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-- The public zoo (Aug 2002)

In addition to her garden, Zorelle also had a public zoo
of flora and fauna created completely in vlatex, where
families could learn the wonders of nature without having
to be concerned about cruelty to real animals.

The completely rubberised creatures following their pre-
programmed actions in the enclosures were men and women
forced into various helpless forms thanks to the wonders
of Plastiskin. The only divergence from reality was that
body hair was never real, always painted onto sleek
surfaces, and Zorelle liked to see sexual organs enhanced
and highly visible wherever possible.

The most amazing creations were the lumbering grey rubber
elephants that contained twenty female prisoners each -
truly a marvel of the wicked Queen's imagination.

-- The LEC Seals (Jan 2002)

In the female locker rooms at the prestigious Lord Eccles
College, a trim, leather-clad teacher worked hard at her

Using vlatex gloves to avoid touching it with her skin,
Ms Falkner inserted the final plastiskin infusion tablet
in the showerhead and tightened it in place, her arms
strong despite her diminutive size. It was hot work in
her heavy regulation uniform of black leather skirt,
white leather blouse and ballet boots, but she dared not
remove any part of her clothing and risk the wrath of the
school board - or risk any of the substance getting on
her skin. She had signed a contract to wear the staff
uniform at all times in public, and had seen horrible
examples of what happened to teachers who breached their

Besides, she secretly found herself enjoying the
restrictive material more every day, because it suited
her emerging personality, one that she had repressed for
a long time yet somehow never noticed. The new Ms
Falkner took no prisoners when her students failed, an
attitude that Queen Zorelle no doubt encouraged in her
education department.

She slid the monkey wrench back into her red latex sports
bag and smoothed the droplets of water from her pristine
zippered blouse, shaking her long blonde ponytail to
extract the last of the liquid. All schoolteacher
leather clothing and boots were enchanted before leaving
the government owned manufacturer called 'Z' Textiles.
For months it had been slowly changing the way Ms Falkner
thought, adjusting the things she found interesting. It
did not cross her mind that in a very short time she had
progressed from a meek, spectacled teacher to an
uncompromising, mean bitch when it came to her students,
forcing them to train harder every day, stripping them of
dignity. The other staff members were becoming oddly
similar and it seemed no student could please them.

Part of Ms Faulkner's job as physical education
coordinator was to ensure her senior school football team
not just performed, but also WON. For the past two
years, the results had been lacklustre and the LEC Seals
languished at the bottom of the ladder. Something
definitely had to be done to add spirit to the team,
perhaps new mascots...a new cheerleader squad..

-- The glasshouse plants (Jan 2002)

One of the largest buildings in the garden was an
ordinary looking glasshouse with expensive large thick
panes of glass. A closer inspection revealed the panes
were each a captive, turned to living molten glass and
squashed flat as transparent sheets of crystal to make
the building. Zorelle could barely discern their
outlines as they struggled in vain to move inside their
two dimensional solid prisons.

Inside the hothouse, a bizarre mix of cloyingly sheathed
latex fem-flowers lived in humiliating forms. One was
embedded upside down in a rubber pot, with her pussy bare
and secreting nectar for real insects to feed on.

Another was legless and armless, sheathed in a tall
emerald plant suit and buried up to her neck in the soil,
which had become packed and solid as concrete over the
years. Her head was a featureless golden vlatex flower
with a single pussy mouth in its centre that was her only
remaining sensory organ. The large triangle-shaped shiny
yellow petals framing her pussy-pad could be zippered
closed, leaving a pointy-headed green plant totally
sealed in the amplified sun. That particular flower was
all that remained of a young interloper named Phil who
had been caught with his shaft buried deep in Zorelle's
favourite chair, caught by the Queen herself.

-- Squad hits the showers (Jan 2002)

The major cheer squad returned to their locker rooms in
an explosion of pushing, giggling and laughing.

Katie, the head cheerleader was first to strip for the
shower. Once practise was over, Ms Falkner always had
them follow a strict regimen that began with an immediate
shower. That meant they could still chatter, however.
Katie unzipped her high collared, her gold lycra cheer
uniform and admired her lithe body briefly, still glowing
with sweat - her large round breasts, narrow waist, and
pert buttocks made her an irresistible package that no
man could ignore. Standing there in pink lingerie and
gold boots, with her long blonde hair and perfect face,
she was one of the most sought after girls in school, and
knew it.

Throwing her underwear and boots aside, Katie wet her
whole body under the cascade of refreshing water, then
took hold of a newly opened bar of soap and began to
lather up. She paused in confusion. The soap seemed to
make her dirtier instead of cleaner. The palms of her
hands and her breasts where she had touched them with the
soap showed a silvery metallic color. Katie thought it
must be trick soap like she had used as a girl.

"Ha ha! Very funny ladies!" she said loudly in
annoyance. It was, after all, an old childish trick.
But it was not that at all. The other girls watched in
amazement, then amusement as Katie's lower body turned to
gleaming rubber, her new artificial living plastiskin
tightening as the spells began to control and change her.
She struggled to fight the cloying sheath of rippling
liquid skin, but try as she might, she could not grasp
hold of anything once it had coated her hands. The
substance was as slippery as quicksilver and seemed
attracted to itself as it shrank.

The plastiskin on her feet activated quickly, followed by
her arms, which were pulled and stuck rigidly to her
sides like a nude silver soldier. Only her hands could
still move, although her fingers were stuck together
and quickly blending into flippers.

"Please.... Help.... What's happening to me?"

The other girls simply stared at her. Obviously Katie-
girl had done something to ask for the punishment she was

" hair.....Ms Falkner - go for help!"

Ms Falkner did not move either, simply smiled fondly at
her. Something was terribly, terribly wrong.

Katie had always loved her pretty, bouncy blonde hair
that hung down her back to mid shoulder blade. The
plastiskin began to coat and solidify like a thin layer
of silver glue over her head. It stretched down over her
back and shoulders where her hair had once fallen
naturally. Where the hair strands touched her body, the
magical substance stuck and fused them in place,
fashioning a hood from her once-beautiful locks. Her
scalp tingled as her hair changed entirely to plastiskin,
her self-imposed hood pulling tighter, sealing and
compressing flat to her glossy silver seal-head until she
could no longer turn it from side to side. Katie rued
not having the will to cut it short for the summer, for
now her head was fixed rigidly in place by it.

She would regret it forever. The plasti-hair began to
suction on itself and shrink to give her a slightly
defined seal's neck, but she was unable to turn her head
- it was fixed in position like she was wearing a neck
corset. As the plastiskin hair contracted more, the
vacuum drew her head up and back so there was a smooth
merging of her head and body.

The silver plastiskin membrane on Katie's top and bottom
lips joined across her mouth like being pulled by a
drawstring until it was sealed. It began to stiffen,
tighten and polish, compressing her face to making it
increasingly difficult to open her mouth.


Katie soon found she could not widen her jaw at all, and
ceased making any further intelligible speech. But the
cursed sealskin did not stop. To her horror, she could
feel her mouth disappearing altogether. Her pretty lips,
her perfect white teeth (she had spent so many years in
braces to fix them!), all fused into solid, permanent
plastiskin. She could no longer make any noise with her
rubberized mouth. The doomed girl's body started to
acquire a mirror finish gloss as her sleek, enchanted
epidermis became tighter. It hampered her breathing,
constricting her waist more than was physically possible.
The membrane began to join itself down between her legs
until a silver sail of plastiskin hung between her pussy
and ankles in an inverted triangle. Her knees were drawn
slowly together, no matter how she resisted, until they
were touching. Her knees were followed by the rest of
her legs, toppling her to the pristine white tiles of the
shower floor. The tiles were of course unaffected by the
soapy catalyst, being made from non-living material.

Katie lay there, continuing to change into her new shape
as further volumes of plastiskin tainted water rained
down on her to add insult to injury. According to
Zorelle's experiments, a person needed no more than a
splash of the plastiskin resin on her skin to allow a
complete conversion if catalyst soap was applied. Extra
plastiskin resin simply compressed the underlying layers
more - the outward effect would be the same. Poor Katie
was continuing to add layers of compression to herself by
remaining under the flow of tainted water.

The head cheerleader seal breathed less, forced by the
constriction and hardening of her rubber waist to take
tiny gasps instead of lungfuls. She could feel her body
altering internally under the magic of the plastiskin,
but did not know what it was doing to her. She would
soon become a living plastiskin creature.

"Ooh look!" Squealed the other girls in glee as the
senior cheerleader position suddenly became available.
"You are a lovely seal, Katie. Can we play with you at
the beach?" They laughed, making rude seal noises.

Ms Falkner reached over to turn off Katie's shower. The
tablet had long since been depleted and it was safe to do
so. She rubbed the frantically squeaking body of Katie
down with a chamois towel, marvelling at how super slick
the surface remained even when dry. She looked at the
other girls who were staring in fear at the silver that
had just begun to spread inexolerably over their skin.

"Katie here is to become the new mascot - a mascot that
will stop the team losing when she is mounted outside the
training rooms. A plastiskin seal, like the rest of you.
None of you silly girls even looked closely at your
catalyst soap before you used it. It is a reaction
catalyst for the plastiskin infusion in the water that
already coats your bodies. Your first mere touch started
the silvery reaction you are seeing that is changing your
bodies to beautiful silver rubber for the team. Just one
touch is enough to spread the plastiskin to your entire
body so it can become part of you."

"B...But I didn't touch the soap," whispered Karen to her
helplessly altering friend Danni. She hoped to run for
it. Ms Falkner turned suddenly at the utterance and
spied Karen standing at the back of the group, shivering,
the only student not yet changing. She threw a cake of
soap to her and the poor girl caught it without thinking.
Karen stared at it for a moment, and then saw the silvery
sheen creeping up her palms, then wrists. "Oh no....oh
please Ms Falkner, not me.." She went very pale and
began trying to scrape it from her skin, not realising
more plastiskin was falling on her from the faucet above.
The programmed plastiskin tablet in the showerhead was
doing its job perfectly.

Ms Falkner merely chuckled and ignored her. "Actually, I
am wrong. Technically the plastiskin does not become
part of you - you become plastiskin, in whatever shape
has been requested when it was purchased".

With great effort and squeaking of protesting vlatex,
Katie-seal twisted her rubberized animal torso and rolled
her eyes to look beside her in what was to be her last
ever voluntary movement. She saw the same silver
reaction happening to her brunette roommate Sue. Sue
looked back at her girlfriend in panic and saw Katie's
eyes take on an inhuman silver glow. Katie-seal became
lost in darkness, blinded forever. She could not
understand what they had done to upset Ms Falkner so much
that she would decide to punish them all like this.

Ms Falkner stepped carefully around her struggling
students to ensure no liquid splashed on her skin. She
inspected her collection of senior grad seals flopping
helplessly under their respective waterfalls of
plastiskin resin, turning off those that were finished.

The ones who had almost set completely displayed an
obvious mounting hole where their pussy used to be, a
seemingly fleshy-lipped plastiskin pussy that was
actually hardened rubber, with a screwing thread for the
locking bolt on the inner surface.

"My my...the construction crew will be totally delighted
with you all.. Of course I shall have to watch them lest
they use your mounting holes for their pleasure"

Ms Falkner walked over to Katie, who was making a loud,
involuntary squeaky rubbery sound while her plastiskin
sheath shrank, tightened, and hardened around her body at
the same time. The former head cheerleader felt her
heels turn and touch each other, becoming a graceful seal
tail as Ms Falkner watched with undisguised pleasure.

Katie's body snapped back to its preset seal shape from
where she had twisted to try and communicate with Sue,
her body arching to take its final seal form. She could
not get her muscles to move back; for they had they had
become solid plastiskin. With no way of independent
movement, she had become utterly helpless - an object of
amusement for the team.

"Now Katie.. I know you cannot see any more, but before
your ears are sealed over by the spell, I want you to
think about all the good you shall do for the teams that
come in the following decades."

Katie tried to make any kind of noise at all, but all she
could manage was a hiss from her tiny seal nostril
openings. Her pretty ears flattened to the side of her
head and were absorbed, momentarily leaving black
markings on the side of her head to give the impression
of seal ear holes. These were aesthetic, of course, and
soon blended away to leave no visible mark where her ears
used to be. As a mascot, she would not need any senses
at all.

Blind, deaf, dumb and mute in her stiff rubber animal
state, the former senior head cheerleader cried out
hopelessly with her mind.

"Can anyone hear me? Ms Falkner? Anyone? Please...I'm
trapped in here! I can't even move! I shall go crazy in
here! Please Ms Falkner.... set me free? Anyone?" She
was not even sure if someone was touching her skin or if
she was being moved or stationary. Her hard plastiskin
vlatex body was complete.

Ms Falkner ignored the fresh glossy creature that lay
silent, unmoving and rigidly on the floor. She turned to
caress the slippery seal-head of poor Sue, who was
flailing weakly with her useless vlatex flipper hands at
the stretched sail of plastiskin between her legs as it
drew her knees together. She was hyperventilating, not
taking the restriction to her breathing lightly.

"Sue, I know you cannot see me, but let me remind you
that you have always been a little bitch to teach, while
you still have your ears. So, I shall keep you
especially as company for my bed". Sue's arms were
pulled to her sides as she struggled pathetically with
renewed energy. "There there.... no point in fighting
it, silly girl - you passed the reversal point the moment
you touched the soap! I have had lots of pretty rubber
seal-suits and dresses made in just your new size for you
to wear to bed with me, although you will not even guess
you are wearing anything once your stiffening is
complete. There is no return, my sleek little rubber
mascot. You will live forever in my bedroom. I have
always wanted to ride a seal who was dressed in a rubber
maids' costume, or as Bo-Peep, or in a gold vlatex
cheerleader dress like her original - no boots needed for
you now, of course, without feet, how would you wear
them?". Sue's rubberflesh began to squeak as the
plastiskin hardened into its final drum tight stiffness.
Her flexibility worsened until only her hands were able
to wriggle. "Yes, it's getting harder to move your
flippers, isn't it? Soon you won't move ever again!"

-- Collars for the mascots (Jan 2002)

Ms Falkner pulled a set of stasis collars from her bag.
Without mouths, her rigid seals could not eat, so she
added a neat plastiskin collar to each one to keep it
forever fresh. The pink studded collars activated after
a few minutes, becoming part of the rubber skin around
the necks of the shiny silver seals. None of them even
twitched, thanks to the many layers of plastiskin that
had sealed them. They would make fine mascots, mounted
on their display stands at the gym.

-- Tala the biochemist (Feb 2002)

Tala worked alone in her massive, secret basement. The
brilliant biochemist wore her white vlatex lab catsuit,
an airtight, frictionless affair that covered her entire
body. The suit zippered snugly up to the back of her
neck, and had tight protective gloves and boots built in.
An overlapping rebreather mask sealed over her head and
attached to the catsuit at the neck. The mask, coupled
with the rear zipper on the suit, ensured Tala was safe
from any experimental splashes. Accidents would wash off

A myriad of rubberized fem-toys were strapped to racks
and trolleys, some struggling, most laying quiet and
helpless in their altered plastiskin bodies. They were
the first slaves she would free.

Stretching long across one wall of the huge room was a
desk on which sat her life's work - computers, bubbling
glass vials and tubes, spectrographic analyzers,
centrifuges and countless other odd looking devices. She
had borrowed and stolen everything she could to try and
reverse Zorelle's rubberizing process - even magic items,
as was evident from the many spell books stacked beside
printouts of nuclear particle physics.

Tala was a rebel who had been working for many years to
find a way to reverse Zorelle's rubberizing process. She
felt she was very close to finding the key to rescue the
poor men and women whom the evil sorceress had converted
to vlatex for her own sadistic amusement. Yesterday she
had discovered how to pre-program and start the
plastiskin process through a simple blend of science and
magic, testing the procedure on lab rats. The black
rubber fetish rats were stuck in their new skins, but she
did not really have time to worry about their health. A
rat, after all had a brain smaller than a peanut. Today
she was certain she had a potion that would work for the
reversal on humans.

-- Helen chooses (Jun 2002)

A rubber curtain rose up until Helen could see a black rubber pod in
the centre of the room, a chain holding it standing. It barely moved
as if the occupant was trying to remain very still. The current
Fetishgirl waited until the confused eyes of her randomly selected
viewer showed comprehension, before speaking.

"Helen, take a look through this window and you will see your
incentive to participate in our Choices Game tonight."

Rubbermaids breached the zipper of the pod and slid it off the
captive. A frightened young woman was revealed; every inch of her
skin sealed in an airtight transparent vlatex catsuit, as if she had
been coated from head to ankle. It was her sister Stacey. Black
straps held Helen's sibling tightly bound with her arms at her sides,
and even her hands were mittened into uselessness with the glossy
rubber. A powerful stun prod in her pussy administered shocks to
Stacey's most sensitive places every time she struggled even a
little. She did not move.

Fetishgirl contorted her flawless yellow rubber body in the rigid
pose of the captive.

"Stacey wears my favourite slow-setting plastiskin suit. If it is
left on her for another twenty-four hours it will set and become her
real skin, obliterating all her features. Depending on the DNA
sequences in the plastiskin she will most likely turn an opaque black
color on completion and Stacey will undergo some necessary body
changes, like losing her hands."

The garish compare of the show smiled with her fat yellow lips.

"Of course Stacey's fate is academic if you willingly choose your own
doom from the list of selections on the show this afternoon. If you
sacrifice yourself, your sister will be removed from the suit before
it sets and will then have a chance, however small, to go free. Note
the rebreather gag in Stacey's mouth. She is blissfully unaware that
if I do not have it removed before tomorrow, the plastiskin will fuse
to her oral cavity and she will wear it forever."

Fetishgirl smiled as she remembered a gorgeous female pop star from
the show a week ago that had been tricked into wearing a
straightjacket leotard and a similar full lower face gag for a
publicity stunt. It had been quite amusing to watch the prisoner
struggle when Fet had told her the entire kit was made of plastiskin
and she had five minutes to escape it.

With the expanded gag in her mouth for the rest of her days and her
arms a useless shelf for her freshly implanted tits, the rubberised
blonde singer would not be making any albums soon. The "Real Rubber
TV" cameras had captured it all live.

Fetishgirl showed Helen a large screen with a hundred choices for
modification on it.

"Before you begin, I must warn you that each selection on this screen
you choose also contains a 'mystery' alteration for Stacey. However
if you happen to choose one of the lucky 'jackpot' modifications for
yourself, which will be quite terrible for you, Stacey will win total
freedom. You will, however have to submit to whatever alteration you
choose - as does she if you are not freed - but hers is a lucky dip."

"One final thing: the more debilitating the alteration you choose for
yourself, the more possibility that Stacey will get only a light
alteration. You keep choosing until you cannot physically indicate
your selection due to your body modifications. Choose wisely and

-- Brenda returns to Humanity (Feb 2002)

A plastiskin sex doll, easily bought on the open market
with cash and fake identity papers, lay where Tala had
draped her flat on the padded operating table. The
living plaything had a black rubber plastiskin bodysheath
all over, and years of bondage had left behind a feeble
creature, unable to move from wherever she was posed.
The doll also had a lavender plastiskin catsuit fused
over her black skin, a fetish garment that had grown to
become part of her soon after she was dressed in it. The
living outfit had puffed sleeves and thighs, but a tight,
fitted torso with a cut-out at her crotch. Long semi-
transparent tubes of pastel purple rubber for her breasts
kept her massive tits in a sausage shape, only escaping
the confines of the suit at the tip where the vlatex
nipple bulged into a ponderous black ball.

Tala poured the contents of a beaker into a mister and
sprayed the light purple feet of the doll. The
plastiskin fizzled and smoked angrily, then turned to
liquid and flowed away. In a moment the girl's pale
original feet were revealed, twitching with the sudden
ability to feel air and light again. Tala sprayed the
entire body of the toy, revealing a pretty, nude girl
with "designation: sex doll" tattooed on her left breast.
Unfortunately, her tits remained the same mushroom shape
her suit's breast forms had kept them in for so many
years, and her lips and pussy folds stayed obscenely
fattened. The toy's piercings too did not dissolve, the
large silver rings still dangling from her nipples,
clitoris and tongue. Tala made notes in her book as she
went. She prised the fat lips apart and pencilled "no
teeth" in her notebook. The poor thing probably did not
have vocal chords either. The pretty blue eyes of the
freed slave flicked open for the first time in years and
she looked up happily at her saviour.

"What is your name?" Tala asked, holding the girls' hand

"Uh uh uh!" cried the girl as if
she had just orgasmed, making the only sounds she was
able to. She had a tiny uneven "Brenda" tattoo stamped
rudely on the right breast with what Tala assumed was her

The attractive scientist was jubilant. She had done it!
The potion worked. She realised she should quickly
publish her works on the Zorelle-net so the other freedom
fighters could see it, in case anything happened to her.

"Hello Brenda!" she smiled at the girl. "I have set you
free. I'll have you back to normal in no time."

Brenda was smiling as well as she was able with her super
fattened lips, but her eyes remained oddly vacant. She
did not seem to comprehend Tala's words, or even her
original name. The freed girl reached across to the
crotch zipper of Tala's white vlatex catsuit, which she
could see in front of her, and released it, at the same
time wrapping her arm around Tala's hips so she could not
back away. Before the pretty chemist could think about
the possible contamination issues of having a breach in
her suit, Brenda squeezed her soft tongue through the
slit and began to lick the pussy of her new mistress.

Tala's glossy knees buckled as the invading, well-trained
tongue sent waves of pleasure up her spine. In no time
she found herself straddling Brenda's face, her nether
regions expertly probed. It was obvious that Brenda's
total mental conditioning would stay locked in her head,
even though her skin was back to normal. Tala's pulse
rate quickened, deciding that full publication of her
findings could wait a few minutes, but she would at least
send it to her three anonymous contacts in the
Resistance, one_tough_kitty, puppygrrl, and gofish69.
Once the mails were sent and confirmed, she put aside her
notes and rested her full weight on the human sex toy's
mouth to ensure deepest penetration. Brenda's hands
reached up and caressed Tala's taut white rubber-clad
buttocks softly. It was oddly comforting.

-- Good witch becomes no witch (Aug 2002)

Zorelle cupped Sabrina's head in her gloved hands.
"You should not have crossed me. Such a pity all those
years at private schools are going to be wasted. Your
rich and powerful family may search for you dear Sabrina,
but where you are going nobody will be able to find or
return you."

Her hands glowed with red light, a powerful magic that
infused through Sabrina's head. The good witch felt her
free will being drained, her intelligence being shut off
in part of her brain where it could do nothing. After
ten minutes of the agonizing procedure, her eyes had
glazed over to their final state as her active mind was
forced into total mental bondage, turning her into a
helpless vegetable to the outside world.

She drooled gently even as her conservative office suit
disappeared and black liquid vlatex flowed down over her
body, sealing her in a tight coating.

The nimbus faded and a glossy black doll stood obediently
where Sabrina had been moments before, its mouth packed
by a gag and sealed over by the impervious material.

"Stand over there, my freshly stupid one," laughed
Zorelle, pointing to a spot on the floor.

The anonymous doll walked slowly and with difficulty in
its tight, heavy skin and teetering ballet boots to stand
in her new place with the other dolls behind the throne.
The living automation stood quietly while the original
Sabrina cried out pitifully from a now useless part of
her brain.

The doll was often seen accompanying Her Majesty, either
dressed in an all rubber jester catsuit, or as a nude
black rubber doll, seemingly mindless. It just stood
quietly, forever unable to comprehend the events that
unfolded around it, its dazed green eyes seemingly unable
to focus properly on the room. Inside, a good witch

-- Tala gets painted (Feb 2002)

While Scientist Tala slept, Sextoy Brenda looked about
the room to see the other bound dolls. The high level of
bondage triggered her automatic fetish programming. The
white vlatex catsuited woman she had tongued moments
before was the only one not bound. Perhaps she was
supposed to be a doll too? Yes, Brenda decided, the
white lady was out of place. She had to be immobilized
like the others. Taking care not to wake her, Brenda
moved the woman's limbs so that her arms were by her side
and her legs were together. Next, she took a tin of
white liquid vlatex and carefully painted Tala's arms and
legs together over the top of the white labsuit. After a
few dozen layers, it appeared that Tala had no arms and
her legs were in a single boot. Brenda lifted the woozy
Tala up on a stool, opened her mask, and gagged her -
immediately waking her up. Tala struggled in surprise.
The vlatex was shrinking around her. She was stuck in
her own lab catsuit!

"Mmmmmm...Letp mwe fwree...mmmmmmm!" came Tala's frantic
voice, muffled through her gag and breathing mask.
Ignoring her protests, Brenda reached down and half
closed Tala's breathing tap so she did not have the spare
air to struggle or talk. "Mmmm...mBwenda....
....sssss.... ...sssss......eeeair.... ....sssss". Tala
gave up.

The sound of her own laboured breathing meant the captive
scientist did not hear the door of the cellar door open
softly behind her. She did however see four women as
they ran into the room, dressed in navy blue and black
full body catsuits, with Zorelle's coat of arms
emblazoned across their crotch area. It was the secret
rubber police!

Tala's heart fell. What had happened to her security
platoon in the room above?

The policewomen quickly flanked the painted and panting
Tala, pinning her in the center between them. Oddly, in
addition to her fear, she found herself wondering how
they could move so quickly wearing such tight outfits.

One of them stood back and unrolled a scroll. "By order
of Her Grandness Zorelle, you are charged and convicted
with treason and will begin your sentence immediately.
Her Majesty has decreed that you shall become an
experiment, yet continue to work in your field".

One of the Policemaids, with number 16 in neat white
lettering over her right breast and three epaulettes on
her left shoulder, was obviously the leader. She pulled
out a dual function obedience and stasis collar, and
buckled it snugly around Tala's neck. It activated
itself. "Sit still." Tala sat very still, even though
every fibre cried out to escape.

The leader ordered their captive to be cut out of her
white bondage suit.

She pulled a flaccid black rubber hood gingerly from the
hip pocket zipper of her catsuit and with a great deal of
effort, the four women slid it down over Tala's head,
enveloping her in darkness. The rear zipper was closed
with even more difficulty. A tight, wide collar built
into the item ensured the hood would not move from where
it pressed against her face. Tala could not see, but a
breathing valve had been conveniently provided for her

Next, Tala felt a tight little pair of rubber hotshorts
being struggled up her legs to sit snugly around her

"What you are wearing is an experimental hood of pure
plastiskin that sets much quicker than the others. The
hood is converting the skin it covers to artificial
living material, followed by complete transformation of
your mouth to give you a permanent pussymouth. Back at
the precinct we have a nice matching plastiskin catsuit
waiting for you that will convert the rest of your body
to its final punishment form."

The Policemaid tore the ripcord from the crotch of Tala's
transparent hotshorts, activating them. "The shortlets
are converting your whole crotch area to sleek a few amusing extras that you will
discover soon." She chuckled, spanking Tala's taut
rubberized buttock playfully with her glove.

"You will remain in your punishment skin forever, or
until Zorelle decides to release you - which has never
happened yet." Policemaid 16 smiled - she always enjoyed
watching a conversion. "About now you will be feeling a
tingle as it embeds in the skin of your face and scalp -
turning your skin into a non-stick surface we call
Plastex. Already it is too late to remove the
shorts...and the hood will set very soon. You may move

Tala's hands flew to her head, trying in vain to find the
zipper at the back of her neck. The Police had sealed
and glued a flap over the fastener, effectively erasing
the opening until it fused away. She fought it to
exhaustion, finally slumping to sit dazed on the floor,
her new face flat and featureless black, with only a
glossy red pussy donut where her mouth had been moments
before. Her short hair was transformed to a smooth,
barely discernible ripple on her scalp, and then smoothed
away to nothing.

-- TalaToy is born (Jun 2002)

The hood suddenly liquefied and the Policemaids leapt
back in surprise. It was not supposed to do that. They
watched as the living plastex flowed down Tala's body,
connecting with her hotshorts, then running to coat her
to the tips of her fingers and toes in total black.

Tala's head began to expand with pressure, puffing until
it was round and full of air. It juddered from side to
side as it expanded until coming to rest as a taut,
round, sleek ball.

She had been turned into an extremely bizarre rubber
doll, her new head a perfect inflated sphere. Her
breasts, ass, and hips were also terribly inflated, but
with some kind of soft heavy gel instead of air. The gel
was expanding under incredible pressure, forcing the
thick plastiskin layers of her skin apart, and expanding
her body like a bladder.

Tala's neck and waist were independently boned and
corseted, so as her torso expanded, her waist began to
suction with inverse proportion. Her neck elongated and
narrowed, which, in addition to her high-heeled feet,
made her a full head taller. Her terrible hotshorts
activated, and she hissed and clutched her crotch with
frictionless mitt hands as her original pussy began to
change. Her sex lips stretched and loosened, becoming
obscenely large and floppy. The officers watched with
fascinated horror as the pussy petals of their prisoner
became a huge, slack lipped vlatex storage bag,
glistening in frictionless crimson rubber. Black latex
coated metal thread allowed it to be sealed closed like a
drawstring bag, threaded through with black rubber

Tala's head was completely sealed, including her airway.
It had taken a panicked moment to realize she could
breath from an opening lower in her body. She soon
realized that the lower opening was what had become of
her clit. She was breathing through her own rubberized
clitoris, which had a tiny valve on the end. Labored
breaths caused her poor sealed nubbin endless stimulation
and ensured her pussybag was always drooling with
lubricant. Her front crotch would remain as a living
satchel, removed of all sensation other than from her
clit breather.

Tala's rectum had been turned into a real vlatex pussy,
glossy red lips that were far fatter and bigger than the
ones she had lost on her original sex, with massive,
engorged labial folds. These folds, although always
heavily lubricated, squeaked faintly as her enormous ass
cheeks crushed them in an airtight embrace. The actual
opening there was tiny, yet the red lips flowered
obscenely from her rear like an animal, enhanced to
ensure all could see them against her jet-black buttocks.

Later, as Zorelle tormented her rubberized scientist, it
soon became obvious that the Queen had designed Tala so
that her stretched red pussybag could be used to carry
items. That cavity would be home most often to
vibrators, once Zorelle discovered how impressively the
doll's tits jiggled. Zorelle would prove Tala-toy could
accommodate up to twelve vibrators with ease, and talked
about making the fetish pouch larger still so she could
carry a huge vibrating bowling ball. Tala could not, of
course, bear children in her new doll form.

"It is only a little pussybag, dear. Imagine if I made
you like this one?" She splashed far-seeing image on the
wall of a hapless black vlatex creature inside what
initially seemed to be a membrane. The taut covering was
actually a massive pussy pouch turned completely inside
out, stretched closely over her entire body and laced
closed above the head. The prisoner in the picture was
sealed completely inside her own glossy labial folds, and
sat wedged down on a large dildo pole, half the width of
her body. Still, TalaToy did not feel so lucky.

-- Gold (Aug 2002)

Jodie lived in the centre of a wilderness park. On
Valentine's Day she was sent an exquisite gold chain
necklace. Hanging from the links of the necklace were
numerous miniature gold figurines, some glittering with
extra diamonds. Before wearing the necklace, she decided
to first dress in her long satin formal gown so she could
see the jewellery in a nice frame in the mirror. As she
expected, the little gold and diamond chain was gorgeous
against her clear skin as it slung perfectly around her
slender neck. Suddenly, she felt a rush of
uncharacteristic drowsiness before slumping to the floor.

While she slept, the necklace shrank itself around
Jodie's neck and became a high, Elizabethan narrow metal
collar in smooth, solid gold, the diamonds apparently
gone. When the young woman awoke, she was about to
chide herself for dozing off so easily, when she noticed
that her breathing was slightly hampered. Her hands flew
to her throat and a gasp escaped her lips. The thing was
sealed closed around her neck.

At first Jodie thought someone had been playing a trick
on her and looked for the clasp on the collar, but no
matter how she searched, one did not appear. The collar
was slowly growing. It expanded, hugging her skin,
spreading down towards the roundness of her breasts.
Leaving her satin gown on, she jumped into her car and
drove towards help, which was three hours away.

In half an hour, the collar had grown into a stiff golden
halter top, covering her bosom, joined at her back and
mostly hidden beneath her dress. Because of the
unyielding nature of the expanding metal, she could not
move her shoulders easily, and her breathing was hampered
somewhat more. Her breasts, cupped tightly in the same
rigid material, were squashed against it at every gasp.
In an hour, as she drove, it had spread to become a
golden leotard, down over her shoulders, pinching in
breathlessly at the waist, and joining tight between her
legs. The rigidity of the metal encasing Jodie's
shoulders made it difficult to steer.

Later, when Jodie was still an hour away from nearest
aid, she could no longer drive because of her gold-
sheathed arms and legs, and was forced to stop. Soon she
was encased completely from the neck down in a body
stocking of lustrous gold, unable to move an inch from
her driver's seat.

Having nowhere else of the girl's lower flesh to coat,
the shiny metal oozed inexorably up the back of her neck
to add a tight fitting hood to the outfit. The 'hood'
then acted as though threaded with a drawstring that was
being pulled tightly. The opening shrank until only
Jodie's nose remained uncovered. Then it too was covered
as she was sealed completely in solid gold.

To a passer-by it would have been an odd sight to see the
gilded mannequin wearing a pretty satin dress, sitting
rigidly in the driver's seat of a car, but nobody came.
Inside her "golden maiden", Jodie could not see, hear, or
smell anything. She could not realise that she was
shrinking to pendant size, to become another tiny perfect
gold figurine attached to the necklace - a necklace
buried in the folds of satin of a limp gown on the seat
of a car.

Kathy enjoyed her new job managing the wilderness park.
Her husband, who had been the only opponent to her plan
to erase Jodie from the top job lay strapped to their bed
in a black rubber catsuit, his surgically forced
transsexual body arching uselessly against his bonds as
the golden necklace flowed down his curvy body as it had
done so weeks earlier on her old boss, Jodie. Kathy had
linked the necklace around her husband's forehead
initially so his entire head had been enveloped first by
a noiseless golden mask, but still he struggled to
escape, though in complete silence. The enchanted
necklace hood added a choker to the silky metal item as
it took over his neck too. Kathy smiled. Soon there
would be no challengers left, and a necklace filled with
many tiny figurines.

-- TalaToy visits the Queen (Aug 2002)

Tala was marched for an audience with Zorelle. Since her
original conversion, silver D ring piercings had been
embedded in her vlatex skin down the sides of her body,
even in her bulbous ass and tits, so that the Rubbermaids
could buckle her into her rubber cot each night.

Tala had been transformed via an experimental and
completely irreversible process, simply by being forced
into a pair of tiny rubber hotshorts and a hood. She had
become a rubber-doll creature, a fully rubberized freak
of a woman. She was trapped in her bizarre, inflated
doll-body forever - her bulbous head large and ungainly,
her gel-filled, puffed torso made to look all the larger
by sleek, narrow arms, legs, neck and waist. She knew
the secret of reversal, yet without a mouth she could
communicate it to no one. She had frictionless mittened
hands with no thumbs, so there was no way she could write
down the process even if she came across someone educated
enough to understand what she was talking about. She
could only hope her Internet contacts had passed word.

Zorelle gloated at the opportunities the freshly captured
rebel presented.

"Poor Tala. You had been working so hard on a way to
release my plastiskin victims. Now you are one yourself.
I will make you create so many more toys that you shall
forget your old life. You will live your days in this
helpless spelled rubber form, unless I tire of you, that
is, and decide to make you into something more

Somehow, through magic, the ball headed rubber Tala doll
could see, but she saw the world fuzzily and in black and
white as though her eyeballs were coated in transparent
latex. She looked up as Zorelle spoke, and was shocked
at the thought that she would enjoy creating toys for her
mistress. What had the terrible hood done with her

Zorelle was happy with the initial appearance of her new
plaything. Exactly as programmed, TalaToy had black
glossy vlatex skin, with only a crimson rubber breathing
valve protruding from a hole in her clit. She had no
features on her face at all, her head just a glossy black

-- The Gold necklace is full (Aug 2002)

Years later, the golden necklace had become so heavy and
bulky that Kathy had it melted down and made into gold
filament thread. The thread was then woven into a
stretch satin thread, which was, in turn, fed into a loom
to make gold filament satin lycra material, super
stretchy in four directions. The unique golden satin was
heavily rubber backed, and she had it made into a single,
full body catsuit.

Kathy zippered her next victims into the pliable glossy
outfit and strapped them down while they became tiny
statues of themselves.

-- Brenda is returned to the wild (Feb 2002)

Zorelle walked a bulky, cumbersome rubber doll into
Tala's field of vision. It could hardly move its
burdensome mass on its own accord, so the Rubbermaids
helped it along.

"I am afraid I had to fix what you undid. We have put
Brenda in a new plastiskin suit, much thicker than the
one she was in before. It will finish setting within the
next ten minutes - she would have been much happier if
you had left her alone!"

The sex doll had been given super heavy-duty black rubber
skin, perhaps three fingers thick all over yet totally
seamless and without any creases. She was literally a
statue, and drooled constantly from her fat lipped
lavender pussymouth, which was the only opening on her
entire body other than the anal valve she used for air.
Tala could not believe that in the core of the massive,
bulky doll was the tiny, fragile young woman she had
rescued. Her initial shock was replaced by a surge of
humiliating sadistic joy. Brenda's permanent body change
made her embarrassingly wet, and she did not know why.
Zorelle smiled knowingly.

"Actually she does not need to breathe, eat or produce
waste - a stasis collar is around her neck beneath the
suit. Brenda cannot hear us, so she will not realize I
can cut off her air yet keep her alive indefinitely"

-- Chauffeuse (Aug 2002)

One male spy was captured and forced into a very tight
chauffeuse uniform, a glossy leather catsuit with smartly
polished leather trim that covered his entire body,
including his face, which was sealed in the attached
leather hood. A doll face was painted on the face of the
heavy outfit.

The enchanted chauffeuse uniform was a narrow fit, and
the placement of a one-way zip up his back made its
removal impossible without help and special tools.
Trapped in the costume, he slowly changed into a real
leather chauffeuse - a lady driver. In two weeks, the
latter of which was spent serving his new mistress, he
had physically completed his changes, turning into a
female limousine attendant of leather.

The magical leather suit included two stiffly curved
mitten-gloves that were laced tightly from her fingertips
to her shoulders, making her hands useless for grasping
anything but the curved steering wheel. For most of her
days she was strapped down on a large dildo fixed to the
soft rubber driver's seat.

In that helpless state, she was soon complying with
Zorelle's orders. At the press of a button, Zorelle
could giver her a massive jolt of electricity from the
engine coil.

-- Tala meets some old friends for the first time (Aug

Tala looked across the room at some rubber creatures she
had not noticed before with her blurred vision. Zorelle
allowed her to go up for a closer look. The first was a
pink rubber woman moulded in the shape of a kitten, with
only two big blue eyes and a baby pink pussymouth on her
otherwise blank face. She did not move, and rested on
her huge fat tits, the white plastiskin nipples pierced
with heavy cat bells. She breathed through a little
valve at the tip of her studded bondage tail.

The second was a yellow latex puppy woman, looking
surprised with her wide round donut mouth. The
rubberized dog received her air through special
rebreathers on her chest and as her bright color
designated, her semi transparent tits were half filled
with pee to fulfil her role as a Pee-dolly. Her small
bust inflated fully and then deflated to almost nothing
with each breath.

"Tala, let me introduce you to some people you know
already. One_tough_kitty and Puppygrrl, your contacts on
Zorelle-net. I am afraid they failed to pass on your
little email because there were already enjoying the
comforts of their suits when it arrived. They may look
not too severely handicapped, but I should tell you that
their arms and legs do not exist - what you see is solid
vlatex. Their originals were removed to make sure they
fitted into their snug outfits."

"Gofish69 sadly cannot join us today. She lives buried
in a cage at the bottom of the ocean, owned by a young
couple near the coast. She was hardest to track down so
I paid a little more attention to her changes."

"Gofish69 is now a pretty, human sex seal, kept in an
underwater prison during the day, her glistening silvery-
black body released from the water at night to join her
owners in their latex bedroom. She is the same fitted
size and form as a real sea lion, the large, solid
plastiskin sheath fused to her body forever. There are
no zips of course - she will never be released."

"She has glossy flippers, aesthetic only, since her
original arms and legs also do not exist. Her little
limbless torso is embedded in the core of the crushing
skinsuit that will fuse to her completely after three
months. Of course, without any way of moving, wherever
in the sea they anchor her, she stays put. She cannot
see, hear or smell, and all ability to communicate has
been turned to meaningless garble in her head. She has a
pussymouth sheath, and an anal insert for a small
disposable cylinder of air that rests inside her, enough
for just twenty four hours under water."

"Her huge crimson gloss tits are only exposed if her
owners breach the single vertical chest slit, from neck
to belly, and prise them forth. They only present her
dripping globes to the world when she is back in the
bedroom, arched rigidly and sparkling in the centre of
their bed. She is so well endowed that her seal tits
have to be rotated ninety degrees and prised out
vertically down her front to fit through the narrow
opening - one at the top and another at her belly. I
hear they even have full body "seal catsuits" specially
made to fit her, and delight in dressing her in them.
She also moonlights as their living spa toy, so terribly
hot in the warm water. If they have normal friends over
for a pool party, she cannot even twitch to let them know
she is anything other than a lifeless rubber plaything in
the water as long as she is sealed up properly. I guess
gofish69 will live that same dull life forever unless the
couple decide to pup with her".

-- TalaToy's new lab (Jun 2002)

After two days of wearing a custom made programming hood
on her inflated head, Tala became a fully programmed pet
scientist. She was TalaToy.

She was released into a lavish new rubber laboratory in
the dungeons of the castle - four times the size of her
old workshop. Zorelle's words still rang in her rubber
head no matter how she shook it. "You shall find
inventive ways to convert my prisoners". She struggled
to stop herself but could not ignore the instructions.
Every evening, as her mind fought to resist, she strapped
her bulbous, inflated rubber head into the oversized
programming helmet for the same programming plus more
than the day before. As the days wore on, not only did
her will to resist fade away, but also she grew sexually
excited and flushed about her new fetish body. She
became more sadistic and inventive, and being kept in
constant, regular exposure to the powerfully potent voice
of the programming hood resulted in her utter belief that
she loved being a doll.

TalaToy was shocked at the changes happening to her and
tried with ever decreasing resolve to free herself.
Alas, her mind quickly changed into something more
befitting of her new rubber physiology. She would soon
wallow in the depravity of her modern form. She would
wish nothing more than to fondle her rubber body and
transform as many other women as possible.

As she began to convert more and more of Zorelle's
prisoners into living vlatex sex toys, many of them her
own rebel friends, TalaToy always felt guilty about the
pleasure she derived from the process. But she could not
stop. Her daily punishments of the victims ensured the
last vestiges of the old Tala began to disappear. She
slipped fully into her new role as the rubber punishment
scientist for the Queen as the days went on, until
citizens feared being sent to her lab. By the end of
the month she revelled in the power she held over her
creations, even though she was so terribly powerless to
escape Zorelle's clutches.

-- TalaToy and her unfinished robot (Apr 2002)

TalaToy ignored her half finished project from that
morning, which was one of her male rebels she had started
converting. She had run out of ideas for it - it
resembled a female shape, but still looked more like a
robot. The doll had a ball shaped head; a perfect,
glossy white orb about the size of a watermelon with
obvious breathing holes. The main torso was pink ripple
free latex, a corset pummelling the body into an extreme
hourglass shape from the neck to the hips, with cut-outs
that allowed its huge snow white ZZ breasts to squeeze
out the front and hang pendulously. Below this article
of torture was a short pink flippy skirt, tented at the
front by a frosted and rubber sheathed manhood, fully
erect but its balls were gone. The doll's arms were
clamped tightly into a crimson rubber armbinder leaving
no room for comfort or movement, a garment made from
slowly setting plastiskin that would be permanent if
TalaToy did not change her mind before the following day.
The dolls legs were covered in what looked like white
latex tights, the feet of which disappeared into a solid
pink rubber block covering the doll to the ankles. The
box was intriguing in that it had two tracks either side
like a small bulldozer, so the only way it could move was
by way of these tracks - if she gave it control of them.

She was able to speak only when goading her victims.

"What a pity I cannot decide what to do with you next
miss robot. I guess your arms will have to be
plastiskinned like that after all, because I am going to
put you aside and work on you again tomorrow".

Using the remote control, she drove the desperately
struggling doll into a narrow, padded storage locker and
snibbed the door closed from the outside. She hit the
"Seal" button on the front of the door and a
characteristic click of an air tube connecting followed
by a hiss told her that the gel bladders around the
inside walls were fully inflated. A liquid slither
identified a second wave of lubricant gel as it flowed
down the inside of the locker over the head of the victim
to remove any remaining air pockets. The robot girl
could do nothing other than wait for her new skin to set.
In eight hours when TalaToy returned to the lab, the
mechanized doll would have no arms. She would be a
plastiskin robot forever.

-- Ying and Yang stage 1 (Aug 2002)

Zorelle soon added valves, tubes and transparent hoods
with inbuilt rebreather sacs to TalaToy to humiliate her
more thoroughly. Even while the rubberized intellectual
worked, her breathing was utterly controlled by the
countless layers of flaccid, obstinate rubber that sat
between her lungs and fresh air. She would never know
what it was like to draw a clear breath again. Her stale
oxygen always had the overwhelming heady scent of rubber
plus whatever Zorelle sealed into the rebreathers with
her, semen, pussy ejaculate, urine, or worse. Often
Zorelle would clip a half filled clear sac of royal
yellow pee to TalaToy's corset collar so that it dangled
in the caress of her superslick cleavage, then connect it
to the final air tube. Only a few seconds into the two
days she would wear it, TalaToy found herself longing for
a less revolting bag of her mistress's sperm to replace
it - not just because of the awful smell, but because all
the other servants could see it dangling like a necklace
from her corseted throat. She thanked her lucky stars
she was not one of the golden brown rubber toilet dolls
she had seen who existed only to eat Zorelle's waste.
The poor, super-glossy and sterilised creatures were
trained to lovingly and helplessly adore a food that had
become the focus of their lives. In the back of her
mind, she knew she would not be able to resist creating
such creatures, and much worse if she was not freed.

The next two prisoners Tala converted were her rebel
friends Yolanda and Genevieve who had been guarding her
basement hideout from attack. They were provided to her
dressed only in full body condoms and buckled down on
trolleys with a note from the Queen attached to it.

"The constant pleading of your girlfriends is starting to
annoy me so they must be turned into assistant dolls
today. Their world shall be you and the laboratory."

TalaToy's initial desire to release them was immediately
overwhelmed by ideas for their enslavement. Although she
did not want to convert the brave duo, her body obeyed
nothing other than the orders Zorelle had given her. She
felt pleasure in the core of her being every time she

She slid obedience collars around their necks and they
ceased their struggling so she could cut them free from
the condom suits. She held up two glistening white
plastiskin outfits she had moulded for them to wear and
asked them to put them on.

The snowy, reflective catsuits were designed to sheath
every inch of their skin from head to toe, and were much
too tiny for the wearers. After a great deal of
struggle, TalaToy finally managed to have them compressed
and sealed into their new tiny casings.

She closed and erased the zippers. The two women were
almost the same height to begin with, so the compression
of the plastiskin made them look like twins, their
epidermis turning white and shiny as porcelain. Their
faces were blank looking, but painted like an oriental
doll with voluptuous red lips and big wide blue eyes. It
was a plastiskin adaptation of the very popular China
Doll mask from an organization called the Clansman
Institute, a company that Zorelle recently nationalized.
The arms, legs, waist, neck and head were compressed much
more than other parts of their bodies, so that breasts
and buttocks were emphasized beyond belief.

A baby pink circular symbol of harmony covered the
otherwise pristine white bellies of the dolls, and across
their squeaking, overstated buttocks read the word "Ying"
on Yolanda and "Yang" on Genevieve, in pastel blue. They
shuddered as the suits suddenly gripped their skin and
began the process of fusing with living tissue,
stiffening further in the process.

-- TalaToy in bondage (Feb 2002)

As if her own body was not bondage enough, TalaToy spent
many weeks a year as bondage sex toy for the Queen.

Tala remembered Mr Fantastic from the Fantastic Four -
her body could also be stretched a little like the famous
hero, only TalaToy did not have the ability to stretch
herself, only be stretched by others. (Zorelle was
rumoured to have melted Mr Fantastic down to make both a
dress and a superbly stretching living catsuit for

Zorelle stretched her scientist doll impossibly thanks to
her new plastiskin body, hooking her to a frame by the D-
rings embedded all over her skin before she was allowed
to sleep at night. She was sometimes deflated; her body
rolled up into a ball and buckled closed, then inflated
back into a near perfect sphere.

-- Completed harmony (Aug 2002)

Ying and Yang stood obediently in front of their
mistress. Their initial transformation was complete and
TalaToy had been able to give them new behaviour patterns
of utter submission without taking their minds away.

Somewhere deep inside the crushing doll skins, Yolanda
and Genevieve whimpered silently to themselves, for they
no longer had a free will of their own.

Pushing aside the heavy folds of her pussy pouch, TalaToy
undid a small zipper over a bulge down her right inner
thigh and gently prised out a half filled, flaccid rubber
sac from the cavity. It was a large bag for collecting
her own pee, something she needed for she was
humiliatingly incontinent. Dangling it from its
connecting tube, she waved it at Ying and Yang who eyed
the contents hungrily. She turned the tap at the bottom
of the sac a little and released a droplet onto her latex
finger. She slid that digit between the tumescent lips
of Yang, who suckled it like a calf then shuddered in a
heavy orgasm. Only her mistress could do that to her.
Ying was next, but instead TalaToy hoisted her bag onto a
hook on the wall and disconnected the tube. Yang
quivered again at the heady scent, but the bag was soon
sealed, much to her disappointment. The rubber scientist
squeezed the end of her pee tube through the tiny hole
between Ying's lips. Then she unlaced her pussy pouch,
an activity that she was not always permitted to do
herself. She slid Yang's glossy white head completely
into the perpetually lubricated hollow, sealing and
lacing it closed around her neck like a second womb. She
put on a heavy long skirt to cover Yang, who spent the
rest of the day crouched between her legs, shuddering
regularly as TalaToy went about her duties with Yang.
Ying and Yang were created addicted to her pee, doing
anything to get it. But only hers. They would die
without it, and could never leave TalaToy's side for more
than a week at a time.

-- Tala's trip to the circus (Aug 2002)

After a time, Tala's skin was replaced by a stiffer
Plastex, a material designed to be almost completely non-
stick, much more frictionless than vlatex yet harder to
bend. The only reason she could walk without slipping
over was because the tiny heels of her embedded ballet
boots were the only part of her made from ordinary
vlatex. Still, TalaToy quickly learned that she must
balance or fall. The few times she had fallen, the
rubber scientist lay slithering on the floor for hours
with no way to get to her feet again without assistance.
Each time she had been discovered on the floor, she had
been subsequently punished for missing her duties by
double rebreather bags of pee dangling between her tits.
She hated it.

-- ClownSlut is born

Zorelle stared at her bubble headed slave, balancing
unsteadily. "It is amazing how you manage to keep your
balance, TalaToy, with your shortened tendons in your
feet, that huge shiny head and the semen bag swaying
around your tits. Even if your boots were not fused to
your feet, you would need six inch heels or higher now to
be able to walk at all," She laughed. "Your tits are
size EE uninflated, but by next week they will be in
their final size, EEE. Of course they are much bigger
than that inflated!"

Tala felt strange in her new body, as if her skin somehow
cocooned her from the world. Zorelle read her thoughts.
"You feel different than you did at first conversion,
dear. Your emptiness is because your reproductive organs
have been replaced over time by solid rubber, and you
have been desensitised by the constant inflation. All
remnants of your mouth and face are gone - although you
probably cannot tell. You have a smooth round Plastex
ball on your shoulders. The only way you will get
pleasure now is by pleasing me, by spending time as my
rubber bondage clown, and by converting others in more
inventive ways. Come here Toy, for your final fitting."

"Clown? Whatever was Zorelle talking about?" TalaToy
thought to herself as she squeaked carefully forward to
her Mistress, on her toes. Although she had no eye
openings, or openings of any kind on her head, she could
still see the world as if viewing through pinpricks in
her hood. Zorelle needed her to be able to see what she
was doing to the slaves.

Zorelle held up a new, flaccid Plastiskin hood so TalaToy
could see it. At the front of the dazzling yellow hood
was the frosted white rubber face of a clown, super
fattened red gloss lips, and vivid gloss-blue eyes that
were painted on, eyebrows and all. "Oh
heavens...anything but that." Tala's mind fought
uselessly to resist the obedience collar nestled around
her elongated throat beneath the dozens of layers of her
rubbaskin, but Zorelle merely smiled at her in amusement.

"This is going to be the face your victims will see as
you serve me until the end of time. You might not like
it now, but you will find it GROWS on you, ha ha he!
Hold still, dolly." Zorelle stretched the neck hole of
the hood wide and slithered it over TalaToy's round non-
stick head without difficulty, pulling it down and
releasing it carefully to ensure the collar was snug.
"You must let it set properly". TalaToy could not even
bend her inflated arms, so touching her face to remove
the hood was out of the question before it activated.
The hood began to shrink; squeaking noisily as it
compressed her inflated head back to normal size under
enormous pressure.

Once the clownface had set, retaining all the internal
pressure, TalaToy was left with the visage of a perfect
wet dream clown girl, horribly overstated yet strangely
pretty with her fat lipped smile. Her expression could
never change, for beneath the mask was not her face, but
an awfully compressed ball that was what her head had
been turned into.

Zorelle rolled out and unzipped a totally frictionless
full clown catsuit in yellow with red and blue trim,
already glistening with polish it did not need, so
TalaToy could step obediently into it. It was a loose,
puffy affair, with tight sections where her body was
corseted right up to her chin and a heart shaped opening
at her crotch for her laced storage sack and anal pussy.
The sleeves and legs were flaccid folds of heavy rubber.
"It is all Plastiskin, TalaToy. From this day you will
never go anywhere without your rather garish clownskin
once it grows into you."

Zorelle slipped the clown overskin over Tala's inflated
doll body as the doll-girl helped as much as she could
with her stiff rubber limbs. TalaToy understood the
brightly colored sheath was her downfall, and knew she
should have been resisting instead of dressing herself in
the outfit. She smiled inwardly as Zorelle slid the
invisible zipper home to the top of her head and the
fusing process began.

The clownsuit was soon fused over the pretty researcher's
body, the padded crimson rubber mitts stopping her using
her hands for anything useful. The sleeves and legs
stayed loose and flaccid around her already gel inflated
arms and legs, but the torso was awfully tight.

-- TalaToy becomes ClownSlut (Aug 2002)

"You are my permanent property like a piece of furniture,
Tala. You will be ever silent unless I choose to allow a
voice to emanate from that solid rubber mouth of yours."

The silent clown bowed slowly, the many layers of vlatex
that made up her body squeaking pitifully.

"You shall convert your victims as you are now ClownSlut
- my living rubber clown doll. You will get no respite
from your inflated clownish body unless I choose to make
you re-live your creation by adding a second identical
layer to the first."

The evil sorceress tested the surface of ClownSlut's
skin. It was completely non-stick as before, such that
the poor girl had no way of gripping it with her own
frictionless paws. She marvelled at how the suit was
made, the clown frills flouncing as she moved, rustling
heavily and frictionlessly against her body.

The pretty female clown had a smooth head, with not even
a ripple to show where her hair had once been.

The suit had a strict, high, narrow collar, but with a
multiply frilled vlatex clown collar cascading down from
it, crafted from many layers of the heavy superslick
material, polished to glow. Tala was horrified at her
changes, but had to admit that Zorelle had somehow
fashioned her into a terribly gorgeous freak of a

Tala had matching frilled blue cuffs at her wrists and
ankles, her snowy clown feet forced en-pointe to be
ballet boots, striped like clown socks. She squeaked
like a toy as she walked, not just from her skin, but
also from the noisemakers embedded in her clownified

Zorelle smiled happily.

"Your life job, ClownToy is to finish tracking and
converting all of the rebels you ever worked with. You
shall live to please me by processing each one absolutely
into a toy."

"I imagine deep inside you still dislike your job
horribly, but every day your magical skin will make you
enjoy it more than the day before. You shall perform
your new duties with the utmost attention to detail
whether you like it or not! If you do as you are
programmed and please me, you will be allowed to become
flesh and blood again, so you I can relish your rubber
transformation over and over again. ClownSlut remember:
To please me you must invent new ways to modify your
arrivals - use your initiative or you shall be sent to
the vats to be melted down."

(Zorelle did make her rubber clown human again, many
times. But each time, a reprogrammed Tala heard herself
beg to become the rubber clown again even though she did
not wish to return to that awful state. Zorelle forced
her to relive her conversion, each time altering her in a
slightly different way, such as adding laces all over her
clownsuit to allow her to be tightened.)

Zorelle slipped the programming hood over the head of her
clown toy to download some basic personality traits into
her slave.

"My neat, pretty rubber clown will do anything for me.
You will find you cannot stop yourself, even when it
means your old friends become inanimate toys for my
pleasure or for sale to the public. You may speak."

Suddenly, for a moment the original Tala was back and she
could feel the overwhelming adjustments being made in
ClownSlut's head.

" I won't..My name is T..Ta...Please..not a
clown." There was silence for a while, then an oddly
rubbery musical voice. "I am ClownSlut. ClownSlut will
do anything for her Mistress."

"Yes, you shall my dear. By now you will be feeling
further changes. Your anus has been converted to a soft-
lipped vlatex pussy. You will use the magical ability
that is infused in your skin to make more clown sisters
to keep you company and help with your doll research."

ClownSlut found the idea of having a second pussy in
rubber exciting. Looking back on her life, she realized
just wearing rubber clothing had never been good enough,
longing that all the people in the world could be made as
perfect and adorable as her pretty rubber self.

Her Mistress had altered her pretty features into those
of a ravishing clown doll. She had cute red love heart
rubber cheeks.... fat smiling donut red lips...painted
royal blue eyebrows, no teeth, no eyes - they are painted
on too, but she could still see magically as before.

The mask was fashioned after her former features, but
prettier, and then made humiliatingly clownlike,
stiffened and glistening with non-stick vlatex. Her
pretty fat red clown lips drooled over her rebreather and
squeaking massive juddering tits, which were constantly
messy from the flow of oral lubricants.

The airtight bust of her clownsuit cupped her original
vlatex tits, but her oversized red clown nipples were
squeezed through donut-lipped holes, and then pierced
with heavy gold rings. To these rings Zorelle attached
gold bells and dangled clown pompoms made of vlatex

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