatex. He was in the suit! He was wearing Supergrrl!

-- Zorelle gets a Supergrrl Slave

Zorelle watched her newest Supergrrl slave grind her ass
pussy down onto one of the two frilled pink rubber
footstools on the floor, each with a pink dildo
protruding up the centre. The matching square footrests
were the two agents Moriarty had sent to kill her.
Zorelle had taken four of Moriarty's Rubbermaids and one
man to make each of the tiny footrests - there were eight
identical breasts squashed together in a square
surrounding a hard vlatex penis. A vertical pussy
slashed the centre of each side of the footrest. No eyes
or other features were evident, nor were any limbs. She
had blended all the helpless souls into two jiggling
units of furniture, glittering in the soft light,
occasionally quivering slightly before spurting white
jism over the rubber teats if left unattended.

The Supergrrl doll bent forwards happily and slid her mouth pussy
onto the other footrest shaft. She played with her Super-tits, which
had long ago blended with her once-male body. She could feel the
suction on her only remaining maleness as another huge load of sperm
disappeared into a non-existent gullet. The doll was comprised of
two sentient beings, Lord Moriarty, helplessly programmed on the
inside and Linda Danvers on the outside, blended into one rubbery
creature. As a suit, all Linda could do was milk and swallow, milk
and swallow. She did not know where the sperm went either, but could
tell that with each mouthful, the breasts of her costume body grew
bigger, pussy lips fatter and tighter...

-- Stupid Samantha

In the early years, before Zorelle's revolution, Samantha
had been a powerful head sorceress. Zorelle chose the
smart lady as a guinea pig on whom to test her newly
acquired mind control powers. The first thing Samantha
noticed was that her spells either did not work or went
awry. A spell she cast to dress herself in her work suit
took four goes to get right thing, and even then the suit
was made of a canary yellow patent leather material.
Something was going on. She would lose her train of
thought easily. Within days she had sunk from her usual
sharp witted self to a cattle-like idiocy...she knew her
intelligence was being swept away but had too little IQ
remaining to do anything at all about it. By the end of
the week Zorelle had her successful experiment living
with her in her city hideaway.

-- Joe and Sabine battle it out

Joe was a successful scientist, but his trophy wife
Sabine had turned out to be a cruel one, a total opposite
to his good nature. As a close friend of Zorelle, Sabine
had access to the most powerful spells even in the early
days of the new reign. Sabine performed many body
modifications on the female rubberslaves she had rapidly
collected and kept a team of white vinylised nurses to
perform her alterations. One morning, soon after Zorelle
seized power, the scientist woke up in the body of a big-
breasted bimbo with a new female name, "Jo". Sabine had
changed him too.

Jo knew her punishment would not end there. Despite
being trapped in the body of a horny young bombshell, Jo
still had full use of a very scientific brain. She
secretly built an electronic device that gave her control
over the weak willed slaves of the villa by recording and
playing back Sabine's voice in different sequences.
Gradually, after months of sneaky activity whilst her
Mistress was away from the house, Jo convinced the slave
nurses to do her bidding - only they knew what was
planned. The barbie-doll proportioned girl trembled with
feminine delight at the thought of revenge while she
fingered her constantly wet pussy with her restrictive
vlatex dress hiked up around her hips. Sabine forced Jo
to wear a skin-tight pink rubber sheath gown at all times
around the manor. Jo hoped she would soon see the end of

The slaves were primed so that the next order Sabine gave
to modify Jo-slut would actually be performed on Sabine,
not Jo.

A few nights later, after a series of strange nightmares,
Jo awoke in bed, feeling that something had gone terribly
wrong with her plan. A look in the mirror above the
rubber sheeted bed showed that somehow Sabine had
switched bodies with her feminized wife/husband. Jo was
now trapped inside Sabine's body - or what was left of

The head nurse, the only one allowed to retain a voice
box, adjusted her long white plastic sheath dress and
addressed the patient.

"Actually, we had to do to you what Mistress Jo's request
stated, Mistress Sabine.... to the letter. Complete and
irreversible cessation of all sexual nerve endings,
permanently. The smooth skin where your clit was would
be pretty sore if you could still feel it. While the
team was in there, I had them remove your reproductive
organs and seal your pussy smooth for good measure....
although you'll find we left a tiny rubber tube to
urinate through in your vlatex sealant that covers you
like a pair of hotpants. In case you're wondering why
your breasts feel so numb, your nipples were removed and
will soon hang from your ears, tastefully stuffed as
pretty leather earrings." The nurse pulled the sheet
down to display a pair of smooth orbs. They were
Sabine's breasts, minus any hint of nipples.

"Quite attractive, are they not? Not very functional for
suckling like you used to have us do! Don't bother
trying to talk Mistress - your vocal chords are gone too,
along with every one of your perfect teeth. Your lips
now have a unique plastic zipper that is currently
padlocked shut.... you can't even lick your lips unless
someone lets you. We spent a lot of time in your mouth,
as you'll find out."

Secretly, Nurse wondered why she had wasted her time on
all the oral changes, since most of them would be hidden
beneath the eight layers of encapsulating rubber gear
Mistress Sabine was going to be sheathed in for the rest
of her life. Still, orders from a mistress must always
be obeyed, she thought to herself obediently.

"We _were_ just going to cut your tongue out and sew that
fat kisser of yours shut. It would have been easier to
seal it up and leave you a little tube to eat liquids
with but you are going to need to earn your keep now,
Mistress, erm.... Slave, and that's difficult enough
without arms. Oh! Didn't I mention that? Oh well, you
would have seen when we held the mirror up anyway.
You'll end up being a bit of a connoisseur of semen in a
few months time - that's all you'll ever get to eat from
now on."

Nurse pulled the new Sabine to her feet and over to a
mirror. She undid the plastic zip sealing the girl's
oversized but otherwise normal looking mouth. The
traumatically modified Sabine watched in horror as her
ruby lips were pushed aside by her tongue, which extended
four inches from her face! Apart from the bizarre length
and new muscles she had to learn to control, her licker
looked normal enough. With unaccustomed difficulty she
parted her lips to reveal her tongue was squeezed out
through a pair of vertical pussy lips. In her mouth!

"Aesthetic too, I am afraid" noted the Nurse. "You will
find that you can pulse them to ensure a tight vaginal
sensation to your user, but you will not actually feel
anything yourself."

The nurse lifted a full-length, black rubber suit into
the air, its life tubes dangling on the floor. "This
will be your uniform, the first of your eight layers.
Unless it is removed somehow after we seal you in, nobody
will suspect that you are not excited at all about having
a sexy cock in your mouth. My new mistress Jo has
ordered me to call you Sabine-jo now. Here Sabine-jo,
let us get you into it properly."

Forcing the new Sabine-jo into the costume was
surprisingly easy. Nurse was not sure if it was the
prisoner's lack of arms or overall weakness from
atrophied muscles that made her job simple, but it was
not long before she was gliding the zipper up the last
distance from the neck to the top of the head of the jet-
black patient. She had to push her knee into the back in
order to get the leverage she needed for the skin-tight
costume, but the zipper slid home at last.

She flipped the creation on its back to admire her
handiwork. Sabine-jo's face had been completely hidden
behind a thick membrane of vlatex and a set of black
rubber pussy lips were wedged between her toothless gums
and vaginal lips, integrated with the glossy fabric of
the suit to keep her jaw stretched wide and her soft,
warm throat accessible. The seamless skinsuit had been
made to measure, without sleeves, fitting her new body
perfectly to the tips of her toes. Nurse ran her plastic
sheathed fingers over Sabine-jo's large tits, the
perfect, spherical, nipple free orbs slightly flattened
by the tight black rubber that caressed them. Tomorrow
she would have the honour of sliding the blackened
creature into the second layer of its required sheathing.

Trapped inside the rubber suited Sabine-jo, the real Joe
tried to scream through the missing voice box and
surrogate pussy which filled his mouth. His wife had
forcibly turned him into a female eunuch yet given him
everlasting torture in the role of a rubberized fuck
doll. His life would be all work and not a glimmer of

The black rubber fit snug against the flat crotch of the
curvy eunuch, leaving the false assumption of openings
tightly plugged with dildos. Realizing how wet she had
become just thinking about how Sabine-jo felt now, the
nurse undressed and slid into her regulation white
plastic sleeping catsuit, leaving her gold crotch buckle
undone. She turned out the light and climbed into the
bed with poor, numb and terribly sexy Sabine-jo. She
pulled the rubber sheet over to cover the two of them and
caressed the shuddering doll, pushing it down between her
skin-tight plastic thighs and releasing its oral seal.
Nurse sighed as the superbly lengthened rubber tongue
slid into the deepest recess of her pussy and began to
inflate and deflate rapidly as it pumped her to orgasm.
The shiny cunnilingus doll would eat her all night.

-- Samantha becomes Bambi

After the revolution, Samantha lived in the castle with
her mistress, unrecognisable to any of her former
friends. Huge DD breasts squashed against the cups of
the clear plastic corset she wore around her insanely
narrow waist as she minced around the castle on her six-
inch heels of her clear plastic hip boots. Her tendons
had been shortened, making it impossible to ever walk
again without the highest of heels. Her black hair was
permanently blonde, and her previously short-tempered
demeanour was replaced by a brilliant pouty smile from
her hugely fattened lips that made it difficult to talk.

Zorelle delicately rearranged Samantha's mind, changing
her name to Bambi and relocating the real Samantha to a
section of the brain where she could only observe her new
self. Bambi smiled brightly - she was incapable of
thinking clearly anymore and it suited her to be that
way. If fact, over the next few days her words would
graduate from just two syllables to one. She was already
speaking about herself in the third person. "Bambi needs

Zorelle made sure that her Bambi knew how to think like
she did when it came to punishment.

"Good Bambi, because from now on cum is going to be your
very favorite thing in the world to eat! You love that
taste, that consistency more than any other food, and
you'll crave it often. You won't be able to get enough
cum. And guess what, Bambi doll? As good as you think
cum tastes today, by this time next week, all cum, both
male and female will taste ten times better."


"Please give Bambi some cum, Mistress. Bambi want cum so
bad ... Ungh ... Mistress making Bambi cum so good!
Bambi do anything you want ... unh ... unh ... please
make cum in Bambi's new slutty mouth ... let Bambi drink
cum nectar. Use Bambi's mouth to make your pussy feel
real good."

Zorelle motioned for Bambi to approach her, stripping off
her heavy latex dress completely to expose her rampant
Vixen manhood, the tool stolen from her former lover.

"Oooh, Zorelle's cock is so sweet and full of cum for
Bambi. Shoot your cum down Bambi's fucking throat.".

Zorelle obliged.

"Thank you so much, Mistress. You gave Bambi her
favorite treat." Suddenly her words caught up to her
brain and a concerned expression came over her face.
" me" gasped Samantha briefly before her persona
of Bambi took over easily again. Her mind went
blissfully empty again the way she wanted to keep it.
Zorelle smiled.

-- Statue corner gets a new maid

A maid appeared to clean up the mess of spilt cum,
clumsily knocking into Zorelle as she did so. It was
really Zorelle's fault, for she had stood to her feet at
the wrong moment, but the Rubbermaid was punished anyhow.
She was stripped naked. Vlatex ballet boots were epoxied
to the floor in the statue corner, and the girl's feet
were laced into them. Magic spread her arms straight out
at her side and a set of spray nozzles began, coating her
until she was entirely black, an ebony rubber statue from
the toes up, still able to wriggling.

The maid was dressed again in a longer version of her
original costume, a full black and white rubber maid's
dress of the formal style. Her arms were laced into a
matching single sleeve binder, for she would have no
cleaning to do at all as a statue, her neck circled with
a bright golden stasis collar. It seemed strange to see
a black rubber statue wearing a maid's dress yet not
actually bustling about the castle. Even fixed in
position she still attempted to do her duties, for her
original programming had not changed.

-- Zorelle wants a baby

Zorelle needed an heir to the throne, and came up with a
unique solution for breeding the best child.

The original Supergrrl was retrieved and restored to her
Kryptonite sapped form. The queen wanted no duplicates
this time. Captive Linda was dressed in a freedom
deprivation suit often used for breeding experiments. It
was a head to toe catsuit made from clear, extra heavy
gauge latex. Once it was sealed up the back, the
glistening golden suit of transparent material was
completely airtight and had just one opening: a stubby
little pipe connection protruding from her pussy.
Perspex lenses covered her eyes, which could be switched
from opaque to clear as desired - usually completely
black and impervious to even x-ray vision.

A heavy chain was connected to the holding ring at the
top of Supergrrl's enveloped head and winched up until
she was on her knees on the padded rubber floor, no doubt
padded with some of Zorelle's other victims. The
Princess's hands we enclosed in the polished mitts of the
suit, blending her fingers into useless pads like a doll
and reducing her ability to grasp anything to zero.

Running her flat palms over her hips in frustration,
Linda felt them slide all over as if her outer skin was
totally frictionless. And so it was - her entire latex
enclosed body had been sprayed with silicone spray
lubricant and she knelt in a little pool of it.
Supergrrl could not even close her weakened legs properly
- they kept sliding humiliatingly apart thanks to thin
rubberized tension bands pulling her knees wide.

The captured princess felt some activity at her groin and
her mouth and soon afterwards the blackness coating her
eyes faded to transparency.

She looked down and saw a clear perspex tube had been
joined to the socket between her legs, the socket that
held her pussy lips splayed wide no matter how she
wriggled. By following it along as far as her chained
head would allow her to see she found it terminating at
the massive Vixen penis between Zorelle's legs.

Another identical tube had been connected to her mouth,
and also fastened using a splitter junction to Zorelle's

In true style, Zorelle was wearing a living rubber
catsuit girl in resplendent purple. The girl's mouth and
face were newly relocated at the queen's hips - her shiny
purple lips and throat giving a continual headjob to the
base of the long shaft. A connector at the end of
Zorelle's member sealed the perspex tube to the tip of
the monstrous shaft. Supergrrl was going to be

Linda tried to grip the plastic tube but it was an
exercise in futility for her useless glossy paddle hands.
She could only look on while rubber slave girls pleasured
their queen with their mouths and hands. Zorelle had a
toy suckling from each nipple, and even one beneath her
dress with dual dildo tongues in the royal pussy and anus
respectively. Orgasm was inevitable.

Suddenly Zorelle stiffened. A great jet of cum burst
from the Zorelle's throbbing cockhead, flying down the
transparent tube as if a dam had burst. The sticky white
fluid shot halfway down the tube without even slowing
down, spraying the inner walls of the transparent tube
white as Zorelle literally exploded with semen. Snorting
and panting, she squirted a huge continuous spray that
was unlike anything the onlookers had seen before.

With her body totally enveloped and chained by a holding
ring to the top of her head, Linda was able to see
everything coming down the tube at her. It was a river
flow of magical sperm, a never-ending stream. Zorelle's
huge penis pumped the tube full of semen under incredible
pressure, filling Supergrrl's entire body to the brim and
then forcing it in violent spray into the rest of the
suit, even via Linda's nostrils.

The all-enclosing clear latex sheath filled with more and
more creamy semen until she had disappeared from view
inside a tautly stretched milky white ball. She was
definitely pregnant, but Zorelle wanted to make sure so
she left Supergrrl suspended in the sticky gooball for
two days.

Finally, with a minor, messy explosion, pregnant Linda
was released from her taut impregnation suit and cleaned
up. She was put into a clear green rubber baby doll
nightie and joined Zorelle in her bedchamber for some
serious vagina stretching in the traditional manner. The
spearing lasted all night every night for two months.
Every day during those dreadful months was spent swimming
in a huge aquarium filled to the brim with Zorelle's
seed, manufactured in huge quantities with the help of a
semen replicator. The replicator was a unique device
that took a sperm sample from Zorelle, a great deal of
water and a living prisoner, converting them into
hundreds of litres of the sticky white stuff for
Supergrrl to float in. Thanks to stasis she could not
drown and her lungs were full of the stuff.

-- The pregnant princess starts to show

As soon as the breeding heroine started to show signs of
the baby, her pussy was smoothed over and sealed off by

"You are going to stay my Pregnantdolly for so long that
you will forget your previous life" Smirked Zorelle as
she pretended to masturbate the sexless crotch of her
beautiful rubberized baby factory. "Cannot feel anything
down there, can you? Soon you will come running
obediently when I call your new name, my pretty thing in
the hope that I will give you back your opening. I shall
name you 'Pregnantdolly'"

The belly of the ebony doll grew visibly larger by the
day, her flat crotch leaving no opening in the shiny
black rubber for a baby to exit.

Pregnantdolly's term lasted for an agonizing twenty-four
months instead of the customary nine. The poor girl
remained in her distended rubber doll form for the
duration with nothing but a smooth polished surface
between her legs where her pussy had once been. The
silent feminine creature often pointed frantically to its
empty crotch as it clutched its rippling, immense belly
as though in pain. Its dolly face, which was moulded
into a permanent pouty smile, contradicted these
gestures, for it could never be made to frown. Her face
would always show contented happiness.

The moment Pregnantdolly was finally allowed to give
birth, a ring pull zipper appeared at her belly button.
A tug on the ring opened a massive chasm between her
legs. Two equally lengthened, tumescent vlatex pussy
lips flopped out to reveal a huge orifice that stretched
from her coccyx all the way back to her belly button.
The oversized baby slid out without mess in seconds,
clean and sparkling. Before the pussy lips could close,
Zorelle slid a black rubber doll that she had made from
one of her Rubbermaids back into Pregnantdolly's womb,
reducing the size of the rubberized pussy exit to prevent
it being born again. The ensuing labour for the large
doll lasted two weeks.

Once it was all over, Preggers hoped she would be
released from that awful pressure but it was not to be
so. Zorelle cast again and her vlatex outer skin was
suddenly pulled into her wide, slack pussy as if there
was an invisible string drawing it in. She could feel it
coating her insides where the baby had been, but also
further into her body cavities, including her bladder.
Doll Linda watched as her vagina again smoothed over in a
polished unbroken curve from one inner thigh to another.
A valve appeared in her crotch, which Zorelle used to
pump her full of helium until she looked and felt
pregnant again. Her sex was a smooth swipe of latex,
apart from the thin, rubber capped metal valve that
protruded from its middle.

-- Sentencing of Ellen

"Ellen bitch, I have decided. You shall be married to
the Earl of Greythorn in a public, televised ceremony.
Following the wedding, your arms and legs will be
truncated and capped. You will be programmed in the arts
of sensual pleasure. If you do not cooperate to the
fullest, your sister Mariah will take your place in the
household of the Earl, but in a more lowly position than
is planned for you. Mariah will wear the transparent
fluorescent yellow oversuit of the pee-doll and will be
demoted to a brown suit after five years if you resist in
any way.

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